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5 Selected – Stephen Lang

01.Last Exit to Brooklyn (1989)

My personal introduction to Lang was in this grimy sordid film where he plays a crooked and confused man, second in command during a workers strike he manages to make a better living from his bent position, using his “wealth” he entices a circle of new friends and falls in love with a fancy drag queens, but when the bottom falls out of his scam, his new friends don’t want him anymore and he ends up getting beaten up for being a “fag”. It’s a sterling performance as he goes from trying to be a tough guy to being a distraught gay lover. His large frame lumbering around desperately for some sense of belonging.  His performance is strong and believable. 9/10

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5 Selected – Rutger Hauer

I’ve had a strange fascination with the strange blonde, blue eyed Dutch legend of cinema, since watching him in Blade Runner (1982)  and I have thoroughly enjoyed following his career up to the more recent films such as The Rite (2011) and Hobo with a Shotgun (2011). Having the versatility to play heroic champions and evil villains, Ruter has taken on a series of movie roles over the past six decades either being centre stage or as a bit part actor he seems happy to work in any setting and not too proud to work in lower budget films either. Being both a charmer and on the odd occasion a complete psycho,  with his stern features and cold eyes it’s hard to read him.part of his attraction and charm is his You can find out more about him and his works on his personal website, http://www.rutgerhauer.org

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5 Selected – Wes Craven Movies RIP

There have been a lot of RIP lists I’ve missed due to a lack of time in updating but I couldn’t let ANOTHER one go by without making an attempt to put something together. Hopefully this will spur me on to finish the other lists.

So the powers that be have decided to take one that shined so bright and left us with a few bottom feeders who we could so easily do without.  Wesley Earl Craven passed away from Brain Cancer last Sunday,  30th August 2015 aged only 76.

I’ve really loved a lot of Cravens early works, I have a soft spot for 70’s horror and thrillers and I adore his early works a lot more than the recent films, I dunno why, maybe in 30 years I’ll grow to love those as well!? I think he took a lot more risks back in the day but it was easier to shock and disgust and he was probably high as a kite too as apparently everyone was.

Anyway I’ll write an amazing piece in honor of a great director and  man one day, in the meantime here are 5 Selected Craven movies. In no particular order…

01.Last House on the Left (1972)

last house on the left

Banned and still famed for one of the most “memorable” and upsetting rape scenes ever, Wes certainly meant business when he started making films. With a few added elements of lowbrow comedy and a lot of lurid and disgusting behaviour, the amazing David Hess and his rebellious entourage rape and kill a young girl then stumble upon her parents’ house. The parents soon realise what’s happened and revenge is a dish best served with a lot of pain. The film undoubtedly considered dated now by many, it yielded a lot of good things, inspiring such horrors as Night Train Murders (1975) and a not so bad remake in 2009. 9/10

02.A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

nightmare on elm street

One of my all-time favourite horror films since a very young age. I was too young to have watched this video nasty but I did and I loved it and I thought Freddy was amazingly funny, I think he’s a little cheesy now but he’s still my favourite slasher. It seems silly trying to explain the story I’m sure everyone knows!?!? Freddy the local kiddy toucher gets burnt in a school furnace and then comes back to haunt teens in their dreams!? Pretty simple but the mechanics of making sleeping in the dark scary again worked for so many. It also gave us a brand new villain that we kinda love and cherish. Thank you Wes for giving us such a cool guy too fear and love!  Freddy inspired a lot of people and it’s hard NOT to see someone in a Freddy costume or with a glove at Halloween. 10/10

03.Swamp Thing (1982)

swamp thing

A slight side step into the world of comic book remakes and he picked my favourite ones Swamp Thing, often tied to a chemical experiment and then to Native American Culture is the best eco warrior around. The American Green Man from the swamps. I’m really fond this film,  it’s got the right blend of horror, comedy and action. David Hess returns as a military douchbag, working for the lithe and sinister Dr Anton Arcane (Louis Jourdan). Things just couldn’t get better with the addition of Ray Wise playing the human aspect of Swampy in the opening of the movie, it’s not the most horrific movie, and the creature effects are poor but it’s a great comic adaptation that doesn’t fuck around with the storyline too much and keeps the Swamp thing essence in some respect. 10/10

04.Hills Have Eyes (1977)

the hills have eyes

Another wayward story that pull together our fears about the unknown effects of Radioactivity, being lost in unfamiliar territory and being stalked by a number of deranged psychos. Chuck in the devious mind of Craven and you’ve got another timeless horror masterpiece, and a pretty awesome remake in 2006. The story of a family lost in the desert and stalked by ruthless mutant rednecks will never be forgotten.  Again it’s not the most masterful for the effects but so many brilliant scenes and bizarre horrific scenes made this a cult classic video nasty. It kick started a lot of other films such as Wrong Turn (2003) and you could argue that it influences House of 1000 Corpses (2003). 9/10

05.The Serpent and the Rainbow (1988)

serpent and the rainbow

A lot of research and great writing went into this mystical horror, fusing voodoo and science. As Dennis Alan (Bill Pullman) researches the drugs used to turn people into zombies and uncovers another deadly mystery coming from the Haitian authorities and one man who sees his meddling as a threat. The dark occult traits combined with a deadly chase reminds  me Angel Heart but steeped in a more historic magic. It’s tense and actually quite scary when you find out how many real life stories and accounts are represented in this one startling film. 8/10

Honorable Mention:

The People Under the Stairs (1991)

people under the stairs

I REALLY hate it when someone says they are going to do a list of 5 times then tack on about 70 other titles at the end.. but I am going to add one SINGLE item. This used to be one of my all-time favourites back when I was a kid (yes still too young to watch the film).  We’ve all heard of stories of kids being kept in crawl spaces but to see it happen and with the most bizarre and  dysfunctional couple at the helm is great, the urban legend comes alive with more than a few scares and frights.

5 Selected – Tom Towels RIP

Sadly the charismatic Tom Towels past away on 2nd April. I thought it was a terrible late April Fools Day joke. But sadly the great actor who perfected the art of being a scumbag is no longer with us. Here are my 5 selected Tom Towels movies.


01.Fortress (1992)

Director Stuart Gordon needed a few prized assholes to play tough bullies in this futuristic prison flick, one role went to the chiseled Vernon Wells, and his trusty obnoxious side kick is the giggling Tom Towels. He knows how to be a prick although is eventually recruited onto to the good guys team after the untimely death of his partner and still remains to be a prick! A memorable part for Tom and a great sci fi flick. 7/10


02.Henry  : portrait of a serial killer (1986)

In this role Tom gets to play the role of Ottis Toole the infamous serial killer, to be honest the characters seem a little loose compared to the footage and confessions of the real killers but that was intended, still there is a lot of non direct video nasty as the killings of his room mate; Henry and recounted. Tom plays a retarded giggling redneck pervert with a taste for death, a perfect role for him. 7/10


03.Night of the Living Dead  (1990)

Captain scumbag is back for round three, in this guise Tom plays, a useless husband, shit dad and total twat who endangers everyone around him during a zombie outbreak. If anyone was going to write a book of what NOT to do when the undead start swarming they could get some inspiration here. This was the first time I had seen Tom with hair.. I was scared and didn’t believe it was him. 7/10


04.House of 1000 corpses (2003)

Finally a role with Tom who plays a slightly less abrasive character, as officer Wydell who is a fair, but harsh cop who has to investigate the disappearance of some teens out in buttfuckland. With another regular baldie Sig Haig as the infamous Captain Spalding, the two have one classic shiny clash before Tom gets his ego massages by Madame Firefly (Karen Black). 10/10


05.The Borrower (1991)

This is a candid addition. Its hard to find a movie where Tom has a huge part, hes not also king of the douchebags he’s king of the bit parts. This film is one of the better off the wall 80’s sci fi horror comedies (were there many??) Tom is one of the faces of an alien who has been de-evolved and placed on earth as his punishment, the only problem is that randomly his head explodes and he needs to replace it. Tom is one of these guises.. and he’s so super cool as a rat eating alien scumbag! 6/10

You can find full details and more info in the links below.

Wiki page – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Towles

IMDB page – http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0869981/



5 Selected – James Caan

I’ve always appreciated the hair Bronx beast’s film presence over the years, despite him being one of the few actors who seem a little too relaxed playing the bad guy. He really does have that edge of bigot but I’ve never witnessed any faults in his acting so it was hard to narrow things down to 5 selected performances out of the 120+ titles he’s worked on. So in no particular order… Continue reading 5 Selected – James Caan