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American Samurai (1992)

Director: Sam Firstenberg
Starring:Mark Dacascos, David Bradley, Valerie TRapp, Rex Ryon, John Fujioka. USA. 1h 34m

This movie arrived during the height of the American cinematic takeover of the eastern martial arts. For many years Hong Kong cinema had released a number of powerful Kung Fu movies, winning over the hearts of millions if not billions of die-hard fans, with such prestigious names as the Shaw Brothers, Wu-Tang, and the Iconic labels such as Golden Harvest, a non-stop line of some of the best and most questionable martial arts movies have been released reaching cult classic limits.

Somehow during the late 80s early 90s the American market started the whole new basket of shenanigans, attempting to suggest that some of the the top of the range martial artists were in fact American born, initially this kicked off with a number of American ninja movies, and this delightful side step into the world of the Samurai features a number of faces that were normally seen as ninjas.

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Peterloo (2018)

Director: Mike Leigh
Starring: Roy Kinnear, Maxine Peake, Neil Bell, Philip Jackson, Pearce Quigley, Neil Bell  .UK. 2h 34m

Political riots just aren’t what they used to be, it seems like only yesterday innocent people were being shot with rubber bullets and tear gassed for arguing against the poll tax. WIth the Tories finally getting their wish to ban protesting it feels all that more poignant to remember our rights to speak out against matters we feel are unjust and wrong.

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Short Movie Roundup 30 May 2021

Future Boyfriend

A cheeky comedy sci-fi piece that looks at time travel and falling in love much like the bizarre romances in Terminator or What We Do in the Shadows.. A couple settle down for a romantic meal but he’s being incredibly odd, announcing to his date that he bag is on her chair and cutting up her food, she’s a bit nervous but is super keen on their relationship.

Ben Rock has a unique ability to really zoom in on this couple and their unique meal as the gent opens up about him background, he’s a career in a state funded nursing home and has looked after the aged woman and fallen in love with her, taking a one way ticket into the past to date the younger her..

Nothing can really be more romantic. But in all honesty he knows every detail of her future self, and seems to love her endlessly but this is all too much and his date walks away, but this isn’t the end. Even his 50+G phone support can’t console him ha ha! Future Boyfriend is a chuckling look into the endless possibility if we ever master time travel.

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Short Movie Roundup 2 May 2021

Tooth Fairy

There Will Be Blood Meets The Shining, this ingenious blend of 1800’s gold rush and the deeper psychological lust for riches is cryptic and beautiful. The film centres on two men who are prospecting, but with little to show for their hard work, under the pounding heat the long days and lonely nights send one of them on an inward spiral of insanity after finding a tooth with a gold filling. Is he being led by an otherworldly entity who pays for teeth with gold?

Tyler Glodt‘s lavish movie is really stunning with how authentic it looks and feels, from the costumes to the bloody encounters, the wild soundtrack of scratching strings really sets the scene for the nightly encounters of the bloody kind. There’s a strange off key atmosphere which never lets the audience settle into the movie, it’s semi rough and keeps you in an awkward unsettled place. Really wonderful work.

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Frequencies / OXV: The Manual (2013)

Director: Darren Paul Fisher
Starring: Daniel Fraser, Eleanor Wyld. UK. 1h 45m.

Synopsis : Are human conditions, actions, relationships determined by fate, free will, or a combination of both? At any rate, if it we cannot control it – should we care?

Initially the slow drama of Frequencies starts out at school, where not only is the young and emotive Zak (Fraser) an outcast due to his low frequency he’s also deeply in love with the top girl Marie (Wyld) who is a victim of her high frequency, which totally rids her of any emotions or feelings. In this unconventional universe when they meet, their unusually high and low frequencies creates tremendous havoc. In their 60 seconds or less meetings they form a strained friendship, Zak being the lab rat while Marie tests the effects of their encounters. Later on in life, Zak’s persistent attempts to raise his frequency with the help of his best friend leads him to a discovery that not only uncovers our past but unlocks many secrets and has the potential to change all of our futures. Continue reading Frequencies / OXV: The Manual (2013)

Short Movie Roundup 11 AUGUST 2019


I was impressed right off the bat with this one, opening with Puccini is just a lick of class, backed up with some sensitive cinematography and moody lighting I’m seeing a lot of potential in Maarten Groen short about a man named Salvatore who’s living out his last days in a Dutch nursing home.

His useless nurse pushes him over the edge and Salvatore breaks his promise to god, just one last time.There’s a beautiful scene played out to Un balloons in maschera.. with scenes slightly reminiscent of Death Bed: the Bed that Eats and finally ends with Casta Diva, which after this ordeal I think Salvarote won’t be unhappy with his nurse ever again..


Haunted House in Galway City

The last item from Hugh Sweeney’s horror list is this found footage style movie, which shows the director going through a real haunted house and how it all plays into his work, it’s brilliantly edited and a pretty amazing little piece which starts to show where he gets his brilliant ideas from, now I’m not surprised about why his films are so intense. Continue reading Short Movie Roundup 11 AUGUST 2019

Screamers (1995)

Director: Christian Duguay
Starring: Peter Weller, Roy Dupuis, Jennifer Rubin. Canada / USA. 1h

Based on: Second Variety by Philip K Dick

Philip K Dick was always ahead of his time, and as a cult writer the films adapted from his books and short stories are also usually held tightly by the same community and cherished dearly. While Screamers has a lower budget and took a bashing by the critics on it’s release it did eventually get recognised and gain a cult following, and indeed why not it has all of the elements of any PK Dick novela, machines turning on their creators, illusions, confusion of reality, corporate lies.. Really it’s quite brilliant but could have done with a bit more passion and depth.

In broad strokes this film is about two rival corporations who are mining on an alien planet. In 2078 and the planet is Sirius 6B. The beautiful thriving planet is now a toxic desert after the continuous mining and the NEB and Alliance corporate wars. Five years into the wars  Alliance have developed AMS (Autonomous mobile Swords) self replicating machines with AI that hunt and kill NED soldiers all on their own. These are the “Screamer” due to the nosie they emit when they are about to kill. The idea is that they are created and shipped out and kill anything with a heartbeat. They fix themselves and keep on killing. So how do you keep your own men safe? Well they wear “tabs” which broadcast a signal cancelling out their heartbeats rendering them invisible to the machines. Continue reading Screamers (1995)

The Seventh Victim (1943)

Director : Mark Robson
Starring : Kim Hunter, Jean Brooks, Tim Conway, Hugh Beaumont, Erford Gage, Isabel Jewell. USA.  1h 11m

With all respect I have to say I found this movie via a Tumblr post about lesser known film noir goth chicks and I have to say I was intrigued to know the goth chick in question was a Satanist on the run from her cult. Continue reading The Seventh Victim (1943)

Lone Survivor (2013)

Director: Peter Berg
Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch, Ben Foster, Eric Bana . USA . 2h 1m

Based on : Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell and Patrick Robinson.

Generally I love war movies, when I was growing up it was mostly about WWII or Vietnam but then as the world got older,  we had new wars to dramatize, mostly set in the Middle East or Africa and for wars which no one really wanted to discuss. The films became less about the action and more about the people involved. The almost poetic Jarhead (2005) saw the build up and break down of several officers as they battled themselves and each

other pent up with fear and anger fighting a war that didn’t need men to participate, the war itself mostly forgotten and the freedom to really interrogate the men involved, which pretty much summed up the situation, the point of the war was weak the people being sent out there weren’t needed or prepared. Continue reading Lone Survivor (2013)