Basement (2011)

Director: Thomas Grieser Starring: Thomas Grieser, Ursula Grieser, Wolfgang Grieser, Timo Homburg Germany. 1h 09m

There’s something about Griesers career as a movie director that has hints of Don Dohler, not necessarily, subject and quality but determination and drive, it’s a similar energy. For those who aren’t aware, Dohler had a run of trashy sci fi movies in early 80’s including Fiend, Galaxy Invader, The Alien Factor and Nightbeast which have recently started gaining a small cult following.

There’s nothing new about the horror trope surrounding a lone person in a new home hearing noises and being spooked about a possible haunting. But Grieser’s home made attempt does bring a slightly different result, he stars in his production, as a young man who has just started renting an apartment but the pipes begin making terrible noises at night and he’s getting no rest.

The Terror Below

After calling his stickler of a landlady and getting nowhere (I believe the landlady is Grisers mom, once you see the credits you’ll find it’s a big ole family affair). He researches the property and discovers a grisly tale of an occult murer and a man called Mr Black, from this point on, if you think you know where this movie is going then you’re probably right!

Without many surprises and taking the budget into consideration it’s a fair attempt as an “original” haunted basement movie. There’s a fair build up of tension and things go bump in the night but it’s a slow progression to a very unusual ending that’s as left field as Bigfoot – Lost Coast Tapes.

“you live in the muder house?”

-Mr Black

It’s an interesting pet project and through its production and artistic flare you can see that with some time and growth Grieser will rise with a great indie movie one day.Grieser generates a coherent movie that doesn’t falter on its plot and generates something creepy and unsettling, it just needs a boost of energy and a bit of creative flare, maybe it’s time to let go and no be to refrained in the movie world.


Rating: 3/10

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