1 Life on the Limit (2013)

Director: Paul Crowder Starring: Michael Fassbender, Niki Lauda, James Hunt, Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher. USA.1h 52m

An insanely personal insight into the creation and golden years of formula one, the world’s most glamourous and dangerous sport, the characters who have pioneered the safety and key changes in the sport are honored in a well crafted documentary.

Being less on the side of stats and figures, dates and events, the main focus of the film is to connect some of the lifelong players’ memories of the sport and some of the fallen heroes with a humbling dedication to their hours of daring death on every corner.

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Short Movie Roundup 26 February 2023


Director: Paul Khailo

Shot on a Black Magic Pocket Camera, this charming short movie breathes with atmosphere, I love the choir inspired occult soundtrack that places it firming between the Omen and err the Omen 2?

A man spots something floating in the river during his wintry walk, upon opening the vessel he finds a note giving him an address to go to with specific instructions to let himself in the back door for a prize..

It’s a cracker of a short movie with a constant dark looming and unnerving feeling about it, and somehow Khailo manages to keep it tense throughout.

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The Menu (2022)

Director: Mark Mylod Starring: Ralph Fiennes, Anna Taylor Joy, Nicholas Hoult, Hong Chau .USA. 1h 47m

An incredible bold and brilliant descent into the dizzying depths of revenge and devotion with the best possible silverware. The Menu follows a dinner date with an eccentric chef, Chef Slowik (Fiennes), who is about to unveil his magnum opus among a few hand picked patrons at his exclusive island retreat. It becomes apparent early on that one of the guests, Margot (Taylor Joy) isn’t on the painstakingly selected guest list and is a total spanner in the works.

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The Bloodhound (2020)

Director: Patrick Picard Starring: Joe Adler; Lian Aiken .USA. 1h 12m

A great alternative title for this movie would be “A nice guy deals with an entitled cunt”, but there’s a little more to Patrick Picard’s sleek thriller, loosely based on Edgar Allen Poe’s The Fall of the House of Usher.

The film is a steady paced psychological breakdown of “the nice guy” Francis (Aiken) by his supposed school friend, Jen Paul Luret (Adler), a privileged, rude and cruel young man who’s bordering on crazy. Living in a high tech and lavish home in the remote wilderness with his sister, who’s rarely seen throughout the movie, almost as frequently as the Bloodhound itself, which seems to be a strange masked man that hides around the home and is honestly the freakiest aspect of the entire movie, i found a clip here to wet your whistle.

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Short Movie Roundup 19 February 2023


Director: Will Lee

A young couple are on a relaxing break when their lives begin to spiral out of control. With a marriage proposal looming, the nerves begin to show up in massive cracks in their character and relationship, but this is the least of their problems when a bug infestation controlled by a local cult soon becomes the main character of this atmospheric body horror thriller from Will Lee.

The short features a lot of different fear factors but the most prominent is gonna be Trypophobia by far but will the pair be able to battle an ungodly evil and keep their proposal alive?

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Short Movie Roundup 05 February 2023

A Monster in the House

Director: Dustin Weible

Childhood trauma is something that generally lives with people their whole lives, it can shape them and at times destroys them, but when a brother and sister are reunited at their family home, they being to realize the monster the bother would sketch wasn’t a suppressed memory of their fathers dark deeds but indeed a real monster that has been waiting for them all these years.

It’s quite surreal just how much action and terror Dustin has managed to pack into this tiny movie, the threat, once identified, is pretty real and like some folklore terminator this creature is totally relentless.

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Skinamarink (2022)

Director:Kyle Edward Ball
Starring: Lucas Paul, Dali Rose Tetreault, Ross Paul,Jaime Hill .Canada. 1h 40m

Every now and again a director comes from left field and reminds us that new things are still possible, which is what Kyle Edward Ball has done with his tour de force trippy horror which is causing major ripples in the horror community. To say it appeared from nowhere is far from the truth, it was by no means an accident, through several years of making short movies depicting people’s most vivid nightmare, eventually Ball was able to gather all of that experience and forge together Skinamarink, an almost indescribable horror movie that digs deep into the childhood memories of the audience and eliminates another darker aspect of the Liminal space genre.

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