Short Movie Roundup 24 July 2022

Short Movie Roundup 24 July 2022

The Artist

A delightful student project from Tyler Buss that hits on all the typical horror elements such as dramatic noises, a torture artist and creepy cellphone pictures.

An artist and his friend are awaiting the arrival of a patron, a notable collector of art who chooses a quiet hour to visit and view his commission. but are instead visited by an eternally creepy entity.

It’s not all horror and gore, there is a deep philosophical conversation about the artist separating themselves from the world and their art, unexpected but shows a level of flexibility and character for a young director.

Without a budget, traine actors and special effects this is still a superb effort, not exactly a master class in art but a perfect beginning for Tyler if he chooses to carry on making horror stories with sharp twisted endings.


Zachary Padgett’s movie is fresh and modern, with an intriguing story which is it among other horror favorites like Wounds or The Night House. When a photographer attempts to take a long exposure of the night sky he finds words written in the stars, attempting the same project on another night he begins a long deep dive into a cryptic rabbit hole as more words appear.

With a delicate approach to cinematography and a haunting soundtrack the film is subilty lit in seas of darkness and stirring mysterious sounds and music, for the most part Shutter remains dreamlike until the nightmare starts.

Padgett explores the unknown entities in the darkness much like Lovecraft before him, but with a new sharper lense although the ending seemed to have puzzled a lot of people, if you’re watching on the tube the comments will help you decipher the wording.


Rod Blackhursts horror is like a lump in the throat and after it slowly crept up on you, it stays there forever. A girl wakes up in the middle of a storm, searching around her house she notices nothing unusual until a strange thudding noise which turns out to be the first sign of her mothers mental decline. Grabbing her sister the two kids struggle for survival on a dark and rainy night

There’s a lot of powerful acting as this guttural story of insanity is slowly played out, Blackhursts seems to explore the instability of motherhood alongside mental health much like Saint Maud plays with the cerebral side of possession.

Deep Clean

Late night laundromats have always had a huge scare aspect to them. Some people might remember the Nightfall episode centered around a serial killer cleaning his victims by washing their dead bodies. If you don’t know this then hit me up and I’ll get you straight.

This short film from FilmGuyJAY follows Brandon, a young man who chooses the wrong night to wash his smalls. Near silent and engrossing, this film nourishes the idea that once you’re picked to die, there’s no saving you. Poor Brandon doesn’t stand a chance! I’m not sure if there’s enough here to really cement this character as the ultimate laundromat killer but he has enough presence to make his character distinctive.


Nikki Born has chosen to center their movie around Halloween, putting it up against some stiff competition as it’s the horror film’s favorite season. But the angle is new, a lead character who hates halloween and scares easily and the comedy is hot on this one! What turns out to be cute and creepy turns into something ultimately terrifying for one particular nasty character. It’s all in the fun of Halloween and it’s cheeky and brilliant.


A Black woman walks home at night, as a strange man in black follows along behind her, silent and constant. She begins to quicken her pace but will that be enough to lose the creepy stalker?

It feels like it’s the prologue to something to a nightwalker universe, but while it remains creepy it doesn’t go above and beyond to really scare its audience but it does give a chilling temperature to further movies?

The Backrooms (Found Footage)

The back rooms has really blown up over the last few years, I’m not sure why it’s taken so long, the liminal spaces thing has been flourishing for years but possibly with the recent Covid outbreak and a younger generation seeing their overcrowded world unusually empty for the first time has lead to a new feverish fear of empty spaces. Either way with this new generation of liminal horror, comes a wave of creativity and more films are being made, better than the trashy vapor styled gifs and homemade editing of the past. Welcome to the backrooms! Kane Parsons is one of the leading names in making this no clip experience more realistic, so check out his channel.

I’d also like to chuck in that the Pool Room by Onion wave is incredible and needs to be watched, you can find the profile on IG.

Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.

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