7 AKA Seven Deadly Sins (2016)

7 AKA Seven Deadly Sins (2016) Director: Mitchell Slan, Xavier Price Starring: Glennellen Anderson, Taylor-Grace, Xavier Price .USA. 0h 43m

I have a deep belief that the goal for this movie was to make it as generic as possible, maybe as some kind of experiment, maybe if a film is so no specific the audience might believe that it’s a masterpiece in disguise. Either way the blessing is that it’s only 43 minutes so it’s not an endurance test either.

A group of six friends embark on starting a film project however the set is abandoned and as the clock ticks closer to 3am the confused party soon learn that a demonic force has trapped them and ia intent on revealing their 7 deadly sins.

How far would you go to advance your career? Would you make a deal with the devil? Do you want to be remembered for your name……or your sin?

On paper it sounds like a blast, but it doesn’t have the energy or creativity to pull off something so simple. It’s startling how the movie transgresses from drama to horror, some nondescript goth chick starts getting manic about it being the witching hour (she’s 33 minutes early but who’s counting). There’s a lot of meanness from each of the characters and prodding around in the dark before the movie ends. Maybe some of the meat and bones of the movie ended up on the cutting room floor?

It’s the Witching Hour!

There’s some interest and almost a touch of excitement as the “Sins” are revealed but the emphasis on moody young people makes this into one of the longest spooky tik toks ever. It won’t keep you up at night unless you, like I, are concerned how a 40+ minute movie feels like 4 hours!? Now that’s some Sinema magic.

Rating: 1/10

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