Short Movie Roundup 4 September 2022

Undress Me

Who really wants to be a teenager again? you’ve got 7 years of parties, homework, and being live bait for serial killers.. In Amelia Moses’s short Undress Me, a girl attends a house party and finds it hard to start a conversation until a random guy strikes one up with her, after a clumsy attempt to seduce him she makes the request .. “Undress Me” and her neat trick works.

The morning after their night of passion and after the walk of shame, the girl starts to notice a few . peculiarities with her body, much in the same vein as Thanatomorphose or its cheap copy Contracted and the epic Raw, there’s something dark and gory going on here but what?

The practical effects are pretty top notch for this little film with big ideas, and I feel there’s enough here for a full length something and Amelia Moses has quite a disturbing vision that needs to come out. But I feel the story would benefit from more elaboration otherwise it’s just confusing.


Ryan Mayhan’s short thriller is not only highly inspired by Black Mirror but also the fears surrounding AI and Data collection which is something impressing on our normal everyday lives now, and not even a future fear anymore.

Z Box is a subscription service which combines all of the global giants Amazon, FB, Apple etc, into one giant corp. When one student receives an unusual box as part of her subscription her world is turned upside down, when she’s forced to become a paid driver for the company. But the lure of what’s inside the mysterious boxes might be too much for this modern pandora.

A delightful and fightful short movie with lots of open possibilities, what feels like a bit of a shortcoming the big reveal is left to the audience to see how they want to determine the undercurrent of the movie, Occult, New World Order, Illuminati or what, the overbearing control of this corporation over the little people of our world is clearly outlined with chilling detail.


A wannabe actress ops for plastic surgery to join the social elite of her craft, however being broke wont stop her, and the desperate girl visits a doctor who might know a way of paying for her surgeries with her own organ donations, but getting cold feet after such a inferious suggestion is made doesn’t deter the doctor who jumps into action.

A haunting and gory insight into social media culture and the need to be beautiful and popular from building director Valerio Mazzarella.

Let Me In

Sagar Anvekar’s short horror film is more of a dramatic thriller, is a length tumble into the horrors of opening your home to a stranger on the night when the news is reporting on a serial killer on the loose.

No shocks or thrills for the seasoned horror crowd, but an full story made to the best of the director and crews ability.

Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.

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