Spotlight – Dominic Cooper

Dominic Edward Cooper has always been one of those actors who, while working alongside some brilliantly trained and classical actors, is able to match them, but I feel if and when he’s given a leading role he loses a little bit of his strange presence. A lot of people question his ethnicity but from what I can find online he’s just brit, although with dark hair and olive features he’s been able to play a range of other ambiguous races in his films, but remainsone of those average white guy actors aka Your Guide to the Indistinguishable British Dudes as featured in Vulture

Here are his top films in order..

04.Stratton (2017)

In this pint sized James Bond styled movie, Cooper plays John Stratton, a British SBS operative on some world saving mission. He plays the quiet type of saviour who likes to get his head down and be tough, and in an attempt to maybe make him more human he spends just as much time trying to get over the evil things he is forced to do to save Queen and Country. The film seemed to have been set up to be part of a franchise but it wasn’t accepted as well as expected, probably the fact that part of the highlight showdown was on a double decker bus!? 3/10 {REVIEW}

03.Dracula Untold (2014)

Gary Shore’s alternative tales of Vlad the Impaler see’s the Transylvanian Prince turned into a bloodthirsty monster in order to save his people. In stark contrast the enemy he battles against is Sultan Mehmed II, played by Cooper, a twisted ruler who wants to crush anyone who disagrees with him. It’s quite funny that Vlad is played by Luke Evans as it seems that a lot of people get the two men mixed up. The film was weird, it looked and felt like a lot of cut scenes from computer games spliced together, the highlight was the few minutes of Charles Dance being a creepy vampire. But Coopier is a capable bad guy but hardly threatening with that little button nose. 4/10 [REVIEW]

“I remember, growing up, thinking James Bond was cool. He just drove fast cars and had great gadgets. I’m amazed he’s survived, because in some ways he’s quite an old-fashioned idea. But he lives a life that’s rather alluring.”

-Dominic Cooper

02. The Devil’s Double (2011)

An iraqi soldier is forced to become the body double of Saddam Hussein, this is probably one of the roles where people get confused about Coopers ethnicity!? The first half of the film he plays a scared solider who doesn’t want anything to do with being a body double for a man who’s always up for some foreign assassination attempt, but once his families lives are at steak he buckles down. With mimicking Hussein, he starts to become the man in more ways that he could imagine and in a world of double crossing, women and cash it all gets to his ego and his world and reality start to spiral out of control. It’s quite a brilliant flick with Cooper playing many roles and handling them quite well. 7/10

01.The Escapist (2008)

I might be blinded by one of the best British films of the decade but everyone involved in this movie deserves their weight in gold. The Escapist is a powerful, well written, dynamically diverse and wonderful movie. Starring Brian Cox as an inmate who is desperate to escape from Prison in order to protect his daughter from drug addiction he finds himself in a pickle when protecting his new room mate played by Copper, the pretty faced fresh fish is preyed upon by a man connected to one of the prisons heavies but prison politics aside, Cox’s has to enlist a few close friends to make the prison break of the century. It’s perfect and even though Cooper isn’t No.1 star every moment he’s on screen he is impressive and it’s easy to see how this early movie got the attention of many directors to come.. 10/10

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