Short Movie Roundup 13 March 2022

The Sound

An eerie retelling of a classic Edgar Allan Poe story, following the aural abuse of a guilty man. Waterhouse films AKA Patrick Stagg have done an excellent job at building mood in this deep sea blue chromatic nightmare. The Tell Tale Heart, a story that has influenced a number of horrors, bites back and reminds us there’s no escape from a guilty mind and there is no escape from an internal mental prison and watching this man spiral into hell is strangely provocative against a beautifully sad score.


A student film from Ram Khagram and follows a man alone at home when the radio announces that there’s some kind of crazed serial killer on the loose. The camera hovers over the shoulder of our intrepid “Home Alone” guy but it’s the light and sound show that’s the key tool used to scare the audience. For a Student project there’s a lot of interesting but simple ideas at play, somehow being near silent, there’s so much to get immersed into, early signs of a new Carpenter maybe?


Zachary Goodwin has used some personal past experiences to influence his movie making. This particular tale really highlights the red flags of a young woman wanting to find an older , more professional photographer to take some business shots for her. Comfortably this young gorgeous woman finds an eccentric psychopath who wants her to be a part of his (and his friend assistants) pet project.

Bone Mountain

Two friends get lost while hiking in the mountains, but when they stumble on a clearing full of bones, things start to get creepy, after they decide to shack up in a cabin where a lot of the strange taxidermy seems to be carried out. Directed by Asher Harris-Cohen, the creepiness kicks in when one of the men leaves the cabin to help someone screaming out in the night, only to perish, but the next night he returns to the cabin, or something pretending to be him and if you’re watching with the headphones on then beware there’s terrible choice of sound effects at this point and the film beings to lose a bit of the pace it so diligently set up in the beginning.


If I were to tell you this short horror was set in the middle of the night and someone is seen lurking in the shadows, you would not be surprised right? The film is incredibly dark and I’m not sure if it’s just my dated laptop. It made it incredibly hard to see half of the amazing things that were happening. we get that it’s great to hide secrets in the dark but we need to have some idea of what’s going on ha ha! Still it’s hella creepy having this strange being lurking in and around the home, but it doesn’t really go past the old scary chick with long dark hair frights.


Another fun and super creepy film from Social House, this one taking it’s viewers into a VR adventure. It has more potential than the short allows but it’s another classic under the belt and one i hope they return to soon with more oomph.

The Loop

A school project from Munich Batsomboon, sees a student finds himself lost in a time loop, an okay short project but doesn’t probe too deeply.

The Sandown Clown Incident – Shrouded Hand

I’ve long been interested in harlequin and astro clown sightings etc but for some reason this one never hit my radar so I can’t think of Shrouded Hand enough for shining sme light on this crazy encounter. A 7 ft clown living in a shed and hanging out under a bridge…

Mysterious Videos from Around the Internet Vol 1 – Dark Matter

A collection of creepy movies from the past and present, ghosts, strange encounters, old videos of the suspected Kurt Cobain killer etc, more Slapped Ham than Nexpo.. talking of Nexpo… maybe next week.

Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.

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