Short Movie Roundup 17 July 2022


When a fake healer attempts to exercise a woman possessed by a Djinn, his fake work is spotted by her husband and things become complicated as the truth slowly seeps out of Hana Kazim’s beautifully shot and engrossing short movie.

Initially we’re lead down a supernatural path only for the carpet to be stripped out from under the feet of the audience as well as one of the main cast.The twist in the movie hits much harder than any of the long drawn out hollywood epics, There’s a sharp and hard lesson to be learnt here.


A woman struggles with her emotions and inner demons in the early hours of the morning, quietly sitting in her bathroom while a storm batters her home, but this is the least of her worries. J.P. Ferré mixes timelines and the inner mind with reality as this lone woman comes to terms with a disastrous event. It’s super chilling, with unsettling sounds and strange visuals, a crying baby in the empty home, a bloody mans face at the window, and odd reflections lead to some insane jump scares, but slowly the truth is revealed, It’s one of those step by step stories that has to toy with its audience to work and that is easily achieved by this incredible director.

The movie has this really depressing ending that suggests that this woman, for whatever reason, does this time and time again..

The Asylum

Jeffrey Sarceno’s almost silent movie is filled with charming shiny special effects and a fairly interesting story. The main aspect I supposed we’re left with is that a young troubled girl is struggling with her own inner demons but it’s really open for interpretation.

The lead unknown girl awakens in the night and opens a book with a shocking message written in blood, from the books creeps a character in a straight jacket and armed with weapons, that in itself is enough Clive Barker to work any horror story but it refuses to elevate much beyond a home made short, it could have gone places but it’s a great start for a budding director.


A psychological horror from The Horroring channel, this art house adventure splices a mix of photography and time lapses together to simulate a very chaotic inner world of a disturbed individual. It’s only 5 minutes but it’s enough.. but I feel it’s only scratching the surface of what some people have harboring inside of them.. and that makes this scary AF!

There are some really amazing moments captured within the reel of shorts, and the amalgamation of different clips, stills and vignettes set against an equally changing soundtrack really work without telling an exact story; it’s more of a texture to a mind unhinged.


There’s A lot to digest in Joel Eklund & Robin Stjernberg nastily creepy short film, it’s nasty because at first it seems pretty random but there’s a little bit more to the folklore which leaves you wishing you lived on an island away from everyone else. Let me explain.

A man returns to his apartment block late at night and accidently stands on a strange stick figure, has he broken a neighbor’s kids toy? He’s not sure, but he quickly heads to the lift when he notices a strange noise and shadow. Rushing to get to his apartment and regain some safety is going to be his longest journey.

Nordic folklore is at work here, the man has probably annoyed a neighbor, maybe woke up their child while noisily coming home one night, possibly upsetting someone with his ego, so the payback is the creation of a unnamed beast, conjured up and set upon the man.. maybe life would be better if we gave each other some space!?


Joel Eklund & Robin Stjernberg return in another short film, this one’s a little longer but just as disturbing. A couple are settling into their Airbnb styled home, the boyfriend is at the store picking up groceries and his partner is talking with him on the phone, there’s a knock at the door and it appears to be the boyfriend.. back facing the door, claiming that he wants to get in.. what do you do!

It’s a frightening situation and enhanced by the creative directors who play out all the worst senariors to the best of their abilities, once it gets started it’s like a rollercoaster to hell!! Really wonderful work, I can’t wait to see what Lowlife films come up with next.


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