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5 Selected : Mel Gibson

In the early days I was a big believer that Mr Gibson might just be a brilliant actor given time, but while he took over Hollywood with his quirkness his personal life definitely lost him some fans, but it’s pretty easy for me to set that all aside and focus on his acting and he does constantly reinvent himself and returns with something fresh and new.. Here are 5 Selected Mel Gibson films, probably Volume 1..

Mad Max (1979)

Doing something his epic while starting your movie career will cement you in the history books no matter what crap you produce later on, strangely the charismatic lead went onto some pretty awesome movies while also showing himself up to be a douchebag on so many social occasions, but he remains well loved on the screen.. In Mad Max he plays the quiet loner, a family man who seems to take on a different persona while on the roads running down (quite literally at times) bikers and crooks galore. Max Rockastansky is both brilliant and when pushed, highly dangerous and sadistic, and the man is really pushed to his limits by a brutal biker gang headed by a deranged and brilliant stage actor Hugh Keays Byrne. Going head to head the battle hits new lows as the men target each other and everyone around them slowly picking off by standers until he’s mano et mano. A thrilling indie apocalyptic movie which really brought out the best acting for Mel, although we were never to see this particular persona again. Continue reading 5 Selected : Mel Gibson


5 Selected – Stephen Lang

01.Last Exit to Brooklyn (1989)

My personal introduction to Lang was in this grimy sordid film where he plays a crooked and confused man, second in command during a workers strike he manages to make a better living from his bent position, using his “wealth” he entices a circle of new friends and falls in love with a fancy drag queens, but when the bottom falls out of his scam, his new friends don’t want him anymore and he ends up getting beaten up for being a “fag”. It’s a sterling performance as he goes from trying to be a tough guy to being a distraught gay lover. His large frame lumbering around desperately for some sense of belonging.  His performance is strong and believable. 9/10

Continue reading 5 Selected – Stephen Lang

5 Selected – Lance Henriksen


Aliens (1986)

The sequel to the groundbreaking sci fi movie Alien (1979) introduced another face to the world of androids, instead of the killer bot in the original film, instead James Cameron created a more likable synthetic human names Bishop and sensitivly acted by Henriksen. Previously the android has been devious and acted purely on the greedy actions of the Company but in order to win over audiences and the main character Ripley, a whole new approach had to be taken. Henriksen applied his smaller frame and softer nature to the role and I think it worked really well, he walked on eggshells around those who feared and distrusted him and at no point did he really give an indication of selling out, he briefly appears in follow up films and I think is one of the solid characters from the Alien franchise, and one of a few films with co star Bill Paxton. Continue reading 5 Selected – Lance Henriksen

The life and times of Stathis Borans.

Films often serve up amazing deep and detailed characters, the lead stars, the pivotal catalysts of intriguing storylines and many fan bois and gurls spend hours writing fan fiction and dressing up trying to connect with these amazing personalities.

At the opposite end of the spectrum there are the odd characters who seem to be forgotten, cast by the wayside and often have a miserable existence, well I’m going to pay homage to those orphaned characters, often not even good enough to be a sidekick and mostly used as cannon fodder.

I’m kicking off these (potential) series with Stathis Borans. Continue reading The life and times of Stathis Borans.

5 Selected : Harvey Keitel (Vol. 1)

01.Reservoir Dogs (1992)

 The film that boosted a ton of careers, both new and old. Iconic cult classic from the twisted mind of Quentin Tarantino, that revolves around the collation of a group of estranged men who are together only to pull off a jewels heist that goes terribly wrong. Keitel plays a pretty major role as he protects Tim Roth after he’s shot in the raid but unbeknownst to him he’s also a cop. A bright and vivid film with great performances and a smoking soundtrack that changed lanes on modern cinema. 10/10 Continue reading 5 Selected : Harvey Keitel (Vol. 1)

5 Selected – Peter Weller


 01.Robocop (1987)

One of the best action sci-fi movies of all time, and starring the unusual Weller, not someone you’d assume as being an action hero, he is lucky to outsmart the bullet (pun intended) and become one of the greatest robotic antihero’s and part time scumbag (explanation coming). Alex Murphy was just the average nice guy until he got blown to pieces by a violent gang, his body, claimed by OCP, a futuristic corporation that runs the Detroit City Metro. Police, who transform him into an unthinking cyborg, until he regains his memory and starts chasing the gang who killed him, and those who control the gang. A cult classic with tons of spin offs, comics, animated shows films and series. Robocop harnessed many guises for us, as a metallic golem, a lone samurai or a gunman rolling into town to put things straight we can all sympathize with him. There are tons of deeper issues covered in the films, including the rise of fascism through the media, a brilliant film that keeps giving. 10/10 Continue reading 5 Selected – Peter Weller

5 Selected – Robert De Niro

Roberto has long been a highly rated actor and he has given us some of the best performances of all time, without a doubt if he was cast in a movie it was going to be a hit and certainly unmissable, lately his career has turned into a joke and while I appreciate that it’s easy acting for him I can’t personally see him make a fool out of himself with a lot of these modern comedies but I can still appreciate the older most concrete films. I think one of the reasons why his comic roles don’t always gel well with me is that in most of his films he’s so serious and dark, when he gives “that stare” he makes me quake in my boots… Continue reading 5 Selected – Robert De Niro

5 Selected  – Billy Zane

It seems really odd to be writing about an actor that I don’t often rate waaaay before writing about a majority of those who I do but alas I suppose I should shine some light on la Billy Baby Face Zane, especially after twigging him in Flutter (2011) as Edwin the Dentist, it wasn’t an outstanding role but Billy has played some interesting characters over the years, generally as a rich scumbag , but he is versatile, to a certain extent, he’s played Superhero’s, demons and in most occasions a total self righteous schitehead but he’s a lovable rogue.

tales from the crypt demon knight01.Tales from the Crypt – Demon Night (1995)

I’m a sucker for Tales of the Crypt but when it comes to the longer movies they could get a little wishy washy. But Demon Knight was one of those longer features which really did the series justice, it is just the right kinda length and to be honest it could have carried on into another film. Zane is the charming embodiment of a Demon out to wreak carnage and charm a secret out a young girl who has been passed the challenge of trying to keep mankind safe from the up rise of demons. Billy sings a pretty tune and is suave as he ruthlessly kills and maims in imaginative ways while trying to get the prize. It’s a funny horror, that just wouldn’t be this great without Billy, I have to admit that he prefects the film. 7/10

tilda swinton billy zane orlando02.Orlando (1992)

Bily plays a minute part in this film but he’s memorable as the debenture Shelmerdine, overshadowed by about 90% of the cast but plays the part to perfection. He’s only really a pretty faced sperm doner. He dashes out of this epic story of understanding as quickly as he falls into it (spraining his ankle boo hoo). Not the longest role of his career but one acted to perfection, oh yes and for a lot of people he made the cover…. 10/10

the man who came back billy zane03.The man who came back (2008)

Shoot me down I don’t care, this is one of those movies which is actually quite shitty but it has so much heart. Retelling the gut wrenching tale of the Thibodaux Massacre, Billy turns up as a Yankee attorney who is dragged around as a pseudo journal keeper, being used to justify the disgusting killing by a wrongful land/slave owner. The attorney plays a very impartial yet vital role. Again he’s charming and again he’s pivotal, he has a knack of doing that in his films. 06/10

titanic billy zane04.Titanic (1997)

I had to take my best friend to the cinema to see this (I stress this every time I mention the movie, get used to it). The Zane, for most part of the movie plays a charming scoundrel, But it’s not until the end of the movie when his life is threatened (is this a spoiler, if you don’t know what happened on the Titanic, get the fuck off my blog), that he becomes a level 99 asshole. Using a missing child to climb aboard a life boat is literally the nicest thing he does in this film, often jealous and petty about trying to win the heart of the buxom wench that is Kate Winslett. 7/10

dead calm billy zane05.Dead Calm (1989)

Possibly the first movie I saw Billy Zane in and instantly I wanted him dead, I kinda kept this up throughout his career, he seems to play those slimy roles really well and kudos to him. But in this terrifying lost at sea thriller his character is dark and psychotic and pretty perfect when it comes to being a psycho on a boat. He manages to charm his way between a couple already suffering the lost of a child. Tearing them apart first but his cuteness then by pure deviance, he then turns the tables on them holding them and the entire movie on a knifes edge. Its a sterling film, it’s not aged too well but the character remains both sinister and brilliant.

There you go, my selected works of Billy Zane mostly the same character applied in many different ways in westerns, thrillers, romantic historical dramas, horrors and more. Many many more that I’ve not watched. My bad. And while I don’t like these lists to go one for more items than advertised it’s worth checking out the the Rabbit Chase scene in Flutter.

5 Selected – Richard Brake


The Brake has got to be one of my favourite actors! He’s never had any massive roles that I’m aware of but he consistently appears in a lot of the movies I watch, always with his iconic slicked back blonde hair and dirty ole pervert persona.. I LOVE him.


  • Death machine (1994) – Scott Ridley
  • Doom (2005) – Portman
  • Outpost (2006) – Prior
  • Hannibal Rising (2007) – Enrikas Dortlich 
  • Legacy : Black Ops (2010) – Scott O’Keef

richard (1)

Death machine (1994) – Scott Ridley –  This was my first viewing of Richard. He plays a not to hot shot business dude who pisses off Brad who unleashes his death machine on him. He’s a classic yuppie and dies horribly.

Doom (2005) – Portman – This is my top favourite because you get to see him quite a lot in this movie. Again he plays a douchbag but he like kinky things.. oh man that was good news! I have a signed poster for this film sadly Richard didn’t sign it .. this makes me very sad. Oh yeah and he dies horribly.

Outpost (2006) – Prior – So good to see him with a beard or at least some facial hair.. oh man what a hot flick. He’s not the biggest douche in the movie and he dies horribly.

Hannibal Rising (2007) – Enrikas Dortlich  –  Beautiful and yet terrible death scene I almost expected to hear a pop on that one while he dies horribly.

Legacy : Black Ops (2010) – Scott O’Keefe –  He gets to be a flashback douchbag in this film, who dies horribly..

Notice a pattern emerging here? SCOTT!? Why is he always called Scott? No seriously he dies in everything, more deaths than  Sean Bean.

richard (2)

that grin!!

Yes I’d like to see him play a major role, a proper full time scum bag, that would make all my dweams come twoo.


I have to thank my friend “The Bear” for lending me Undisputed II (2006), what an amazing movie it is! It soon prompted me to watch Undisputed (2002) which was a load of dry ole balls.. No matter it happens sometimes, although if I had watched Undisputed (2002) first then I probably would have avoided the second movie… *shudders* Imagine that a world without Boyka! NOOOOO!!! So eventually I managed to find the most up to date movie, Undisputed III (2010) and DING DONG! It was bloody astounding, and that was all down to our boy behind bars.. Yuri Boyka! What a champion! BOYKA BOYKA! BOYKA BOYKA!


I know I’m not the only one who finds they are perched on the sofa chanting BOYKA BOYKA! Through out the fight scenes and I’m certainly not the only one who gets all excited when he tells yanks to “shut the hell up” or “you need to shut your f*cking mouth” and I could watch him beating seven bells of hell out of everyone all night long. It was great seeing a mini Boyka role in the Tournament (2009) even if it was about 2 minutes long

Even in the second movie where he is supposed to be a brutal stamp collecting monster you still love him and his kick ass/get schit done attitude. Don’t get me wrong, George Chambers (Michael Jai White) was a great guy, helping out all those poor people and cripples but Boyka stole the show. So much so that the third movie was about HIM!

Basically Scott Adkins could play the Boyka character forever and we would still love him, imagine where this could go? Undisputed 8 Boyka the father, Boyka saves the world!? Boyka VS Mothra!! Why the hell don’t I have a Boyka T-Shirt!? I need action dolls and bed spreads and I think small children all over the world need to stop being so deluded that kindness will get them everywhere and take stab at being the most complete fighter in the world.

Uri Boyka IMDB Page – http://www.imdb.com/character/ch0060245/

Scott Adkins (my future husband) Wiki Page – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scott_Adkins

Best of Yuri Boyka –YouTube – http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=SbI_04n3lLU

Yuri Boyka the most complete fighter in the world –YouTube –http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5FP7Y4Jy98

Scott Adkins Becoming Boyka Video –Dailymotion – http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x960cg_scott-adkins-becoming-boyka_sport

Boyka –Undisputed IV –Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/BoykaUndisputedIV

Boyka facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/pages/uri-boyka/272143166174

This post is dedicated to Captain Fantastico.

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