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10 Great films from 1975 Volume 1

01.Jaws (1975)

Cult Creature Feature that really struck the fear of sharks into modern man. This delightful story of man vs beast see’s three very different characters with diverse agendas having to club together to defeat an unusually large and cunning Great White Shark, as if they aren’t dangerous enough, Jaw’s ups the game toppling man down the food chain. Without all the drama and love affairs from the book by Bletchley , Spielberg managed to craft a lengthy adventure film with lots of horror. 10/10

02.One flew over the cuckoo’s nest (1975)

An interesting insight into the world of mental health care in 70’s America. Jack Nicholson tries to find an easy route back to world via a mental institution where he insists that the crazies should take over the asylum. And if it wasn’t for his arch rival Nurse Ratchet, he might have got away with it.  Dark undercurrents run wild in this engrossing drama with lots of comedic antics. 10/10 Continue reading 10 Great films from 1975 Volume 1

10 Horrors from 2002 worth talking about

For me 2002 was the year of shitty american remakes of wonderful Japanese/Chinese/Korean Horrors, like The Eye  (2002) and the Ring (2002) but Japan was still releasing wonderful films like Ju On  (2002) and Dark Water  (2002).

28 Days Later (2002)

A film that really raised the bar for Zombie movies by introducing the Infected! A bicycle courier is blindsided and awakes weeks later in an abandoned london, he soon discovers that a rage virus was released causing people to go batshit crazy and infect/kill each other. He hooks up with a few other people who travel to Manchester in hopes of gaining the protection of an army base who have been broadcasting but salvation might not that simple. A sterling performance from everyone involved in this cult classic Danny Boyle film, shot on unconventional cameras and on a tight budget the film has an atmosphere unlike any of its counterparts. Bold acting and a thrilling dangerous story really boosted most of the cast into unreal terms of stardom and made the film a drooling gore filled cult classic with a perfectly haunting soundtrack. 10/10 Continue reading 10 Horrors from 2002 worth talking about

September 2018 Film List


Full metal jacket

Kong skull island


*Jurassic World 5/10


Play misty for me

Death machine

Angel heart

People under the stairs



Haute Tension

*Eyeball 5/10


The ambulance

Big trouble in little china



Team America

No one lives


Young and dangerous

*Inner demon 3/10


City of God

5150 elms way



Enter the void

*The Sweet movie 5/10

Wicked city

Lake mungo

Patient zero


*5th passenger 3/10

*frankenstein vs the mummy 3/10



*The last king 1 and 2 6/10


Bigfoot tapes

*Mandy 10/10


*The last king episodes 3 and 4 6/10

Legion (also check out this list

Dead lands



Swamp Thing

Robocop 2


Under the skin



Curse of the demon

Graveyard shift

The thing


*E Demon 4/10

Hotel new Hampshire

Ninja scroll



Julia’s eyes

*Gehenna where death lives 3/10


TOTAL = 67

New – 11

Best new  – Mandy

Worst New – Inner Demon


  • Death Machine
  • Julias Eyes
  • Metropolis
  • Dead Lands
  • Play Misty for me


July 2018 Film List

A much better month for films after the World Cup, a few more new items added to the list including a possible contender for best film ever, and certainly one in my top 10 now..

When the Lights Went Out


Grimm Love

First Blood




*November 10/10

*Maus 4/10

Cry of the Prostitute


Bronx Warriors

Red Rock West

Fried Green tomatoes….


*Devil’s doorway 3/10

Bad Milo



They live

Mr pickles season 3

Lone wolf and cub 4

*Greasy strangler 8/10


Gangster no 1

Devil’s Doorway

28 Days later

Devil’s advocate

Another day in paradise


*Colin 5/10

Riki oh

Full Contact

*Castle of purity 7/10

*The house on Highfield street 3/10

Roberto Succo



*Chappaquiddick 5/10

Truth or die Continue reading July 2018 Film List

10 Horror Films from 2007 Worth Talking About Volume 1

Borderland (2007)

This American – Mexican horror is loosely based on a true story about Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo, a leader of a religious cult and drug lord who practiced human sacrifice, his gang kidnapped and murdered many people and this movie deals with the particulars of American University students who spend the night fighting for their lives in a foreign town and against a huge gang fuled by violence and chaos It takes a while to warm up but it’s then it’s pure nightmare fuel from there on. 7/10 Continue reading 10 Horror Films from 2007 Worth Talking About Volume 1

Classic animation (on 4)  stop motion and WTF shorts Vol.1

After reading this title, I believe a  short Introduction is an well growing up in the 90s I was rudely introduced to stop motion and bizarre animated shorts through the Channel animation on 4. Obviously as a child and young teenager I’ve seen lots of animated films series and feature length films, but nothing could quite prepare me for the onslaught of dark mechanical don’t like creatures from the insipid creative minds of the Quay brothers Paul Berry’s and the claustrophobic social construct  of Phil Mulloy.

While it frightened and unnerved me it did also,  open my eyes to unlimited dreamscapes and nightmares!? I would sit up late at night transfixed to the mirage of movement and curious situations which eventually started to warp my art, thinking, and most facets of my life. I suppose it was truly influential, but it’s take me this long to get back into that niech groove  and present my all time favourite classic animations, mostly from Animation on 4, stop motion shorts and everything else that fits in between.

Continue reading Classic animation (on 4)  stop motion and WTF shorts Vol.1