Hello! My name is Lakisha and this is my movie blog, it’s messy and not very well planned out but you’ll get an idea if you scope around for a little while.

On some occassions I look like this…

There are thousands of movie blogs out there, so why start another one? Well first things first, I absolutely love cinema, in fact I only watch movies, I don’t have time for TV so I pack in a lotta films. I have a few movie buddies who I’ll refer to from time to time, one is the Gavster and the other is known as Captain Fantastico! .

I’m not a movie snob in any sense, I love B Movies, I love lo fi, Horror, Gore Sci Fi, Costume Dramas and Lengthy Slow Dramas, there really is not method, I avoid Romance and Comedy at the highest costs unless there is a healthy dose of costumes, blood and 1980’s punch dance music.

You can (try to) keep up with my movie watching on my gomiso profile. I do try to blog everything I watch, and most of the time I do it in real time. I will catch up with items because as much as I love movies they don’t rule my life 24/7.

All movie fund donations are very welcome or if your feeling really generous, there are also a wishlist here…Amazon

I’m not one for making recommendations but if you would like to throw some suggestions my way then you can contact from any page by leaving a reply, if you wanna talk off record leave a comment and I’ll mail you.

There will be some personal stuff coming out under the “about me” tag

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello Lakisha ,

    We would love to submit our short horror film Destination Reached.

    Destination Reached

    Police officer Johan van de Veer wakes up startled one night in his police car by the noise of two brats disrupting the offical communication channel. When the prank turns into a serious cry for help, the connection is lost and the boys find themselves in need.

    Johan tries to get in contact with the boys again, in vain. When (for some inexplicable reason) the cars navigation system shows the location of an old movie theatre, Johan decides to take a look

    Directed By Ivar Tillema
    Written By Marvin Faré
    Produced By Manon Zwaan, Anne Perine

  2. Hi Lakisha! Can you help me remember one film (Maybe from the ’90s or ’00s)? First of all, love your blog and very much appreciate your hard work!

    So… I only remember this line: on earth is some virus spread or something. two wounded people are in the helicopter. suddenly they are starting vomiting blood. Blood merged and become human-shaped something that will kill pilots. That’s it… If you can’t remember the name, that’s ok and Thanks anyway ❤

    1. Hello! And thanks for the comments!

      I had an inkling thr film might be life-force input a quote shout out to film twitter and its the only thing a lot of us could think of, I still need to dig out the dvd buy I found this on the tube

      1. OMG yes, this seems so much more likeness to my imagination! But I feel that it was more “modern”, but also I was a kid, maybe my memory was blurred. Thanks anyway! I will watch this movie today ❤

      2. OMG I just watched film and this is 100% that film!! Hahaa, Yeeees. Thanks :d<3

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