Mystify : Michael Hutchence (2019)

Director: Richard Lowenstein Starring: Michael Hutchence, Kylie Minogue, Paula Yates, Helena Christensen. Australia/USA. 1h 42m

For all of their creative lives, Richard Lowenstein and Michael Hutchence, spent a great deal of time together being best buddies, and they experienced their highs and lows. So it’s only apt that after dedicating the movie He Died With A Felafel In His Hand (2001) to him, Richard should make a documentary about his bright and troubled life.

Michael was always a free spirit and one who attracted some of the most gorgeous women to him, it’s still plausible that he’s still an attraction today so many years after his death. Be it a new discovery for some younger listeners or a nostalgic stroll for the oldies like myself, there’s so much to admire and learn from this blistering documentary.

A tribute to a musical icon.

Starting at the beginning and ending at the bitter end we follow Michael more through his string of relationships with stunning women, through private home video, photos, commentary from friends and ex partners along with members on INXS and family, we are slowly presented with an unbiased and rare insight into the personal life of Michael. For hardcore fans there will be only small snippets of rare insight but for a layman like myself there’s a host of rare facts and a chilling insight into his untimely demise.

While Mystify goes a long way to outline the tragedy of Hutchence death it also goes the extra mile towards explaining the possible reasons and really humanises the whole affair without conspiracies and hearsay. There’s no attempt to sensationalise or twist opinions but when you’re dealing with someone who has always presented a beautiful down to earth persona, it’s hard to paint them in any other fashion. Even if you’re not a fan or deeply into him or the band, there’s a chance you’ll still be moved by the simplicity and warmth of the story of one man, a man who, despite his downfall, did spend many years enlightening the lives of others through his music and human kindness.


Rating: 7/10

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