Three Days on a Cross (2017)

Director: Aaron Martinez Starring: Nathran Martinez, Luke Fowler, Jordan Tanner, Mark Gibbons. USA. 1h 48m

I think a trick was missed in this slightly confusing theological movie. The set up follows a pair of voyeuristic researchers in a lo fi sci fi bunker, their main objective is to follow a Jesus-esquema wandering in the desert searching for his daughter after an apocalypse, it’s never clear how they are filming him, who installed CCTV in the desert in this post apocalypse world..

They watched him survive the apocalypse… Now: The Wasteland.

The dichotomy between the low tech office with CRT monitors and retro metal filing cabinets and the lonely man wandering the desert in a loincloth is surreal but the meat of the movie isn’t the visual anomalies but the often long winded dialogue that’s proposed to make us think about our fragile existence, the universe and suffering.. poignant as an easter tale but it doesn’t equate to a trilling entertaining adventure, but if something more cerebral is your style then you might want to fall down this rabbit hole, maybe you’ll grow from the experience if you can make it to the end.

As the two surveillance guys bucket and watch on, “the man” goes through his own personal trials and tribulations deep in the desert, yet when at one point they want to intervene the man is metres from their office, how convenient!

It’s challenging and not always in the right way, I’m not sure how it’s got a 7 point rating, friends of the director maybe?? The only actual written review is a 1/10 and explains how boring the film is and this is something I can relate to. If there’s some deeper meaningful insight behind what’s going on it’s lost through the slow momentum and sub par acting but there’s a chance you’ll try and work out the puzzle but only you’ll know if it was worth your time.

Rating: 2/10


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