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Broadcast Signal Intrusion (2021)

Director: Jacob Gentry
Starring: Harry Shum Jr, Kelley Mack, Chris Sullivan, Anthony E Cabral .USA. 1h 44m

Jacobs Gentry’s uncanny valley neon lit thriller is a great diversion for horror fans, but unlike other broadcast horrors it fails to give a satisfactory conclusion to its own question but will raise eyebrows though it’s stunning display of solid drama and a deep dive investigation.

While logging tapes of retro TV Broadcasts, a video archivist, James (Shum Jr.) discovers a disturbing clip that he believes is a sign of early hacking, out of his armchair investigation, James is innocently trying to track down the source but it turns into a deadly cat and mouse chair that night lead to solving a slew of murders.

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The Dark Red (2018)

Director: Dan Bush
Starring: April Billingsley, Kelsey Scott, Conal Bryne, Rhoda Griffis .USA. 1h 41m

An interesting idea with lots of character twists and turns in Dan Bush’s courageous drama that taps into the bond of blood of a particular family with uncanny powers. For the most part what seems to be a challenging time for one woman in a mental institution eventually creeps into a much more powerful action drama that has all the making of a really decent sci-fi fantasy drama but doesn’t come across with as much power as it might have if handled differently, but it did keep me glued while it transformed into something deeper and more meaningful, maybe there will be a chance to break this story open in a sequel? Continue reading The Dark Red (2018)

Frequencies / OXV: The Manual (2013)

Director: Darren Paul Fisher
Starring: Daniel Fraser, Eleanor Wyld. UK. 1h 45m.

Synopsis : Are human conditions, actions, relationships determined by fate, free will, or a combination of both? At any rate, if it we cannot control it – should we care?

Initially the slow drama of Frequencies starts out at school, where not only is the young and emotive Zak (Fraser) an outcast due to his low frequency he’s also deeply in love with the top girl Marie (Wyld) who is a victim of her high frequency, which totally rids her of any emotions or feelings. In this unconventional universe when they meet, their unusually high and low frequencies creates tremendous havoc. In their 60 seconds or less meetings they form a strained friendship, Zak being the lab rat while Marie tests the effects of their encounters. Later on in life, Zak’s persistent attempts to raise his frequency with the help of his best friend leads him to a discovery that not only uncovers our past but unlocks many secrets and has the potential to change all of our futures. Continue reading Frequencies / OXV: The Manual (2013)

Slime City (1988)

Director: Greg Lamberson
Starring: Robert Sabin, Mary Hunter, Bunny Levine, Dennis Embry. USA. 1h 28m

Despite being on par with the average Troma movie this imaginative occult gory body horror is strangely fun to watch and gives adequate nods to a number of classic horror movies in a psychotropic manner.

When a young art student, Alex (Devon) moves into a new apartment in a run down area of NYC with the intentions of getting his girlfriend Lori (Hune) to “sleep over”, he tries to be accommodating of his misfit neighbours, but after a supposedly vegetarian meal of Himalayan Yogurt made by Landlady Lizzie (Jane Doniger Reibel) with one of the more poetic tennants Roman (Embry), that’s quickly washed down with a mysterious home brew made by her dead alchemist father Zachary. His timid girlfriend Lori Starts to notice disturbing changes in her boyfriend, especially after he awakens one morning with a new blood lust and dripping with slime. Continue reading Slime City (1988)

It Comes at Night (2017)

Day 7 – It Comes At Night 

Director:Trey Edward Shults .
Starring. Joel Edgerton, Riley Keough, Christopher Abbott, Carmen Ejogo, Kelvin Harrison Jr. USA. 1h 37m.

In the aftermath of a apocalyptic virus that has wiped out most of our modern civilisation a family tries to carve out an existence in the backwoods of the USA, after bringing in some outsiders their laus trophic tale brings the two families together before everything gets ripped apart.

Trey Edwards Shults (a name that’s hard to forget but easy to misspell) worked as a crew member on Terrence Malick movies and it seems that the experience has left a big impression on him, after his low budget debut SXSW, about an eccentric woman show up to a family reunion, he now digs his heels into horror that’s not quite horror… *gulp* post horror? This impressive movie whose title seems to have little to do with the content of the film. Continue reading It Comes at Night (2017)

Primer (2004)

Director : Shane Curruth
Starring : Shane Curruth, David Sullivan, Casey Gooden.USA.1h 17m

This was a film that I took out of a DVD cover put it in the player watched the movie intently smiled politely put the DVD back in the cover went to the local university, completed a 9 year course and physics just understand the basics of the plot. I jest I simply looked things up on the wiki after watching the film about 15 times.

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AXE GIANT – The wrath of Paul Bunyan (2013)

AXE GIANT – The wrath of Paul Bunyan

(Horror, 2013) (18) D : Gary Jones W : Jeffrey Miller. 1h 35m. USA. C : Dan Haggerty (yep Grizzly Adams!!) Thomas Downey.

TAGLINE : This tall tale is murder.

Young adults at a first-time offenders boot camp discover the legend of the giant lumberjack Paul Bunyan is real, but is much more horrifying than they could have imagined.

axe giantmore axe

Oh man duped again! The cover looked amazing.. sadly my cover never had the subtitle of “the wrath of Paul Bunyan” on it. The only thing I knew about Paul Bunyan was from BI (1996) shame on me!

The movie starts with innocent hard working good people loggers, getting slaughtered by a  crazy deformed man. I was expecting a Lumberjack version of Hatchet (2006) but things changed.. Cut scene…


A group of young offender are sent out into the wild to lean about “themselves” and become better people blah blah.. it’s the typical group, sexy girl, jock, token etc and Sgt. Hoke who is a care bear version of Sgt Hartman from Full Metal Jacket (1987) and even uses the line Drop your cocks and grab your socks.. how lame. Anyway the axe murderer is back but he’s a full on giant now and the interfering kids have touched his horn. Muvafuckers… So it’s all out war. With really bad CGI effects and daydreams about Trollhunter (2010).

BS : when the kids work out that Paul Bunyan wanted his horn back and chuck into the woods at him, and he returns it though the jock.. I knew it was coming but I did giggle a little.

RWrong Turn (2003) Beast of Bray Road (2005) Paul Bunyan (1958)



Bunnyman (2011)

BUNNYMAN – (Horror, Gore, 2011) (18) D/W/P: Carl Lindbergh. 1h 30m. USA

Another group of teens lost in the woods…

rubbing the locals up the wrong way and getting slaughtered. I REALLY loved the bunnyman character, he was such a charmer, and is probably going to make it onto my adorable horror characters list. He’s just so flufffy!!


The film is poorly acted and at times can drag a simple scene out for ever…I think with the intention of it being a moment of suspense? But it’s just annoying. How long would you honestly stand in front of a truck shouting at the driver!? If they were kids from my neighbourhood the truck would be on bricks in seconds.

What it does to make up for the annoying boring parts is to chuck in a bit of a scare from the Bunnyman who is similar to Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)) .. A huge deadly oversized kid, running in now and again wrecking the place up and keeping the hipsters on their toes.

Keep an eye out for a comical froggy bouncing leapfrog rape scene!?!?

Really this is only good if you have a lotta beer in your system. Nothing is new here, it steals from a million other films and real life stories like R : The Bunny Game (2010), the Toybox Killer  David Parker Ray and every other hick killing city boy movies.. Pig Hunt (2008), Deliverance (1972) , Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) etc etc etc, there really isn’t anything new here, and sadly what has been presented was done poorly.


Lets hope things pick up for part 2!

Q:I know daddies genes left you a little special but if you f*ck this up I will beat you into next week.”



Travelers (2011)

D/W: Kris McManus .1h 24m. UK

Four friends set out on a motorcycle adventure weekend, clocking up miles in an attempt to outrun their urban lifestyles…


Basics is that a  group of arrogant city boys go out camping in the wilderness on their pretty motorbikes, insult some locals about being inbred and attack a caravan which they discover a dead body is inside.. or what they presume is a dead body.. The owners of the caravan (obviously Irish Gypsies) come back and seek their revenge on their home being attacked.. the dead body gets up and it turns out it’s one of the Irish guys girlfriend/sister (probably both, we are talking about the rednecks of the British Isles here) who isn’t best pleased at her home being kicked in but takes mercy on the boys as her bothers/lovers deal out some punishment. The city boys find themselves on the run from the Irish and are being picked off one by one, and also manage to get themselves pulled into the Irish fighting scene as a redemption for their deeds! There is a lot going on in this film!

This movie for what it’s worth could have been an hour shorter. Yeah 24 minutes to tell the story then maybe an hour of real Irish Gypsy fighting! Saying that the fight scenes are pretty ruthless. Okay I’m being a bit harsh, it is a good story.. but I had problems with it..

It’s in the blood.

It’s let down by the lack of acting and dialogue, but the depth of the plot keeps you interested enough to watch it through but afterwards I personally felt a bit cheated. Which is actually how I felt with another of McManus’s movies Dead in France (2012).

In a similar vein as Deliverance (1972) , Pig Hunt (2008) or more accurately Devils Bridge (2010), this movie tells the story of backwoods meets metroman with devastating consequences which in itself is nothing new but this has a slightly different twist on the subject which is inventive but could have been executed a bit better.

The only differences between this and Devils Bridge (2010) is a bit of a Shrooms (style twist to it. In addition to this one of the city boys is from a traveller background so kinda knows all about the life. So if he did know.. why the hell did he want to get back and why didn’t he protect his friends? Douchebag!


It’s just below average, I think with a bit of tweaking and more emphasis on the twist/fighting and maybe some better production this could be an amazing movie. I want to like it but… I do really appreciate lo-fi British movies, there is a lot of creativity going on in this scene, it just needs a gentle push and it could be great again.

R : Knuckle (2011) which is more of a documentary, highly entertaining. Deliverance (1972) , Pig Hunt (2008)