Assassin (1986)

Director: Sandor Stern
Starring: Robert Conrad, Karen Austin, Richard Young, Jonathan Banks, Robert Webber, Ben Frank. USA. 1h 09m

There’s something charming about a story of a retired agent coming back into the fold to help fight an advanced robot with a kill list. Coming out 2 years after the original Terminator movie where everyone is young and pretty, a much more mature cast is set for the TV movie version and a less fancy, more down to earth robot is generated for this thriller.

Stanton Thought He Had Fought His Final Mission … Think Again!

A retired CIA agent is coaxed out of retirement to hunt a killer picking off a kill list of other agents, Robert Conrad, looking quite like a poundland 6 million dollar man, plays Henry Stanton, a retired agent who, is still on top of his game and reluctantly does the kids how it’s all done and embarks o a mission to track down a relentless killer robot, named Robert Golem, partially named after the Jewish entity.

Excuse me but may I borrow your iron?


The robot is extremely sharp, it/he understands how to blend in seamlessly and has even been taught how to be an amazing lover, but has to charge itself once a day for 30 minutes and during this time it’s totally vulnerable, apart from this downtime it had one “achilles heel” and there’s a great chance of taking it down. It’s pretty easy to liken the move to terminator, and I believe there’s even a homage to Arnie repairing his arm and eye in the motel room, but our metal foe just irons out some bullet holes in his dates batheroom.. not quite as goremours, ok it’s miles apart. It’s incredible that it was made so long after terminator and looks as if it was made a decade before, but the film realises that it’s always going to be seen as second fiddle and remains a astute thriller, something upstanding for its TV audience.

Golem is the star of the show, no matter the chivalray and bravery, his cool flashing glasses, asking his date for a iron to melt out bullet holes, oh yeah he robot can fuck and picks up a date, you didn’t see Arnie doing that.. but despit any any limitations this holds up alongside any later 70’s sci fi thriller, just not the ones from it’s own decade.


Rating: 5/10

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