Revolution 666 (2015)

Director: Matt Jaissle Starring: Deanna Cockrum, Ezekiel Alexander Enriquez, William Jassle, Rich Massey, Don Mature, Adolf Mulzer. USA. 1h 16m

It’s great to see that the truer elements of BMovies haven’t quite died out just yet. And Matt Jaissle is one of the busier directors, having a ton of interesting titles under his belt including… and then there’s the grindhouse epic of Revolution 666 blending together a pseudo Manson cult and a zombie Helter Skelter plot to destroy the world.

When there’s no more room in Hell, the Walrus will walk the Earth.

The opening is ritual between four cult members, one is the inside version of Manson and another probably a mock version of Anton Lavey, but together the group have interpreted the lyrics of the “Fab Four” I guess calling the band the Beetles would cause a lgel stir? Either way the band has created a magical musical track that will evoke the “Walrus” and bring about the end of days, but first they have to drop it off to the local radio station.

So when an aged rocker DJ receives the music he plays the fated track and awakens a zombie walrus psychopath who begins his kill spree. ?? is the perfect poor man’s Nicholas Cage, and I’ll be honest I like him more. clad in leather and cruising to the store on a low rider he’s a nightmare for the guys

The Walrus is here already!??

-Charles manson type guy…

After realising what utter madness he has unleashed on the world the DJ decides that he’s going to make it right, and it’s simple, track down the occultists and their zombified waaris serial killer creation. Who cares if had to run some errands and do the family shop, he’s willing to drop all of this to save the world.. what a guy/

One step away from being so bad it’s bad, there’s a lot of heart and charm in Revolution 666 that will keep the right audience laughing for the right reasons. There are some amusing scenes as our leather clad musical hero kidnaps a charles manson look alike and kicks his ass across a stip mall parking lot, and an equally ridiculous scene when a young chubby boy is chased by the Walrus from a playground onto a train track. Seriously how long was the apocalypse going to last with this weirdo skulking around kids play areas?


Rating: 5/10

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