Short Movie Roundup 12 June 2022


Markus Meedt’s comedy horror seems to break all the rules for the sake of art and a few giggles. A bunch of friends are hanging out and playing a game but when things get a tad boring they begin to play a game of werewolf, this is when a mysterious stranger turns GM and things get a big redic. The game is simple each night the werewolf claims a victim and the locals lynch the suspected critter.

It’s a bit of messy fun, not much scarier than a halloween giff gaff advert but it’s technically sound and has a chill in the closing.


A ton of clever work has gone into crafting this mysterious thriller, centered on a woman driving out to an empty stately home and finding a mysterious white mask. Director Josh Banks has used a lot of color symbology to highlight what the viewer should be looking for, Red and Whites highlights warnings and escape routes, however at night all colors are harder to see. and the film slowly falls from thriller into psychological vagueness. It looks amazing but it’s easy to miss the fear factor.


There’s not a lot of information supporting this short, other than the claim that it’s based on a true story, but is this merely clickbait? A woman relaxing at home and going through her bedtime routine she notices strange things in her home. However the closing moment is a shocker we may have seen before *cough* David F. Sandberg *cough*.. it shows potential but originality?

The Spirit

A ton of effort has gone into making a beautiful film where the horror happens during the day and without a word a vibrant tale is eventually paced out, but it could have the running time cut in half and still have fleshed out an equally tense movie.

A young woman finds a perfect spot to camp in the woods, but is unknowlying being stalked by a dark malevolent spirit, marked by a sigil her peaceful existence slowly becomes a weekend of absolute fear. There’s a lot of sweet shots and the film is put together with class but the narrative doesn’t hit with as much impact as it could have.

Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.

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