Avengement (2019)

Director: Jesse V Johnson Starring: Scott Adkins, Craig Fairbass, Thomas Turgoose, Leo Gregory, Nick Moran. UK. 1h 30m

Scott Adkins breaks away from Boyka for a moment to seamlessly blend in with the leftover cast from the Rise of the Footsoldier series to take on a slightly different London Gangster/ Prison flick. Casting a few Kung fu kicks into the story of a young gym owner who finds himself slammed into an overly oppressed prisons situation but why?

He’s Out On Bad Behaviour

Taking some notes from Tarintino the film begins at the end and switches through the timeline here and there, Cain (Adkins) is looking for revenge and upon finding the culptits he barricades them in the local area and begins to tell his story. Cain is a good boy, he loves his mom and his cottage industry gym is doing well, but his gangster brother Lincoln (Fairbrass) asks for some help on a job and reluctantly he gets involved and finds himself on the wrong side of the law.

Prison shouldn’t be too much of a problem, he’ll just keep his head down and do his time, with the love of his family to support him, but from the moment he steps inside he’s a prison enemy no. 1 and has some gut wrenching full on dirty fights throughout the movie, the first one resulting in some curb stomping and a set of metallic Jaw’s like teeth! There’s a touch of Guy Ritches with the action scenes, Adkins narrates the gritty bits, he explains how to make Prison Napalm moments before a gruff inmate ruins his face with some.

You’ve really fucked the duck now, this time. There’s no coming back from that!


The plot thickens and the violence goes from brawling to a massive showdown in a local pub with guns and anything to hand weapons but it film remains pretty fresh throughout it’s not mindless violence, Johnson actually has a wholesome story here, a bit of cheeky banter and laughs and lots of smashed faces. It’s interesting to see Adkins take on the Boyka fighting style with a bit less showboating AND at the same time actually hold down some lengthy dramatic scenes and even vary the emotions, but I was one of many who hoped for a bit of a Boyka cameo to crop up..


Rating: 6/10

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