Short Movie Roundup 15 January 2023


Director : Jack Stockley

A tragic tale of a woman trapped in her own home with her own things and an abusive twisted fiance, the surface of Jack Stockley’s moving short movie is one that plays out like any cohabitation, there’s an obvious lack of romance but sometimes that’s lost in the day to day. By the sobering end of the movie the viewer is left with an image of a woman who’s clearly locking herself away mentally and physically to protect what’s left of her humanity and soul as it’s picked apart by her psychotic other half.

A poignant ending lays out the stats of people who found themselves trapped during the lockdown, when domestic abuse went through the roof with little to no room for salvation for the victims.


Diretor : Keanu Sousa Mendes

When a rookie is left alone to look after a video shop during the graveyard shift, he has to find ways to occupy himself, his most important task of the night is to take a mannequin outside and lock it up before 8pm. There’s a lot to like about Mendes’ short movies but aren’t video shops usually more busy during the evenings? I know our Blockies and Choices were always more alive right through the night, even if not for the movies then the snacks?

Either way as these movies go, the kid doesn’t pay attention to the cardinal rule and doesn’t bother to lock up the Mannequin. Mendes uses a lot of unusual camera angles, the touches of bokeh and brilliantly simple special effect to give space and dimension to his creepy film that has a few of typical trademark horror but oozes with a lot of originality and character, a perfect blend of dark humor and chills makes Mendes a director to keep an eye out for.

Don’t Come Out

Director : James Ingram Jr.

There’s a lot of camera work and effects in this tiny tale of terror, but it’s worth it.. i think? A woman wakes up late for her friends to collect her for a night out, but strangely she’s left obstacles in her way so she doesn’t leave her apartment, a warning or just absent minded? She attempts to get ready but is constantly reminded DON’T GO OUT but pays no attention..

The camera is constantly swaying and moving around the home, but only just managing to pick up tiny hints of what is stalking this girl in her home and it’s terrifying, thankfully we’re not seeing all of the entity until …

Substance and style match each other in this story of fate and death that takes on a new lease of life in the final throws as the movie transforms from creepy movie to one with a poignant message, very interesting work.

you can find the bloopers here


Director : Mkag

This piece was a senior thesis project and works along the lines of the classic curiosity shop horror principle, but instead of an innocent person stumbling upon a random tempting item and bargaining stealing it, an unknown computer game is stolen but a druggy scumbag who struggles with life after playing the game 503 and tackling it’s Slenderman styled bad guy.

It’s a good all round movie that uses a lot of different techniques, probably due to it being an academic showcase but it holds together in its own right and is food for thought as its characters slip and slide around their own moral compasses.

Dreams and Delusions

Director : Mike Stanley

A groundhog day styled horror where a woman has to keep reliving the same day until she can come to terms with a tragic accident. Often seeing her ghostly self in other stages of her fateful day.. it’s a simple labor of love effect but effective, it had some flare with the effects and the camera is always active, the acting is little homespun but that’s how it goes when you’re making a little movie like this but the acting isn’t too shabby. I’ve no idea why the comments have been killed, it’s a shame but hopefully if anyone who was involved sees this, you have a fan and keep up the good work.

if the link doesn’t work then you’ll need to search for this on the tube..

Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.

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