After the World Ended (2015)

Director: Tony Sebastian Ukpo
Starring: Eke Chukwu. Haruka Abe. Gabby Wong, Anthony Ofoegbu .USA. 1h 30m

This subdued experimental movie seems to tell a pair of harmonious stories, set in a bleak future where space travel is everyday and our social norms are quite alien from what we understand today.

Initially an astronaut has crash lands in a tranquil field and attempts to find help but the social dynamics is unsettling to him, families seem to be “clumped” together any male plays a father, any child adapts to the family they find themselves with that day, language isn’t a barrier, it seems everyone is adapted to all human languages and it just rolls off the tongue.

From the dust to the great beyond, only we remain.

Meanwhile a young woman is searching for her family and groups up with some travelers heading to a city, and so they whimsically head off across a field as her inner monologue fills the speakers with appreciation but serious doubt that you’ll ever find whether heart desires.And later on it’s discovered

This is the first film in a series of Science Fiction films from the Earth Future timeline created by Ukpo, this bold opening is quite arty at times, it feels like a contemporary dance interpretation of an outlandish lo fi sci fi story.

Ukpo has a keen eye for details and this subtle experimental style looks like a fancy advert for high tech equipment at times, it’s very clean and fresh. At times the main characters, the Astronaut, and the young girl on the search for her family, both seem to have a huge nostalgia for a world that we know, but one that no one else in this future can even try to previece.

It’s super difficult to really pinpoint the movie’s themes and tones as it remains so mysterious, probably an attempt to allow the audience to swim around in the concept of this possible future? There’s fine performances from everyone and a bold start to a fruitful series.

The movie can be purchased here,


Rating: 3/10

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