Amethyst (2016)

Director: Jared Masters
Starring: Grace Klich, Valerie Miller, Derrick Biedenback, Olivia Yohai, Vincent Joel, Jared Masters .USA. 1h 1m

This full on silent dance tells a story, and apparently that story is true… Jared Masters comes hot off the heels of his thriller Ballet of Blood and changes tones from blood red to whimsical Amethyst as he follows a young girl on the trip of a lifetime.

Totally silent and fully trippy psychedelic effects, this movie does manage to hold the attention through the sheer strangeness of its narrative, the cast, instead of blabbing with their mouths manage to communicate through contemporary dance and drama, which is actually more impressive than it sounds.

The biggest dilemma of the movie is for poor Amethyst who, on her 17th birthday has taken a bottle of LSD and trips balls hard! The beautiful garden she was enjoying her birthday in turns a vivid purple and despite the high she begins to panic.

Trapped in a Trip

Being based on a drug induced trip there’s no solid narrative to jump on but it’s obvious that Amethyst wants to “go home” but how? In a world of no rules and where she has very little control it’s like a lucid dream. What starts out as fun, soon becomes curious and then damned dangerous when she unleashes a vampire, but she’s beautiful so maybe not all that dangerous in this modern Alice in Wonderland tale.

It’s hard not to see this as an art piece, its silent, there’s no deep color theory in the cinematography, everyone is physical if not dancing and it’s all based on a mind altering experience. It’s a project that is benefitted by some special effects and Masters uses what he has intelligently and relies more heavily on the energy from this cast more than pricy effects in this indie project, and the well balanced blend really adds some whimsy and darling to a tale that never stays the same and doesn’t get boring, but it could be argued that it also doesn’t go anywhere but where do your drug overdoses take you? It’s certainly worth watching just to discover a new world, something that hasn’t been done like this before, but a lot will find themselves lost among the colour.

Rating: 2/10

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