21 Days (2014)

Director: Kathleen Behun
Starring: Max Hambleton, Whitney Rose Pynn, Mickey River, Eduardo Roman .USA. 1h 29m

The haunted house trope will be one that will live with us forever. There’s just nothing more terrifying than having something unnatural and creepy happening in the place where you lay your head. Things are a bit different in Katheleen Behun’s Found Footage frolic. News of a house so haunted that no one can live in it for 21 days reaches a group of young kids with some wanderlust, belieivng that the tales are total bullshit they barricade themselves in for the long run.

There are some places so dark, so evil, where no human or living thing should dwell…

Armed with some local folklore, a few newspaper clippings about dead families and a CCTV system the group really have all the information they need, but after sealing up all the entrances so no one can get in or out, they make one crucial mistake and begin to uncover the mirrors. Soon enough strange things begin to happen.

With the typical splay of characters, skeptics alongside believers it takes a while for the arguing to calm down before any ground is covered on whether the house is haunted or not.

There’s nothing outstanding about the movie, and it’s easily another cookie cutter found footage movie but it’s not boring to watch, in between the fickle bad decisions made by the tiny crew, it’s quite entertaining to see them getting unraveled by olde time spirits. but it’s just a play by the numbers systematic breakdown of some hopeful film makers.

“OMG that’s the little boy.. The one who died here…. “

The most extraordinary moment comes during the closing credits when the house is being cleaned up for new inhabitants and there’s some jaunty characters caught in the reflections of the realtors camera. A few people might have given up by then and missed the frankly most upsetting moment of the film. If you’re not easily scared you could try watching the film while locked into a haunted home in your neighborhood! lol


Rating: 4/10

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