Short Movie Roundup 12 March 2023

The Exit Plan

Director: Angus Wilkinson

This cleverly written, thought provoking drama that see’s an older generation having to take a stand against a younger and less understanding world. In Wilkinsons short, a government official is sent to a house where a woman resides with her elderly mother, as the the mother is getting on and there’s a housing/space shortage the mother is to be “canceled” for lack of a better word, legally and medically disposed of just because there’s not enough space for her.

It paints a picture of an overpopulated world and a cold approach to dealing with the warm bodies of our loved ones. Old people’s homes aren’t an option anymore but instead we’ll just eat the soylent green and murder those who we don’t think can offer anything to society any more..

Obviously there’s a slick twist, and more food for thought, in this sensitively produced short with lots of punch.

Don’t Hit Send

Director: Bryce Olejniczakpre

I thought the conclusion of this short was peaking a little too soon and I was right, there’s a lot to the second half of this movie, I’m getting ahead. A woman has just moved into a new home, she snaps a pic and sends it to her mother to freaks out and tells her to get out immediately and massage her it’s not safe, looking around she sees nothing, but looking at the send photos a massive demon is lurking in her home, every time she sends a pic she sees the creature getting closer… What can she do?

The Second part doesn’t play out as you’d expect and while I don’t want to give any spoilers, it’s Evil Dead hilarious, you will never look at demons the same again. Could this be the beginning of a series? A movie! oh boy please more!

Fear of the Dark

Director: Bombastic Entertainment

A woman discovers that her fear of the dark is not “in her head” after freaking out at work when the lights go out, this woman is sent to a psychiatrist to deal with her “anger issues” she’s not angry, but she’s petrified of a demonic entity that stalks her from the shadows.

Using a lot of subtle effects to show this creepy shadow creature stalking and setting up our lead lady for sudden death the film is a compact Final Destination blended with a shadow person creepypasta and it’s so well made it just needs to be extended out into a feature and we’d have a new classic.

Vinnies House

Director: Alexander Darling and Monty Seit

I want to describe this as a horror version of Ted but it would be an injustice, it feels a little thin at first a guy asks his friend for help, he needs somewhere to stay for the weekend, luckily his friend lives in a mansion and his parents are away, settling into the luxury he notices that his friend is catering to the whims of a teddy bear named Vinnie. Vinnie looks like a normal bear in a suit butV Vinnie is so much more… possessed? demonic? who knows he harbours a psychopathy and isn’t to shy to fuck with people..

The film turns from psychological to very real blood and guts in seconds and is weirdly satisfying.

Pizza Delivery

Director: Alexander Kardasis

A pizza delivery guy on a mission! It’s Halloween night and he needs cash for his landlord or he’s out on his ear. But this Pizza Delivery guy isn’t having a good night, he’s getting short changed and strangely bleeding from his neck.. this is only the beginning of his problems tonight.

Just when you think the mood of the movie has settled in, it takes a dark turn, the pizza delivery guy stumbles on a sinister plan and the mastermind behind it.. it’s surreal mastery from that moment onwards, why did the director hide this talent until the end? Cos they like to toy with their audience, watch this twice!


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