Short Movie Roundup 19 June 2022


On the surface this slick comedy that challenges a bitter case of toxic masculinity quickly evolves into a drama of the senses that Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani would be proud of.

Centered around a charity badminton match, the local macho hero Carol is forced to confront his ideas of masculinity when he becomes obsessed with a new member, a man who’s able to match him while maintaining a feminie air of grace about his technique.

Tommy Gillard has a brilliant technique and captures the emotions between his characters through narrow shots and breathtaking close ups. But once the top dog is threested by the new competitor, the younger and more delicate newbie manages to win everyone over by grace more than brute strength and an attempt to suggest what true strength is.


Freddy Chávez Olmos & Shervin Shoghian have blended the joy of Julia Donaldson’s children’s stories with a touch of Del Toro. Highlighting the nightly fears of a young boy who has to make a hairy sacrifice in order to save his bullying sister from a terrible bathroom monster, the tale twists between love and revenge as the little boy comes of age and decides not to be a victim anymore.

Outer Darkness

Drama heavy short movie following to Mormon missionaries in an unnamed very cold country. After finding an injured dog by the side of the road they use a stick to end its misery but this event plagues them for days. After hearing a story from a local about his sister’s death and a floating head their paranoia, sleepwalking and guilt begins to develop but there’s a deep secret yet to be uncovered in Danny Hunt’s remarkable black and white story blending organized religion with distinct local folklore is a powerful blend.


Justin Brooks’s torturous movie centers around a young woman who locks herself away to fight her demons, however they begin to fight her from the inside out. Powerful body horror with hints of the magic of St Maud in its subtle filming technique and hazy style of inner fears brought to life. Even the young girl’s nickname highlights her torment, Scarlett is known simply as Scar but it becomes apparent what’s happening when Scar looks outside to see what she can see. .


With only a few hundred dollars and non professional actors, Félix Dobaire has crafted something pretty spectacular. An accident occurs while a couple are having their dinner. Wanting some meat, the husband accidentally kills his wife. Desperate to get rid of her body his method seems to have a knock on effect with his crops as the vegetables begin to grow flesh, bones and teeth. David Cronenberg, welcome to the new flesh!

This is Not a Test

Seth Denton-Hughes weekend movie project is actually a very smart short movie which has a hint of creepy pasta and a touch of weird things found on the internet about it but it goes the extra mile. Starting with a Warning Broadcast with simple instructions, the basics… don’t open the door and always keep a light on as a paranormal event has caused a stir in the neighborhood. Obviously our lead will be tested.. but will he survive?


Down the Witch Hole

Super creepy tale from the mind of a madman.. I mean our charming Dr Gallow! He had a bit of help with this terror tale from Dodge the Grave.

HORROR & FASCINATION at the Glore Psychiatric Museum | History Traveler Episode 216

An amazing recount of the Glore Museum that’s worth a gander if you’re into dark shit!

Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.

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