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I just had to share Manborg (2011) with someone and that someone happened to be my mummy, my mother is a f*cking legend!! (But then I suppose that everyone thinks that way about their mother!

One of the charms of Manborg (2011)  is that being only an hour long and it’s not an in-depth plot, you can share it with everyone so easily!

Then I had the task of catching up with Antiviral (2012) . I skipped the first half an hour or so, which meant re watching little bits of it, but that wasn’t a problem as it’s such a visual dream. It has an interesting ending I but not the one I was hoping to see.


After some kickboxing cardio and weight lifting I snuck in a movie this one was Traffic (2000) which I had seen in a movie list but for the life of me I can’t remember what the list was about!?!?? Never mind I watched the film now.. It is good but I have a few hangs up..

Next was Vacancy (2007) One of those movies that always looked good on the posters but I pretty much had worked out the whole movie in my head before watching.. Prediction.. and I was pretty much right about it all L Obviously there were some tense moments in it and it was watchable but I don’t think it’s one of those re watchable movies.. but there is a part two.. I might have to predict that before watching.

Either way  I managed to get part way through he remake of Get Carter (1971), sadly called Get Carter (2000). I avoided this movie for some time due to my aversion to remakes but it was only an hour long and I thought I’d stay awake for it.. but I didn’t I guess like Manborg (2011)  I’ll share it with myself later on today! Lol It’s so awkward when you already know the story…

get carter




Last night ran into a bit of a late one but sadly not with a whole lot of movie watching  did fit in two movies but one of them was only an hour long! Am I loosing it? I watched ManBorg (2011)  which was surprising good for what it is and that’s a modern b movie pulptastic George jetson nightmare! Ahem.. and Antiviral (2012) which I didn’t get to watch until the very end so that review will be pending BUT the movie is stylish! I adore the feel of it and the man character is Haute Hot! So far a very unusual storey has been introduced about people taking on viruses from their favourite celebrities with a little bit of smuggling going on. It’s something I would expect from the loin of Cronenberg, common themes of viruses and mechanical people from both of these boys! More details to follow…