Don’t you recognise me? (2016)

Director: Jason Figgis
Starring: Matthew Toman, Emma Dunlop, Alan Rogers. Ireland. 1h 20m

Please correct me but this noisy thriller is Dead Man’s Shoes but in a depraved reversal where the gang, all twisted and desperate, are the saviours of a vulnerable lad…let me lead you down this bloody rabbit hole.

Welcome to the cutting edge of horror

With the strange moniker of a documentary the film starts with the director prepping his tiny team as they head out to spend the day in the life of a local youth, a boy who’d likely to have an ASBO and be heading to some kind of life of crime, but once at the boys residence he heads out to do some wheeling and dealing and then things go terribly wrong, for the director that is…

We’re lead to believe that one of his previous subjects, a simple minded lad was killed at the hands of this director, I’m not sure how someone goes from making a film to killing the subject of their pet project and it’s not explained in the movie, the only explanation is that “he’s better off that way”. But somehow the director didn’t notice that the victim’s twin brother is sitting next to him on a couch!?

“Do you think we like tying people to chairs”

What ensues is a lengthy chat, similar to the ole spanish inquisition, you’re damned either way. The twin and his gang, who resemble a mix of asbo street drinkers and crackheads (I swear the blond lads had a skinful to get ready for her role). The group verbally and physically abuse the director for his misgressions against the deceased twin, his crew are kinda stunned just go along with the mood of this hostage situation.

Without the repetition the movie would be over in 20 minutes, the gang go over the same ground again and again, we get the idea, you’re upset about the death of your friend, but you don’t need to remind us 80 times, but it does give the main actors a bit of carte blanche to exercise their rights as actors and they make a meal of it. slightly convincing to start with, the movie gets a bit tiresome after the first hour.

Rating: 3/10

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