Short Movie Roundup 26 March 2023


Director: Wesley Mellott

Chilling creature feature starring a group of young filmmakers and a creepy ass scarecrow. It’s similar to a few of the existing Scarecrow movies out there however it has a much more bitter and twisted ending which is always appreciated.

Mellott is quite dynamic with his approach to filming, taking every strange angle he can find as his characters attempt to film a documentary about a town that just vanished overnight. being the ever eager kids that they are, nothing is going to deter them from this hot and spooky story. A little bit of pranking goes a long way in these situations and to top it off there’s a bit of a relationship power struggle.

The monster in the flick is a high point as even after the reveal it remains quite mysterious, it’s stunning work with great results, hopefully there’s more work from this team to come.

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