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The Revenant (2015)



I am totally blown away by this film. I was told by some reliable sources that it would be good, I’ve always had my doubts about Leonardo DiCRAPrio but he’s learnt how to act after he started to get dropped by people seeking his looks alone and since Django Unchained (2012) he’s really picked himself up and really displayed a lot of character.

The Reverent has many redeeming qualities stunning scenery, some bizarre and unique characters and actors and vicious wildlife to play dead with. At first I thought that the 2 and half hours would be hard to fill, but by the second hour I didn’t want it to end.

Hugh Glass (DiCaprio) and his half native son Hawk (Forest Goodluck) are on an expedition to collect beaver pelts, one of the most profitable jobs in Canada in the 1800s, when his group are attacked by the natives and the last few remaining crew head down river but then due to safety they go back on land, hide the pelts and try to get out alive in order to return to pick up the pelts so the entire tragedy isn’t a total disaster. While they are tracking back, Glass is (nearly fatally) attacked by a bear, his son and two others stay behind to keep him safe, a young boy Bridger (Will Poulter) and John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy). Fitzgerald lies to Bridger and scares him into running with him,  kills Hawk and leave Glass for dead. In hindsight it would have been kinder on glass to just lay there and die in the cold… but instead he treks through hell and back.

The film is brutal, there is no other way to describe it. Some of it is reminiscent of Seraphim Falls (2007) and DiCaprio is a tough mother fucker, while slashed to fuck by a bear he manages to survive in the harshest environment, battered and broken he has to cauterize his neck would as water keeps seeping out, regain his voice, repair his damaged and rotting body in the extreme cold landscape. and what a landscape, there are many shots that the tourist board would have been proud of, unlimited skies and it seems that in some way a lot of the atmosphere and change of fortune can be read in various tree shots.

This epic journey is cruel, cold brutal and dark.

Domhall Gleeson plays a decent character as Captain Andrew Henry and my favourite Canadian actor, Brendan Fletcher turns up as a bit of a nobody ,but it was good to see him if only briefly.

Near the end of the movie when things start returning to normality I started counting how many lives Mr Glass had, if he were a cat he would literally be on the last life by the second hour. There is a lot of action, tension and some amazing survival skills involved here. A few sentimental flashbacks, similar to the native inspired flashbacks in Ginger Snaps Back the beginning (2004)and Pathfinder (2007) but more candid and less flashy.

The film is damned near perfect, and I’m easily giving it a 9/10 at the moment, I’m GOING to watch it again, it has great re watch ability which is a good thing, another good things is the ending… but I can’t say much more here i’m flabbergasted, the bear attack scene is truly amazing even if it’s not your kinda film just do the first half and hour and check that one scene out.If like me you’re a glutton for punishment then it’s dealt out like candy throughout the film.


Full review to come…

Rise of the Footsoldier 2 (2015)

Rise of the Footsoldier 2
Well well well we have returned to the life and times of Carlton Leach, the original bad boy football ‘ooligan turned doorman, drug addict and generally a nasty busy body with an ‘art of gold and who takes care of business…

Directed by the star of the last movie and strangely bringing better acting a bit more artistic style to the genre. Even though the previous film was pretty complete in it’s story it seems something else has happened to Carlton and he wants the world to know. It also seems that Ricci Harnett has found his calling and i guess couldn’t resist reliving this character again, and as a directorial debut it’s pretty good.

While re living the killing of Tony Tucker and friends, Carlton hits a new low and gets very high, killing the family dog in a drug fuled paranoid binge, the wife and kids leave, he goes back to boxing and tries to clean himself up, he’s re united with a few characters from the past and tries to leave the game. Along the way his new crew including Johnny Palmiero as a nasty little character called Mad Jack and Luke Mabely as his best pal and master sadist Shawn (I thought they were going to make out at one point), who acted with Ricci in 28 Days Later (2002).

I must admit that I adored the first film and while this isn’t a cinematic masterpiece it’s creative and I thoroughly enjoyed it. defiantly one of the better British gangster film sequels in a long time. it’s darker and funnier than the last and visually it’s stunning.

The Walk (2015)



Finally finished watching this and while I was expecting the film to accentuate any fears of heights I might have and to give me some sensations of vertigo, even without seeing it in 3D, it was also quite entertaining, but there were a few moments that it really did make my stomach churn.

It was difficult watching an American  put on a french accent even though it was done to suitably, could no french actor perform this role? Maybe someone who looked a little bit more like Philippe Pettit? I dunno I’m being uber critical. Either way the film is pretty  enjoyable if not a little too long. I can see that it was a massive American Ego Massage about their beloved twin towers and I can imagine that there will be many more homages to the buildings coming out on film soon. I’m starting to feel sorry for the Empire State Building as it used to be the most iconic American building in cinema history and it’s now being overtaken by two buildings that don’t exist anymore.

Overall the film is well acted especially by Ben Kingsley as the grumpy old Papa Rudy, the entire film is beautifully shot, from the warm rustic scenes in the French section of the movie, almost akin to the surreal landscapes of Junet but the re creation of the twin towers in the bustling city it was kinda haunting and from what I know accurate, but what do I know? I doubt anyone would really go through and verify the accuracy.. although there are some amazing photos from the original stunt, and I hope that Philippe had a lot of input into the movie, it has good levels of tension and re creates a sense of passion for the extreme.


Full review coming soon…

Night Night Nancy


Duration 4.57
Dir: Lewis Farinella /??/2015

After watching the short film Lights Out, I was pretty terrified of a lot of things, my phone, the dark, and creepy noises, YouTube and short films about going to bed or waking up… but as I am a glutton for pain and jumped right back into the scary box with this dark tale. Although it starts out really well, a young woman awakes to a text from her boyfriend, but soon realises that not all is what it seems. It reminds me of a creepypasta, but a lot of short horrors are like creepy pastas..  I dunno something just didn’t gel with me, from the moment Nancy notices someone wandering around her kitchen and lazily runs into her bedroom, then texts her boyfriend to tell him there is someone there and that she’s going to call the police but doesn’t lock the door or turn the sound off or call the police!? I kinda wanted her dead. Never mind go and hide in the wardrobe, that always works.

It’s ok I suppose, I think a lot of these horrors are going to have to try harder to impress me while I still have that haunting image of that “creature” from Lights Out, damn that has created a new benchmark! lol

I felt that the beginning was a little slow, and it does develop into something that could be great but then just ended up throwing all the scary story cliches into the mix until it became ridiculous. On the plus side nothing  is wrong with the actual filming and the acting is ok. Just a bit of refining and we’re onto a winner. I’m only being harsh because I know Farinella has made better films and I will get around to reviewing more of his work soon.




R: 3/10

The Visit (2015)

the visit

The Visit  (Horror, Thriller,  2015) (18) D: M Night Shyamalan W: M Night Shyamalan  C: Olivia DeJonge, Ed Oxenbould, Deanna Dunagan, Peter McRobbie, Kathryn Hahn. 1h 34m. USA.

Synopsis : A single mother finds that things in her family’s life go very wrong after her two young children visit their grandparents.

This unusual chilling found footage drama is actually quite an interesting comeback for M Night Shyamalan. Seeming to pull away from the farcical fantasies that he’s produced lately this is a first in both being a film he’s not present in and his first found footage style movie.

Playing on several horror themes such as visiting strange old creepy family members as well as potential supernatural/haunting style disturbances the film, is cloaked in lots of mysteries as well as having a jovial fun side added in by the two children who are making the film.

the visitStarting at a gradual pace with a woman talking about how she left her parents’ home a s young teen and never returning she shows some bitterness that her parents are now Councillors and have made contact over the internet with and want to see their grandchildren. She’s now getting into a relationship after a messy divorce and the children agree to visits the grands and give her some time alone. Obviously the kids Tyler (Ed Oxenbould) and  Becca (Olivia DeJonge) are budding directors/rappers and want to film the entire event and investigate what happened when their mother left. The kids travels to their parents is quite interesting and allows the viewer to get used to the crappy camera angles and the characters as they interview people on the train and each other. Once they get to the grandparents’ house all sorts of crazy shit starts to take place and they start to dig at their mother’s past and get constantly freaked out by their folks “Sundowning” other bizarre and questionable habits and outburst. Continue reading The Visit (2015)

Pressure (2015)


Pressure  (Drama, Thriller,  2015) (15) D: Ron Scalpello W: Louis Baxter, Alan McKenna + P:  C: Danny Huston, Matthew Goode, Joe Cole, Alan mcKenna, Ian Pirie, Daisy Lowe, Gemita Samarra.. 1h 31m. UK.

Synopsis : A group of men are trapped in a small pod on the sea bed, after diving down to fix an oil pipeline and becoming serperated from their ship.

An underwater adventure filled with terror blood and where the only treasure is precious oxygen.

Seaming to take inspiration from many a sturdy submarine movie, Pressure also seems to have a lot of influence from Lifeboat (1996) a well-crafted TV movie adapted from short story from Alfred Hitchcock.

Isolating a small group of men away from their families and loved ones on an emergency mission and plunging them to the bottom of the ocean to fix a pipeline, Pressure manages to deal with the psychological anguish that occur when things go wrong but it’s added bonus is to deal with the very real issues, as title does suggest, there are more physical ailments of this doomed mission.

The film starts with a series of irate and harsh phone calls, giving the idea that there is a massive expensive problem; quickly a group of men are assembled and sent down to the bottom of the ocean to fix a pipeline. Pretty soon it’s apparent that they are under equipped for the job at hand but also unable to cope with the problems that crop up like lack of oxygen and minor things like that (lol) just about the time they start panicking about the problems they realise that they have lost contact with the ship I cannot raise any help and that’s when the fun begins start. Continue reading Pressure (2015)

We Are Still Here (2015)

We Are Still Here  (Horror, Supernatural,  2015) (18) D: Ted Geoghegan W: Richard Griffin (based on a concept by) P:  C: Barbara Crampton, Andrew Sensenig,, Larry Fessenden, Lisa Marie, Monte Markham. 1h 24m. USA.

wearestillhere (27)

Synopsis : Every 30 years, a lonely old house in the fields of New England wakes up and demands a sacrifice.

TAGLINE : This house needs a family.

The stark and hushed ghost film from Ted Geoghegan is a smoldering thriller, and possibly too clever for it’s own good. It is by no means underpowered but is so simple the best aspect of the story is often over looked, this doesn’t make it a bad movie it’s just not idiot proof and that’s the best form of horror. From the onset the film is constantly on edge, mixing the right blend of tension and jump scares without utilizing a brash soundtrack to outline what’s coming. Very little is given away from the onset about the situation and history and the viewer is left guessing throughout this enjoyable and somewhat curious but powerful drama which is ultimately unforgettable.

The film,  inspired by a concept from Richard Griffin (Disco Exorcist 2011) who’s usual low brow writing has conjured up some catchy characters, but this is a huge step away from that comfort zone and is a true homage to a classic horror tale. The basic outline to the story revolves around a middle aged couple, The Sacchetti’s, who have recently lost their son in a car accident and are moving out to a rural community to get away from the miserable memories. The mother Anne (Barbara Crampton) is certain that she can feel the presence of her son in the new home and asks for her psychic friends and her sons best friend to visit to try and conduct a seance to contact her dead boy. After a very unusual visit from a neighbour and his edgy wife, an electrician badly burnt in the unusually hot basement, the couple still continue in their attempts to contact the dead and get a lot more than they bargained for in a town with a hushed dark secret that could easily contend with Silent Hill (2006).

Filled with stylish visuals and tense atmosphere throughout, it’s homely and comforting while also being freaky as hell. As much as the ghosts do remind me of the later stages of Thanatomorphose (2012) they are quite unusual for the average haunted house movie. With lashings of creepiness and intelligent dose of gore this film delivers on so many levels.There is a particularly well handled scene near the end when the Sacchetti’s come face to face with the ghosts and the stand off has so much tension.

It’s radiant to see and older couple as leads, dealing with the horrors of the house,  as the typical approach is to chuck in a bucket of teenagers, but in a style reminiscent of House by the Cemetery (1981) we’ve gone back to adults having to being sensible about these matters, and it works so well. I like that there are no huge speeches about how to perform a seance or how things works, it’s all down to earth and natural, this simple approach twinned with short bursts of outrageous and controlled violence works much better at shocking an audience rather than jump scares. This is something which will be unusual for the younger audience and might work against the movie, while it’s greatly appreciated as far as I’m concerned, and I’m delighted that the film closes in a way in which we might be able to see a sequel and hopefully a prequel at some point.



Rating –  8/10

R: Silent Hill (2006), House by the Cemetery (1981)

V: It’s almost like returning to an old lover, this film revisits all of the golden themes and ideas of old horror movies. It’s not purely mindless buckets of blood, but there is a lot of bloody gory violence, the ghosts aren’t just creepy haunting voices but hardcore psychotic killers, the town has a dark history like silent hill but it’s not all it has. Showing great love and endearment for the horror genre, it all comes home to the house that needs a family. and I do indeed hope that it does become a family with more films to come.

L: Modern Ghost Films, Haunted houses

PD : Coming Soon

5 Selected – Tom Towels RIP

Sadly the charismatic Tom Towels past away on 2nd April. I thought it was a terrible late April Fools Day joke. But sadly the great actor who perfected the art of being a scumbag is no longer with us. Here are my 5 selected Tom Towels movies.


01.Fortress (1992)

Director Stuart Gordon needed a few prized assholes to play tough bullies in this futuristic prison flick, one role went to the chiseled Vernon Wells, and his trusty obnoxious side kick is the giggling Tom Towels. He knows how to be a prick although is eventually recruited onto to the good guys team after the untimely death of his partner and still remains to be a prick! A memorable part for Tom and a great sci fi flick. 7/10


02.Henry  : portrait of a serial killer (1986)

In this role Tom gets to play the role of Ottis Toole the infamous serial killer, to be honest the characters seem a little loose compared to the footage and confessions of the real killers but that was intended, still there is a lot of non direct video nasty as the killings of his room mate; Henry and recounted. Tom plays a retarded giggling redneck pervert with a taste for death, a perfect role for him. 7/10


03.Night of the Living Dead  (1990)

Captain scumbag is back for round three, in this guise Tom plays, a useless husband, shit dad and total twat who endangers everyone around him during a zombie outbreak. If anyone was going to write a book of what NOT to do when the undead start swarming they could get some inspiration here. This was the first time I had seen Tom with hair.. I was scared and didn’t believe it was him. 7/10


04.House of 1000 corpses (2003)

Finally a role with Tom who plays a slightly less abrasive character, as officer Wydell who is a fair, but harsh cop who has to investigate the disappearance of some teens out in buttfuckland. With another regular baldie Sig Haig as the infamous Captain Spalding, the two have one classic shiny clash before Tom gets his ego massages by Madame Firefly (Karen Black). 10/10


05.The Borrower (1991)

This is a candid addition. Its hard to find a movie where Tom has a huge part, hes not also king of the douchebags he’s king of the bit parts. This film is one of the better off the wall 80’s sci fi horror comedies (were there many??) Tom is one of the faces of an alien who has been de-evolved and placed on earth as his punishment, the only problem is that randomly his head explodes and he needs to replace it. Tom is one of these guises.. and he’s so super cool as a rat eating alien scumbag! 6/10

You can find full details and more info in the links below.

Wiki page – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Towles

IMDB page – http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0869981/



Upcoming movie nonsense: Ant-man

Ant-man (2015)


Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas to star in Ant-man! Biochemist Hank Pym obtains the ability to communicate and control insects!! Director Edgar Wright and producer Joe Cornish are aiming to roll this one out next July.

Edgar is well known for Shawn of the dead (2004), Hot fuzz (2007) and World’s end (2013) etc, all films I’ll never bother watching… Joe had a level of success with Attack the block (2011) but I don’t think I’ll be rushing out to see this one but I think it will do well, with a level of comedy,  big names, being another hero movie and out around the summer holidays it’s gonna do ok!

I can’t think of many clichés I’d expect to see..to be brutally honest I would like the movie to be like the Tick I’m live action, oh wait that’s been done… This one is hard to.predict as I’ve not read the comics, I’m just thankful Simon Smeg isn’t in it… Yet!

I’ll await to see what unfolds! Then probably avoid it 😦