Short Movie Roundup 6 March 2022

The Cave

When a pair of warriors find themselves wounded and isolated, their hopes lie in the hands of an old woman who’s willing to cure the man on the brink of death but at the cost of the other going into a cave and killing the beast that dwells within. Being proud and brave the able man steps inside the cave for a Descent like battle.

Cave thrillers are a dime a dozen, and they all play out pretty much the same, lots of screaming and running around in the dark fighting creatures that are built for the dark and prey on them easily. With such a short run time this film gets to the point and gives our brave warrior a viking spidey sense that allows him a slight edge against this nosterferu looking creature.

It’s constructed like a mini blockbuster, a lot of consideration has gone into the camera work, setting up some very difficult night shots and the acting is sterling, but it doesn’t feel like it goes anywhere in terms of narrative. Director/Actor Eric Wood will definitely be going places if he keeps up with work like this and I’m eager to see what’s next.

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