Short Movie Roundup 26 June 2022

Body of the Mined

A man with a new machine who is about to make a scientific advancement, moments before meeting a deaf woman who has just moved into his apartment block. Bryce Fortner’s gripping thriller appears to be set in a mixed past; it’s sort of 80’s but potentially futuristic, it’s classically dated in the style of hair and clothes, and other wall aesthetics with the addition of futuristic weapons. New characters are gradually revealed as the plot darkens and things become less bright in the future than rough and violent.

There is a ray of hope in the shape of homemade technology, but the man’s home, life, and project are being destroyed by some stupid criminals who are going room to room snatching all they can.

Fortner directs with the same skill and style, understanding when to mix the audience’s attention and how to incorporate horrific body horror into a compelling plot.


The mini-horror by Sidney Fenton plays on a combination of primitive phobias, including the dark, stalking, drowning, and inevitably the unknown. Hearing the water running in her bathroom at night keeps a lady up, but going to check it out was the worst mistake she could have made.

A deadly entity follows her throughout the night, leading to a bathroom sequence that is more terrifying than all the drowning scenes in the Drownsman combined! You’ll wonder whether the “monster” is supernatural or not as the movie plays out its “mic drop” moment.

Let the Ghost Pass

An elderly man spends his nights keeping people away from Priest Street, when he fails, an unprenting ghostly figure with a weapon slaughtered whoever crosses his path. The man is pretty awesome, and often communicates with the dead on a regular basis. Even in death the man continues to unravel the mystery of the violent ghost and the possibilities of the afterlife.

Andreas Thelander plays on a lot of the ideas we already have of vengeful ghosts, and yet with gentle persuasion he asks the audience to think about what’s important to them, holding on or letting go?

With a shimmering lense and muted palette the cold Swedish nights are filled with mystery and hope.


I’ve been so excited about this short, there’s something intriguing about people who rubberneck, we’re always quick to judge them but when faced with a full on catastrophe we sometimes can’t help looking…

Lyssa Deehan’s short is part of the Crypt Monsters Universe so we’re bound to have another reason to fear another daily task after watching this creepy short. Initially there’s a tragic accident, something that seems very unnatural, and a woman ends up in a gruesome RTA, her neighbor takes a peek, then snaps a few photos of her body.,. a vital mistake.. oh yes don’t fuck around in the Crypt universe.

The analogy of taking photos and being blinded by camera light as well as a very pagan inspired monster is incredible, everything about this monster is so uneasy, it’s totters around often unseen and insists that it’s victims look into the void. Another winner for Crypt.

Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.

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