Short Movie Roundup 19 March 2023


Director: Christopher McClean / C.L. Lowry

Fun thriller centered around aged old wives tales of the Tarot and the dangers of using the occult for lies and greed. A group intends to use a live tarot reading to gain online notoriety, however when their plans are uncovered by a devout follower she confronts them and leaves a little gift, a card typically numbered 13 and depicting Death..

Anyone who knows a shred of anything to do with the Tarot will know that the death card doesn’t mean death, and pulling more than one in a reading would be a huge warning to leave your house and burn it.

But facts aside, this is still a lively movie, with a great tit for tat revenge story behind it all, it’s a touch clunky at times but the script and action keeps it moving.

The Followed

Director: Alec Trent

When a young girl goes missing in the city she becomes one of a number of women who have all been stolen away in the night, but it’s her best friend who’s about to hit the streets to try and uncover the epidemic of stolen women and the dark secret behind the diabolical mystery.

It’s generally quite brilliant as it unfolds its dark narrative with uncomfortable revelations, it’s never quite just one thing that’s happening, and different layers of fear are built up. Is this the work of a lone stalker, a gang or a cult? Will the best friend of the year succeed in rescuing his gal pal?

Baby Doll

Directors: Christian Toia, Dan Verno, and Cameron Fernandez.

An alcoholic possessive IT service desk advisor loses his mind over a young woman who wants her laptop fixed, after the girl gets a restraining order he decides to make a doll of her out of spare parts, but even this made up doll ha issues with being with this creep and attempts to try and escape, but is that what is really happening? or is this all in the head of a total psycho?

American Psycho meets Pin meets Andrew Tate!

There are a few odd cuts and production issues, but for a half hour movie made for $150 it really does it’s best and once the doll starts to take center screen it’s a creepy ass banger with some bad blood but great jumps.


Director: Zach

A man moves into a remote mansion and soon discovers that he might not be alone, and in the now time honored hollywood tradition he sets up some motion sensored cameras to hopefully catch sight of the disturbances but is it something he actually wants to see?

Zach uses a very active camera that dashes and spins around his characters giving more motion to the movie than it really needs, but with the addition of a few modern creepy movies thrown in it gives you a hint to what’s going on.

There’s a cool scene when the lead gets thrown off bed, he attempts to get help from a priest but when that fails he picks up a Ouija board, so he didn’t pay much attention to those movies haha.. The big confrontation out does a lot of the other movies out there, it’s tense and so well filmed, taking on a different aspect to the haunted house phenomena while the lead and his guest plays who’s house is it anyway,


Director: Ryan Kjolberg

A man’s rest is interrupted when his printer starts burning out a new print, an image of him looking up at an unknown photographer, moments later he hears a click.. Wondering who’s fucking with him he searches for the prankster.

Kholbergs movie is very short but very intense. It’s dark and moody and features a terrifying creature that seems to be from a Barker/Cronenberg mind, I really hope he has continued to make films….


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