Disappearance at Clifton Hill (2019)

Director: Albert Shin Starring: Addison Tymec, Mikayla Radan, Tim Beresford, Tuppence Middleton, David Cronenberg, Aaron Poole .USA. 1h 40m

A hazy mix of trauma-drama and whodunit, embossed with a cool neon noir highlighted thriller, Disappearance at Clifton Hill is an outstanding art piece following the life of Abby (Middleton) as she attempts to unravel a troubling fragmented memory from her childhood on returning to her hometown in Niagara Falls after her mothers death.

In the opening scene we see young Abby watching on as a young boy is beaten and bundled into the back of a car, before she can properly react the car is away and she’s left alone, struggling to really process what happened, in later life she’s unsure if the memory is real or not?

The Truth Can Be Deceiving

The lure of nostalgia really ignites Abby into sorting out this matter for good, and after hooking up with a kindred spirit Walter (Cronenberg), a local diver and conspiracy podcaster, she’s digging deep into the private lives of many influential people around town, sadly Abby is a compulsive liar so it’s an extra layer for the audience to dig through.

“No way are you a virgin,you just picked a stranger up in a bar”

Albert Shin paints a dreamy life around the Falls; the only excitement is Abby bouncing around playing Miss Marple, her long-suffering sister constantly rolling her eyes at the continuous antics and lies. The pace is solid and the pallet of the movie darkens as things become more sinister. Shin has no problems with chucking his characters through an emotional rollercoaster and there’s nowhere to hide once Abby unleashes her magnifying glass, she even manages to uncover a secret Tiger King lurking in the mist of Niagara.

Oddly, it’s like a very heavily diluted version blondless Hitchcock. There are some reasonable moments when it feels like the movie is going to take a step into Giallo, and there’s a touch of surreal fancy to catch the keen eye.

Rating: 5/10

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