Paranormal Prison (2021)

Director:Brian Jagger
Starring: Todd Haberkorn, Don Shanks, Paris Warner, Ester Lay, Corynn Treadwell, Brain Telestai. USA. 1h 10m

It’s a popular belief that a prison or asylum is going to be a hotspot for paranormal activity, it just makes logical sense that at some point along the lines, the areas with the more degrees and sadistic characters, those who are already showing demonic possession and are around electrocution and electrotherapy night channel in darker forces which none can fathom.

But sadly there’s no refreshing concepts in [directors] bitty attempt at a paranormal thriller set in prison filled with local lore and mysteouse false walls. Initially it starts out as the POV of a team making a documentary of a paranormal investigation. Obviously a girl has had a terrible link with the undead after her mothers passing and is often ridiculed by the sceptics within the team. After pitching up and getting an introduction by the warden then grab their cameras and spooky detector and head into the dark corridors to see what they can find.

There is no escape

At times Paranormal Prison makes a few witty jokes at the real life paranormal tv shows, it’s amazing how many pranks a person can play with a set of contacts and a husky voice. but then later on in the film you can’t tell the pranks apart from the genuine “special effects” they are on par.

To its merit, there’s a low body count for the sake of an engaging mystery to be solved but it’s only one step above a feature length scooby doo, you’ll probably be shocked at who the real ghosts are but you’ll probably also not care too much as it’s the closing of the film, not quote the


Rating: 2/10

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