An important place that I need to bring to your attention is this amazing YouTube channel… it’s a compendium of witty and interesting rumpy pumpy from Georg Rockall-Schmidt, it’s comedy and he’s British.. don’t you know.

cocking shit

Movie Makers

Other Movie Blogs

Movie Websites

  • 80’s Horror Movies : oh my goth this place is the shizzle, so many memories rekindled, here, check them out if your a retro 80’s horror fan!
  • LowfiScifi : A fresh begining to a Lo Fi Sci Fi Hub.
  • Movie Beards : just what it says in the title a blog didicated to movie beards..

Film Festivals

  • Abertoir Horror Festival : Amazing festival for all horror fans at an amazingly cheap price for usually a good week of neat movies and entertainment.


  • The Art of the Title – amazing in depth information about film titles and credits
  • My subtitles – seems to be a resource for locating subtitles in a range of languages for thousands of movies, not entirely sure how it works but I’m sure it’s helpful to some people!??
  • Movie Screen Shots – collection of high res movie screen shots.


Another addiction of mine includes Online Radio, Blogs and Audio plays.

My favourite Online Music Radio stations include

  • Baroque Radio on live 365
  • Gentleman Jims Cabaret on 365
  • Radio Dark Wave I get via tune in

Some of my Radio Drama Series favourites  include

  • Nightfall  A radio drama series produced and aired by CBC Radio from July 1980 to June 1983. Primarily a supernatural/horror series. An alternative site address for downloads is here.


  • Mysterious Universe – lot of crazy sci fi information on this and great info on a box we don’t talk about.. which features in the movie The Possession.
  • Chilling Tales –  you can also find these guys on YouTube or download and listen using a podcast app, alternatively the website is her and there is a solid back catalogue of horror stories being formed here, worth a check.
  • No Sleep I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to this podcast as I walk to work in the mornings, it certainly does keep me on my toes as the world is rushing by, although I doubt I’ll listen to it on the way home when it’s dark and I’m in the woods alone.. *shudder* great podcast and worth the subscription, if only to hear more of the lovely David Ault! *swoon*

I’ve been given a heads up about some new podcasts that I’m going to try and check out at some point. but here’s some info if you want to check them out yourself.

  • Small Town Horror
  • Uncanny Country
  • Night Time

Another short series I’d like to add to the list is Dead of Night Radio, sadly it seems to have died a terrible death in 2011, but the podcasts still seem to be up and running, they promised some longer episodes in 2012 but I haven’t seen anything.but check out the 7 episodes and additional content and maybe we a few more comments this old baby will burn again.. oh wait I’m not allowed to burn babies anymore..


You can’t ignore the written world when it comes to movies, Books, Comics and Graphic Novels play a large part in the inspiration for the big screen.

Books Mentioned in Articles

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