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Short Movie Roundup 22 September 2019



This amazing capture by Kevin Vu outlines a dream becoming a reality as a fcially unique fasihon model prepares for her first runway, having dealt with a number of challenges, both mentally and physically the big time shakes his delicate girl to her core as she has to face some final demons.It’s quite a remarkable take on a unique experience that drags up a torture past from birth to show. I feel for her as she’s such a darling character.


I know a handful of people who suffer from this crazy phobia. which is totally understandable as it doesn’t look very healthy to see lots of holes appear in one’s flesh, and that’s exactly what happens to his unfortunate woman who accidentally drops her phone into a bin in a dodgy rest room? While fishing it out she gets stuck by a syringe containing a very dodgy virus… mayhem ensures in one a toilet that rivals the icon bogs of Glasgow as seen in Trainspotting. I wonder what phobia Buddy Booth will play next time??

The Bridge Partner

What starts out as a wonderful social event turns into a traumatic hell ride after a stunning new bridge partner threatens to kill her unfortunate unsuccessful bridge partner. This very well crafted and beautiful short stars Beth Grant and Robert Forster, not the usual cast for the average short film. I’m sure their time cost more than all the other movie on the list.

After the whispered death threat, the psychological impact really grates on Maggie but slowly the fear creeps into the real world. But after a touching proverbial chit chat about sheep and dogs the film ends on a cliffhanger which is marvelous as it seems the challenge has been accepted and could go any way, I like when an ending is open but not totally abstract and vague, well done to Gabriel Olson and all involved.

Cave of Sighs

Cave Of Sighs

I wasn’t quite prepared for how sentimental and deep this film is. A couple are en route to the bedroom for some crazy sexy times, when the girl notices some dazzling eyes in a Byzantium painting on the wall, the mesmerism catches her imagination and she begins to fantasies about the future and how her life matches those in the paintings. It’s all filmed by candle light and only whispers the plot. It’s golden and dreamy and opens up the imagination to endless possibilities touching on art and religion

Room 8

Oh wow! This is brilliant, a testament to the fact that you don’t need an hour to tell a riveting story with a compelling twist, this was the winner of the Bombay Sapphire’s Imagination Series , a competition, 5 films from one idea and James W Griffiths sparked off a stir with this crazy prison story. about confines,the ideas of freedom and perspective. A man is taken to a new cell, and his mysterious new room mate (geddit Room 8) has a secret box under his bunk.. the films in the series are all based on the same script and it’s brilliant, the rest are as follows. but this dark gothic story is easily the best and scariest.

Water Song

A deaf swimmer is the next to be told not to open the box. Originally she’s amazingly talented and able to win her next competition but after opening the pandora’s box she’s face to face with a new promise, something dark in the water that provides everything but what’s the price? While the film is emotive enough it has some really stunning underwater dance and drama which is a feast for the eyes with a bit more of a symbolic ending.

The Mrs

This has to be one of the most craziest in the series?? A man wakes up to find his wife has.. well.. done crazy things in the night! But he’s more than happy with their odd predicament. There’s not much to this so it’s probably best you just watch it!


A bit of stop motion!! My favourite, I’m really going to have to dig into the genre again soon.. I’m sure there’s some missing from my blog. A couple of crabs find a bottle on the beach … by now you know the drill.. but the consequences are never done to this proportion..

A cute little comedy sketch despite the drastic consequences, btu it has sharks so can’t be that bad right? This has a lot of the cuteness of Creature Comforts by Nick Park.

Algo Concreto/Concrete

A man has a scheme to break into a safe deposit box of some sort, but the cleaning lady notices him and the contents, a strange mechanical box and insists on opening it, and all the magic in contains… I really like the dynamics between the two characters in this film, one is deadly serious while the other is just getting on with her mundane job but their clash is both comical and profound.

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Missing 411 (2004)

Director: Michael DeGrazier, Benjamin Paulides
Starring. Jaryd Atadero, DeOrr Kunz Jr., Nate Eaton .USA. 1h m.

I was slightly on the wrong track with this movie, no pun intended.

After listening to the Mysterious Universe Podcast (since season 5 check out the awesome podcast here ) I’ve heard/read a lot about Missing 411 persons, but obviously with the theme of the podcast these tales go into high strangeness often involving Bigfoot and UFOs etc etc. I was expecting to see some crazy trail camera footage and maybe some abandoned staircases in the woods, or even recounts of historical unsolved cases. In contrast this documentary movie is more about a handful of cases which represent the tip of the iceberg of Missing 411’s but with a slight connection, all cases involve young children often with hearing impairments. Continue reading Missing 411 (2004)

The Blood on Satan’s Claw (1971)

Director: Piers Haggard.
Starring. Linda Hayde, Patrick Wymark, Michelle Dotrice, Wendy Padbury, Anthony Ainley, Barry Andrews, UK. 1h 40m.

There’s always something dark and demonic smouldering in the movies situated deep in the English Countryside, and it’s never so in your face as in Piers Hagards, trippy macabre masterpiece that has a lot of connection with Michael Reeves’s Witchfinder General, the Wicker Man (1973) and in some ways I feel there’s an artistic nature similar to a Ken Russell the Devils (1971) albeit it in a much tamer manner.

A ploughboy stumbles on some strange remains in a field, the bones and ever staring eyeball causes the boy to start running in terror, he soon realises that his unhappy accident has unearthed the remains of an ancient demonic presence which is now free to possess his village. The first signs of danger happen in a prestigious house, where a wealthy family a host to a young girl, one that has taken the fancy of their eligible son, but due to his mother’s tough nature she’s forced into the attic, late into the night her screams wake the family, once she’s rescued her personality has completely changes, now deranged and bearing deadly sharp claws she’s taken away by the authorities and clergy. Continue reading The Blood on Satan’s Claw (1971)

November 2015 Film List

With the aftermath of Halloween and the beginning of the Heathen/Pagan new year, I had a lot of planning and thinking to do. But I did cram in a bunch of movies.

Mad Max
Henry and June
Get Carter
Ninth Gate
Scars of Dracula
The Room
Escobar – Paradise Lost
*Preservation 6/10
*Bone Tomahawk 7/10
The Room
Dead Lands
*Bleeders 4/10
Open Range
*The Return of Dr x 7/10
I Frankenstein
*Universal Soldier 4 6/10
Lego Movie
Green Inferno
*Trick of Treat 7/10
*Little Girl who Lived Down the Lane 7/10
*Pressure 6/10
*Blood 6/10
Last of the mohicans
*Hollow 3/10
The Evil that Men Do
*The Stanford Prison Experiment 6/10
*Lila and Eve 4/10
Silence of the Lambs
*Creep 2/10
*The Hills Have Eyes 2 5/10
*Religious 8/10
*Blood for Dracula 8/10
Event Horizon

*Judy 2/10
*Ginger Clown 1/10
*True Story 6/0
My Bloody Valentine
Bone Tomahawk
Welcome to the Punch
*SPL2 8/10
*REC 4 7/10
Green Inferno
*Flutter 7/10
*Bad Building 3/10
Killing Zoe
No Vacancy
The Hills Have Eyes 2
Once were warriors
Deep Star Six
Naked Lunch
Shawshank Redemption
Life of Brian
The Lives of Others
The Matrix
Requiem for a Dream
Conan the Barbarian
Long Time Dead

Total 82

New 25

Best- SPL 2

Worst – Ginger Clown

  • Bone Tomahawk
  • Blood or Dracula
  • Stanford Prison Experiment
  • The Return of Dr X
  • Little Girl who lived down the lane
  • Trick r Treat
  • REC 4

American Psycho (2000)

Director: Mary Harron
Starring: Christian Bale, Willem Dafoe, Jared Leto, Josh Lucas, Samantha Mathis, Matt Ross, Bill Sage, Chloë Sevigny,Cara Seymour, Justin Theroux, Guinevere Turner, Reese Witherspoon .USA. 1h 41m

After the success of a brilliant deeply disturbing and somewhat witty and stylish novella of the same name by Bret Easton Ellis, Mary Harron transformed the saucy satirical bits into this cult movie starring the charismatic Chriistian Bale at the front of star studded cast. Bale was set to steal the show and this really boosted his career and ego to the outer limits, but I can’t argue that he gives a smart and sensuous performance.

I read the book and was happy to leave it as that, something the original author agrees with, but it became impossible to totally avoid the movie as it’s used to popular culture so much through doll’s phrases, and gifs it’s unavoidable. Continue reading American Psycho (2000)

Short Movie Roundup 15th September 2019

Sorry girls and ghouls, I didn’t publish a list last week but I’m sure you found something to keep you occupied. I promise i didn’t play the deep cultish and religious feel of today’s list, it just worked out that way.


Opening with a time old poem about a man who wasn’t there and following up with some old times americana music the film seems to have a theme but not one of suicide… needless to say after a suicide the movie kicks off with a night security guard who encounters a waster hipster couple and ignoring Rhondas note “Don’t Go Downstairs” you know what he’s gonna do right?

Lee Boxleitner and his sibling Sam have created quite an accomplished short movie, not only with great acting but a sensible pace and atmosphere is achieved as the foolhardy officer steps into the world of dark curiosity and brings a touch of black comedy to an otherwise dark horror story.

Toying with a range of monsters that lurk in the dark, our guard seems to find himself trapped in the most haunted basement in America and it’s great watching him lose his shit at every turn.

Gods Kingdom

I am highly impressed by Guy Soulsby‘s little movie despite it’s meager beginning it has a huge biblical ending but all done with a very astute talent. A man is travelling rough with a young girl, there’s obviously something odd about their hike through the English countryside, and the secret society tracking them seem to have extra special powers.

There are a few familiar faces who pop up within this short movie, I live in hope that it grows into a longer feature and these characters follow on. I really adore when dark scriptures play a part in my thrillers and so much happens in this compact movie, there really is no fucking around.

If his trailer for Devil Makes Work is anything to go by, I think I might have to keep a close eye on Guy as his dark religious touch is going to taint all of his excellent work


Devil Makes Work

Looking at what I found, from the opening this is everything that I love about moving pictures, the film has a feeling like a moving series of Joel-Peter Witkins photos.

This has much more in the way of special effects then his previous piece but they are both executed just as well, each scene tells a small segment in the path to heaven and hell, all equally dark and relatively disturbing though. Scattered with demonic deformities, candles, flames and pints of blood, it’s a deeply emotive and charming little tale of art and poetry.

I indeed need more..


A young black woman seems plagued by a series of haunting scenes as she follows a path of terrifying notes left around her town, after quitting her job in a place that seems to be run by a cult whose symbol is two triangles..

The movie plays out like some Silent Hill backstory that landslides with a Jordan Peele screenplay. A deep movie that deals with race and magic, it’s moving and curious but isn’t complete in any sense, I get the open ending but there’s too much of it, hopefully Ciara Boniface can work on finalising this tempting start to a potential amazing story.

Call Centre

Call Center

This tiny short movie follows a telemarketing group as they try to cut an infomercial but secretly it really illustrates boredom in the workplace. It’s a great introspective movie despite it’s date it’s quite relatable.

The Girl Who Danced with the Devil

The Girl Who Danced With The Devil

Wow this was a slow burner from João Paulo Miranda Maria, where a young girl from a highly religious family takes off one night to find her own paradise, I’m sure there’s something i’m missing but I get the jist of what/who the devil is and if you manage to watch this short, don’t give up on it, the turn around at the end is worth every second of the long drawn out scenes… trust me, so explosive!!

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Der Goldene Handschuh / The Golden Glove (2019)

Director: Fatih Akin
Starring: Jonas Dassler, Margarete Tiesel, Katja Studt .Germany. 1h 50m
Based upon the novel of the same title, written by the author Heinz Strunk and published in 2016.

Unlike a ton of American productions about Serial Killers which feels the need to pick at the upbringing and give a reason for the erratic behaviour, there’s a ton of grotty mess throughout this pretty accurate retelling of the crimes of a notoriously bad character who eventually killed 4 part time prostitutes in a region of Hamburg in the late 70’s. Fritz Honka has a troubled life from a youngster but the film opens with the discarding of his first corpse, one that would alter the police but not much else would come from his nightly escapade of desperate sex and murder.

Honka is played by a pretty attractive and young German actor, Jonas Dassler who works his ass off to play this misaligned and deformed character with the use of some marvelous method acting and special effects he really does a lot to mimic the grimy nutcase. The film plays out the four year span where Honka did most of his killing, there’s some elaborations and artistic licence with story, with the inclusion of a young teen couple who are trying to be adults in and around the red light district, they story dips in and out giving Honka some wank material and moves the plot along when it begins to flounder. Continue reading Der Goldene Handschuh / The Golden Glove (2019)

Nightmare Cinema (2018)

Director:Alejandro Brugué, Joe Dante, Mick Garris, Ryûhei Kitamura, David Slade
Starring:Mickey Rourke, Richard Chamberlain, Eric Nelsen, Mariela Garriga, Adam Godley, Patrick Wilson, Ezra Buzzington, Stephanie Cood .USA. 1h.59m

Anthologies are an important part of any genre but their significance to the world of horror is vital for getting a collection of directors to get those shorter, sometimes more obscure ideas out there. Horror is usually just a concept, Short Stories to tell the dark is a great example of a very short one page stories that kept a lot of kids up at night and is about to start scaring them again with the upcoming horror with the same name by Guillermo del Toro.

Every era has its highs and lows, from the golden era of Amicus to the more recent VHS and Southbound movies, we’ve also been treated by cult classics like Creepshow and Body Bags, the list really does go on. A lot of these films really took themselves seriously, trying to deliver something unseen, new and unbound, but most of this is set aside for a slightly retro kookie mish mash of bizarre horror and a few giggles in this bizarre anthology, partially starring Mickey Rouke in the wrap around.

Nightmare Cinema is set around an out of the way cinema called the Rialto, run by the master of nightmares Mr Rouke, the basis is an unsuspecting victim wanders into the cinema, once seated they are forced to see their worst nightmare, but the aftermath is slightly different for each character, this was a bit unnerving for me, I like a good routine in an anthology. Continue reading Nightmare Cinema (2018)

Monkey Farm (2017)

Director: Ian Messenger
Starring: Justin Celani, Tim Christie, ach Etter, Austin Messenger, Ian Messenger, Jake Pigman .USA. 1h 16m

A slightly unusual found footage, mockumentary movie, which sees a young group of film makers divert from their original movie as they discover a myth of a animal testing site which may or may not still be operation. Ian Messenger’s quirky film, tries to achieve something only very slightly different from the average found footage movie but it fails to really strike fear and hides it’s biggest asset, luckily it’s only just over an hour long so it’s not too painful to check out.

Initially the group are making a film about animal testing, it’s unclear what the motives really are, after interviewing a few professionals they collect testomonies for and against the testing but one Doctor invites them to visit a place known as the Monkey Farm, and after a bit of Googling the head out to see what’s left of the site which was once used for animal testing but is now a Sanctuary. Continue reading Monkey Farm (2017)

Gosnell: The Trial of Americas Biggest Serial Killer (2018)

Director:Nick Searcy .
Starring. Earl Billings, Dean Cain Sarah Jane Morris, Michael Beach, Nick Searcy USA . 1h 33m.

When I saw a movie claiming to be about the most prolific killer in America and with a name I didn’t recognise I had to sit down and ponder if I had lost all of my Serial Killer Groupie points.. The story of Dr Kermit Gosnell was something that cropped up but not something I had really ranked in my personal Murderpedia so I allowed myself to go into this blindly and see what I can learn from this TV movie production that claims to be about the trial but hardly sees a courtroom. Continue reading Gosnell: The Trial of Americas Biggest Serial Killer (2018)