Short Movie Roundup 05 March 2023

The Milkman

Director: Vincent Dorman

There are a lotta chills to send you lactose intolerant in Dorman‘s short spooky film. A man investigates a comic through a vintage Peep Scope and inadvertently invites an evil entity into his home in the guise of a killer milkman. With a powerful drive this killer entity is totally relentless. If you’re familiar with the haunted camera unleashing an entity then you’ll be forgiven for thinking this is like the others but it does in fact play off the trope and does deliver a new vibe so check it out.

The Tunnel

Directors: Alex Spear & Andrew Clabaugh

A man enters a tunnel walkway and loses more than his signal on the way through. After entering the tunnel, he’s totally trapped. No matter how hard he tries, or how fast he runs, he just can’t seem to make it to the entrance again. Nevermind that the action bare escapes the tunnel, it remains a beautiful and haunting time bending tale, that doesn’ need a bunch of fancy effects to tell a gripping story, just a couple of eyes and some tactical camera trickery and Spear and Clabaugh have a great flick under their belts and it’s fairly new so I hope we will see more from them.

The Ohio Parking Lot

Director: Alexanderthetitan

After a spate of killings in a certain car park in Ohio a woman is then left alone at the kill site by her friend and a strange man approaches her and strikes up a conversation.

There’s too many bad decisions that make this movie work. It almost feels a tad insulting to horror fans, this is why horror is constantly being called out and refuses to be awarded suitable. But after you look past those, it’s filmed well, especially a really stylied kill scene towards the end, I’d have preferred a better set up, a touch of a twist but otherwise i did enjoy the film and there’s a trick i missed on the first watch regarding the boyfriend, if you see it, let me know.

Totos Towing

Director: Alexanderthetitan

Yeah I’m back again already with another from director Alexanderthetitan, and I find myself in another parking lot! A young woman is locked out of her car and accidentally accepts help from the wrong person. This piece addresses all the downsides to “The Ohio Parking Lot ” there’s a bigger twist and lots more creepiness, I knew Alexanderthetitan could do it! totally subscribed for more.

Watch Out

Director: Joshua R. Stewart

At first I really began to hate this tiny non-eventful thriller but I stuck with it and I absolutely LOVE it. What starts as a typical woman left alone with a creepy stalker outside in the snow, turns into the crimbo thriller short of “forever”!

It’s such a pleasure to see a festive horror with a lot of humor that does have heavy thriller undercurrent.


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