Short Movie Roundup 08 January 2023

Terrible Things

Director : Ciarán Hickey

Set in a misty post apocalyptic landscape, a cottage becomes a safe haven for a long traveler, allowing them time to reflect, taking a trip down memory lane with a corpse, a lonely salvation, a night away from the monsters.

Hickey’s powerful thriller is highly effective and a deep dive into atmospherics, it’s the king of the world you’d expect to see if Frank Darabont’s The Mist was able to carry on spreading. it’s sad and chilling


Director : Reddit

This project was made for a final student piece, using Unreal Engine 4. the hyperreal and crystal clear graphics lead the way in a stylized movie that plays with aspects of size and scale. The camera follows a man on a strange journey through eras and very different landscapes rising and falling along the way focusing on a tiny moth then a metropolis. All the while the imposing modern world systems to be stifling the natural environment around it. is that the overall message of this short or is it just a consequence?

However you read it, the work is probably just an excuse to show what the student has learnt but I’m so excited that they have shared this film as for me at least it tells a vibrant story and I hope they are still being creative.


Director : Blake Simon

I wasn’t quite sure where this tense sci-fi short was going, and it’s bound to keep viewers guessing. There are so many possibilities when it comes to space exploration and Blake Simon probes the darkest and lightest moments within his film.

Initially a man wakes up from some kind of hypersleep, his mission appears to be searching for another Goldilock planet. Going about his normal routine with an uplifting promise in his heart, things take a tragic turn when he realizes his communications are hours behind and there’s possibly been an a terrible event happening/ed to his loved one.

Being lost in space or at the mercy of the element in deep space is incredibly terrifying and all of those safety net free moments are touched on here. The sets look amazing and acting matches the creative nature of the movie that attempts to answer the questions arising searching for another goldilock planet.

Into the Night

Director Chris Goldade

This multifaceted short movie is worth your attention more than once. Despite it’s dark nature there’s a lot of intrigue going on in Golade’s short that gets your morality in check with it’s probing questions.A man flees from a fatal accident, he unwittingly hits a woman off her bike late at night, panic’s and heads home, but he’s crushing emotions and irreparable guilt seems to get the better of him.

There’s an insanetwist to the movie that bisects the plot, introduces “new” character and silver lines the already chilling movie with a dose of “fuck no”.

So much attention has been paid to the tiny elements that, the amplified sounds, choice of olde time music that sets this story in the then and now. The mix of instantly clear and muffled sounds, the bokeh and active angles allows Goldade to push his audience in and out of his lead’s head. With events like this it’s a director’s dream to attempt to show grief, regret and in some cases consequences, and this is achieved with grace in Into the Night, a film that will grab your attention with outstanding class.

Another Game

Directors :Stuart Ashen and Riyad Barmania

In a similar vein to Géla Babluani’s bleak and ultraviolet drama 13 Tzameti, a similar and equally devastating game is at hand in this lottery from hell. A group of fortunate or misfortunate people enter a room and await for their numbers to be called, then luck is the decider on a bloody and gruesome game that, for one player, is hard to swallow. Filmed with air of Lynch and if youre in the right frame of mind, a touch of sarcasm and black humor, but what would possess people to willingly participate in a game like this?

Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.

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