The Cellar (1988)

Director: Kevin Tenney Starring:Patrick Kilpatrick, Chris Miller, Suzane Savoy, Dannt Mora. USA. 1h 25m

From a story that would be dissected for its cultural appropriation and questionable demonising, back in the late 80’s it was part of a movement of creepy Native American legend based horrors, from Wolfen (1980) to Scalps (1983) the idea of a spiritual bankhander from sacred lands, through wooden states, curses and the wendigo began to spring out of Hollywood and this is one of those low level leaks.

An all American family from the big city, make the disastrous move into a cursed country home, everything about the home could do with a bit of love and tender care but the evil demented Native American Spirit in the basement is hell bent on killing the forgeing settlers and for some reason really takes a shining to the familys young son. Patrick Killpatrick plays the stereotypical all round good guy and does all the wrong things while ignored the warnings, not matter how poltergeistiesy things get in the Cashen house

Whatever You Do, Don’t Go Into…

Unfortunately the ping seized son Will Cashen () is the first to pick up on such things, if this were a possession movie he’d be a young girl in a white night gown. he’s affected by the nightly hauntings of this melovant spirit and almost single handedly takes the creature on, it’s only when the adults being to get involved, things get messy and confusing.

Tenney took over after the original director John Woodward left in the early production phase , the film has a healthy story even though it doesn’t make full sense at ALL times it’s engrossing, the heart strings are plucked whenever the kid is being terrorised by a creature summoned to kill “the white man” and the Hero dad eventually gets to grips and draws the film to a predictable ending.

Rating: 3/10

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Spotlight: Patrick Kilpatrick


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