Broil (2020)

Director: Edward Drake Starring:Jonathan Lipnicki, Avery Konrad, Timothy V Murphy USA. 1h 30m

Coming of age is a difficult time for any young girl but it’s especially troubling for Chance in Drakes power struggle vampire film with a gritty power struggle a troubled hero and s touch of je ne sai qoir but it doesn’t go that extra mile to really set itself apart from all the other TV vampire movies but it’s still thoroughly enjoyable to watch family fireworks.

Opening with a family trying to control their wayward and violent teen daughter Chance (Konrad) they send her to live with her pious grandfather and extended family on a remote estate. Slowly the easily distracted teen uncovers a family secret and her only chance of survival comes from the dead and an assassin destined to end her family’s reign.

Cutting family ties can be … deadly

A teen drama set in a gothic psychological game, a killer, a family coup and a lavish dinner with glowing vampires, you’d expect a lot more action, but Broil remains a thinking drama with controlled levels of grotesque more than gore, it’s very set apart from all the other films with as it never tried to dazzle the audience with stereotypes and even kills it’s lead at one point, and this step away from the norm seems to have troubled critics and seduced fans with it’s dark multi dimensional storytelling.

“I’m not a vampire I just have to have blood transfusions, my family are rich” -Chance

Drake;s dedication to the unique feel of his movie is outstanding, a second feature from the budding director following on from Animals (2012) is just as elaborate and ambitious. Bringing together the new talent of Avery Konrad who really develops her teen character through her many self discoveries, and finally giving Timothy V Murphy a serious chance in a lead role which is handled with care and diligence. The only peep I couldn’t read was Lipnicki, a popular joke in modern pop culture, I’ve missed his early career but totally adored the difficult role his mastered as “the Chef” a character that holds the entire plot on his shoulder and is so hard to pick apart to find any faults.


Rating: 6/10

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