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5150 Rue Des Ormes – 5150 Elm’s Way (2009)



quickflickDirector: Eric Tessier
Writer: Patrick Senecal
Starring: Marc-Andre Grodin, Norman D’Amour, Sonia Vachon, Mylene St-Sauveur. Canada. 1h 50m.

This dark twisted tale is akin to an urban legend, it has an eternal feel that hazes the brutality and mystifies the psychological aspects of the film.

After photography student Yannick (Marc Grodin) falls off his bike and injures himself, he makes the terrible mistake of knocking on the door of the Beaulieu residence to tidy himself up, after hearing screaming Yannick investigates and upon finding the source, a captive man, he also find himself trapped and held hostage in the house. Over time and during his incarceration he learns more about this batchit crazy family. Continue reading 5150 Rue Des Ormes – 5150 Elm’s Way (2009)


Tusk (2014)



Director: Kevin Smith
Starring: Michael Parks, Haley Joel Osment, Justin Long, Johnny Depp. USA 1h 45m.

I was so hyped to see this after seeing that it had made it onto the screenings at the Abattoir film festival in 2014 and we know they have good taste, twinned with the gross concept of a man being transformed into a walrus.. I was ecstatic.. but I didn’t realise who the director was, and no I’ve never heard his podcast.

Turn up the funny and maximise the strange.

Tusk is pretty much a tamer funnier version of Human Centipede (2010) I have to admit that it’s the two factors that would normally repel me, were actually fairly quirky and entertaining. Based around Wallace Bryton (Justin Long, an actor who will just NEVER AGE!!) who is a podcaster with his loyal buddy Teddy Craft (Haley Joel Osment – who obviously has been eating the dead people that he sees). While in search for the next big thing he ventures into uncharted lands to interview a kid as a prank (much to his beloved disgust) but not wanting to go home empty handed he finds an interesting “call me” in the toilets in a bar and follows up the story of mystery and intrigue, which leads him to the house of a disabled recluse who has many tales of being lost at sea and befriending a Walrus. Wallace wakes up with an amputated leg and then things only start to get seriously strange. Continue reading Tusk (2014)

One Week (2008)

one week


A light hearted look at the demise of a young man, but sadly makes itself so uber hipster and soundtrack heavy that it loses itself in the beautiful Canadian landscape and could have delivered more.

Ben (Joshua Jackson), an elementary school teacher, has just discovered that he has an aggressive form of cancer and through a series of mishaps and without really realising what he’s doing, he’s the proud owner of a motorbike and stumbles on a message that reads “Go west young man” so he hits the road, leaving his slightly pushy and highly loving fiancee Samantha (Liane Balaban) behind. Continue reading One Week (2008)

Thanatomorphose (2012)



After seeing a lot of posters and a chilling YouTube preview video this heavily anticipated film took forever to be fully released and then immediately disappeared, but I eventually found a copy and for me this is a masterpiece of dark sexual gore horror.

Initially it starts out as a muted drama, a few friends are over for a few drinks the couple kick them out, get it on and go to sleep, the next day  Laura (Kayden Rose) wakes up with a few bruises but just assumes it’s from the love making the night before but things get worse, much worse, she starts to get more bruising and then her body gives up and she starts rotting. Things don’t end there as she also gets horny as hell during her descent into hell.

Everything about this film is skin crawlingly dark, it doesn’t make any attempt to cushion the blow and explores every detail of the human body and enters into the psyche of someone who is experiencing something new and disturbing about their body.

Despite it not taking off or picking up a lot of fans it has influences a host of movies that have copied many aspects of it but without really travelling as deep into the darkness and  Thanatomorphose has done, which makes the copies a little more “approachable”.

Instead of being approachable this film is stark and brutal, for a debut director it’s astounding that he, Eric Falardeau, has managed to create something so en point.

If you’re into films that really go that extra mile and refuse to pay any attention to the safe word and will carry on to the bitter end then this might be the film for you. It’s also worth checking out Halley (2012), A Spanish film that take a similar stance on this morbid and creepy subject.


R: I Zombie (1989), Halley (2012)

Full film review to come…

The Revenant (2015)



I am totally blown away by this film. I was told by some reliable sources that it would be good, I’ve always had my doubts about Leonardo DiCRAPrio but he’s learnt how to act after he started to get dropped by people seeking his looks alone and since Django Unchained (2012) he’s really picked himself up and really displayed a lot of character.

The Reverent has many redeeming qualities stunning scenery, some bizarre and unique characters and actors and vicious wildlife to play dead with. At first I thought that the 2 and half hours would be hard to fill, but by the second hour I didn’t want it to end.

Hugh Glass (DiCaprio) and his half native son Hawk (Forest Goodluck) are on an expedition to collect beaver pelts, one of the most profitable jobs in Canada in the 1800s, when his group are attacked by the natives and the last few remaining crew head down river but then due to safety they go back on land, hide the pelts and try to get out alive in order to return to pick up the pelts so the entire tragedy isn’t a total disaster. While they are tracking back, Glass is (nearly fatally) attacked by a bear, his son and two others stay behind to keep him safe, a young boy Bridger (Will Poulter) and John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy). Fitzgerald lies to Bridger and scares him into running with him,  kills Hawk and leave Glass for dead. In hindsight it would have been kinder on glass to just lay there and die in the cold… but instead he treks through hell and back.

The film is brutal, there is no other way to describe it. Some of it is reminiscent of Seraphim Falls (2007) and DiCaprio is a tough mother fucker, while slashed to fuck by a bear he manages to survive in the harshest environment, battered and broken he has to cauterize his neck would as water keeps seeping out, regain his voice, repair his damaged and rotting body in the extreme cold landscape. and what a landscape, there are many shots that the tourist board would have been proud of, unlimited skies and it seems that in some way a lot of the atmosphere and change of fortune can be read in various tree shots.

This epic journey is cruel, cold brutal and dark.

Domhall Gleeson plays a decent character as Captain Andrew Henry and my favourite Canadian actor, Brendan Fletcher turns up as a bit of a nobody ,but it was good to see him if only briefly.

Near the end of the movie when things start returning to normality I started counting how many lives Mr Glass had, if he were a cat he would literally be on the last life by the second hour. There is a lot of action, tension and some amazing survival skills involved here. A few sentimental flashbacks, similar to the native inspired flashbacks in Ginger Snaps Back the beginning (2004)and Pathfinder (2007) but more candid and less flashy.

The film is damned near perfect, and I’m easily giving it a 9/10 at the moment, I’m GOING to watch it again, it has great re watch ability which is a good thing, another good things is the ending… but I can’t say much more here i’m flabbergasted, the bear attack scene is truly amazing even if it’s not your kinda film just do the first half and hour and check that one scene out.If like me you’re a glutton for punishment then it’s dealt out like candy throughout the film.


Full review to come…

The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh (2012)


Day 15 of 31

tlwatorl title

The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh  (Horror, Mystery, Thriller,  2012) (12A) D: Rodrigo Gudino W: Rodrigo Gudino  C: Aaron Poole, Vanessa Redgrave, Julian Richings. 1h 22m. Canada.

Synopsis : An antiques collector inherits a house from his estranged mother only to discover that she has been living in a shrine devoted to a mysterious cult. Soon, the comes to suspect that his mother’s oppressive spirit still lingers within her home and is using items in the house to contact him with an urgent message.

TAGLINE : Faith is Fragile

In the style of a gloomy atmospheric Gothic horror shrouded in religious iconography and dogmatic beliefs, this slowly developing quiet movie has a dark sinister horror literally running through it.


The story seems heavily inspired what appear to be personal events, childhood fears of the dark and a mother’s (domineering) love, it’s hard to imagine that it’s all been fabricated from nothing, but obviously I have no proof of this. Binding together guilt and fanaticism gives the film many dual meanings, and many people have interpreted it in many ways.

A son, Leon (Aaron Poole) returns to his mother Rosalind’s (Vanessa Redgrave)  house after her death and struggles with a lifetime of emotions and oppression and heartache as he learns more about this mother after her death than when she was alive. The mansion of a house that he’s now in charge of is filled with religious icons and is in fact a shrine, but as he learns more about the  cult that his mother had joined he also becomes very aware that something else has been left behind and is stalking him in the house.  While this entity starts to become more apparent the film takes on a darker and more sister atmosphere and starts to loose its drama edge for a terrifying creature feature.

Seaping with sentimental drama, the film is set within a large home crowded with statues and curious. As Leon moves from room to room with a constant overture from Rosalind, the film comes across as being quite subdued and quiet.  It’s far from that! While you’re presented with visuals of the almost silent young man in this strange environment, with his mother’s thoughts being vocalised, there are often many shocking truths revealed.


What really sells the movie is presentation of its more shocking and terrifying scenes. As its so quiet, it could literally be silent at times, when you’re presented with a jump scare it packs a bigger punch and is never expected, so beware.

One such scene has a superb delivery, while Leon is watching a video that his mother recorded in her church/cult there is some praying and commotion, he recognises one of the statues that they group is praying to as one that’s in the house, then it opens its eyes! I know it’s not the most terrifying movie scenario but it’s freaky as hell and i hope I’ve not spoiled the effect for anyone, but it’s not the highlight and is just an example of the style of horror in this movie.

tlwatorl4From the beginning despite being filmed in the day time, the film is fairly dark and moody, this remains through the movie and it deals with lots of issues of being left in the dark. Darkness and lonely pretty much rule the atmosphere.

As the film has a teeny cast, in fact it’s pretty much just Leon, his mother’s voice is prevalent and a key feature but that’s almost all we have of her. I presume it was deliberate, after all she is deceased from before the start of the movie and all of her memories are her last will are simply vocalised rather than acting out his entire childhood, it’s all covered while he is coming to terms to his mother’s death.

Rosalind is an interesting character and it’s a shame that we don’t officially get to meet her, but the voice acting from Vanessa Redgrave is quite a powerful performance in itself. The script is extremely tentative and there a lot that can be read between her lines. The film is too quiet to discuss music but what it does impress with is the amazing cinematography, arranged by Samy Inayeh, and it really enhances the frequent scenes of bleeding statues, stalking creatures and curious visitors to the property.


Leon (Aaron Poole) the main person in the film has to go through a very deep roller coaster of mixed emotions, not only dealing with the suicide of his mother and getting to grips with who she became in his absence. He has a trunkload of childhood nightmares and attrition to come to terms with. The more he learns the harder his strife.

The Catholic upbringing of director Rodrigo Gudino  and Stanley Kubrick are both huge inspirations. The Kubrick connection can be seen in the pace,  filming locally and possibly how the film is set in two distinct halves.  The catholicism permeates heavily until near the end of the film. But it’s always fascinating when a director makes a project out of something heartfelt.tlwatorl3

Rosalind Leigh works for me,  I adore re watching this movie, it digs at the brain and tangles up the thought patterns. I’ve never had any religious guilt trips placed on me but I can identify with the characters, they are very so very real, this is why it brings the horror home to nest. The only let down, if I was pushed to find something, would be the lack of a soundtrack. Now while it’s very interesting that film doesn’t boom music at you constantly it could have enhanced some of the horror and drama scenes.


The way I see things is that the driving force behind the movie is this “Religion can drive people apart” Now I’m not saying that this applies to everyone who considers themselves religious, after all most religions aim to pull people together and to help one another, but there are always fanatics who get things messed up, how many parents drive their children away for not conforming? This just illustrates what “can” happen and how devastating it can be for both parties.

I think adapting the catholicism into this unnamed cult, is an attempt to stop viewers at pointing the finger at this known religion, instead to help them lump the blame with “religion” as a blanket term. I suppose if your uber religious then you’ll be better off avoiding this, if you have been outcast due to religious differences then this might dig up a reason to go and see your therapist. Otherwise if you’re a fan of gothic horrors, or if you just prefer something a little more mature and refined that will shock the cerebral without the use of gore then this will entertain and shock.wpid-https%3a%2f%2f36.media_.tumblr.com%2f37ce2b29a4cbe95a767917525e783baa%2ftumblr_mwlvylpt6o1qbwn9co6_1280.pngV: While the movie is not lacking in substance, it doesn’t untap all of it’s full potential but it’s still a thrilling horror movie, the atmosphere is perfect, the house itself and the setting is both claustrophobic and very unsettling. While the CG involved with the creature is a little low budget it doesn’t deter from the sheer horror it does create, and is heavily enhanced with great cinematography and very terrifying sound effects. I can’t recommend this movie enough, it’s hard to work out why it scores so low but it’s not a gore movie and I think there has been a shift to gore instead of horror lately. but it’s definitely something for true horror fans with a solid story and great acting.

Rating –  8/10
R: The Facts in the case of  Mister Hollow (2008) , The Possession (2013) , The taking of Deborah Logan (2014) .
5B : Vanessa Redgrave
L: Haunted Houses, Selected Ghost movies, Haunted houses, Angels
PD : Post Discussion to come


Clown (2014)


Clown  (Horror, Supernatural,  2014) (18) D: Jon Watts W:  P: Eli Roth +3 C: Laura Allen, Andy Powers, Peter Stormare, Eli Roth, Elizabeth Whitmere Christian Distefano. 1h 39m. USA.

Synopsis : A little boy’s birthday party gets ruined when his entertainment (clown) cancels. His father finds a clown suit and becomes the new entertainment but something is weird about it, there is an evil curse and it won’t come off. He specializes in eating little kids… everything after that goes down hill.

The title is accurate, this film is indeed about a clown. Not just any clown though, this is the original clown. A dark comedic, deranged thrilling mystical horror, sometimes entirely over the top but delivering the dirt on all those urban myths about Clowns that we like to scare each other with on Youtube. It’s all revived by a slightly obscure director Jon Watts who has an fragmented collection of film under his belt, it seems that with the influence of Eli Roth he’s able to initiate a new film chapter incorporating the historical horror clown, mincing in some of the modern creepy myths circulating on the internet and fusing this with bitter olde European folklore including something which I think relates to the Harlequin story http://mysteriousuniverse.org/2011/11/the-mysterious-harlequin-part-one/.


There seems to have been several horror clowns in cinema history, all of them brightly colours vile monsters who have given people more nightmares than clowns have ever brought people joy! With similarities to IT (1990) revamped with The Fly (1986) with a dash of Wolfman (2010),  with a few gruesome stomach churning scenes.

When a father is called upon to replace a clown at his son’s birthday party, he finds an unusual suit in a house he is clearing out, quite convenient. After the party Kent (Andy Powers) can’t get his new suit off, despite using an electrical blade on the neckline and lacerating himself he only manages to remove some of the nose which has fused with his own.

Slowly recognising his transformation but not quite understanding the reasons why, an overactive Van Hellsing styled savior makes an appearance in the guise of a nerdy Karlsson (Peter Stormare). Who explains the folklore back story in an erratic paranoid way, the clown suit transforms the wearer into a demon like creature who preys on children and has to consume 5 of them before the winter is out. Karlsson had to deal with a previous owner and was in charge of keeping the suit hidden but he fucked up. Soooooooo.. Kent is changing into a kiddie eater, Karlsson is out for his head and his wife is trying to save him and trying to stop him from eating their son. As the movie gets progressively darker and colder, the risks and dangers become more tortuous as this nightmare starts to take effect, there are regular scatterings of humor, rainbow head shots and caramel nose bleeds.


The daily life of the helpless Kent and Meg (Laura Allen) is gradually turned upside down as this subconscious second persona is building and taking over Kent’s body. There are regular low key violent moments mostly aimed at the children in the film, and without trying to give too much away I will note that there are no featuring scenes, for me this was a bit of a let down although are we getting desensitized to gore and violence in films? Despite this; the film is tremendous fun, while maintaining the creepy side it introduces a new demonic monster and successfully creates a great addition to the horror clown genre, and the sky’s the limit with the formula here of an enchanted clown suit , I would imagine any flaws could be built on and ironed out with a sequel or two.

Overall great performances from Eli Roth as the transformed killer clown, Stormare plays a convincing cardigan cloaked savior and overall the film is a treat for those who like a well scripted story instead of full on buckets of gore. There is a little bit of a horror romance going on with the main couple which does have similarities to The Fly (1986) especially as the Mr in the relationship is turning into a beast!




Rating –  7/10

V: I started out dubious over yet another clown movie but i was hooked by the time folklore was mentioned, it gives a precedence that the fear of clowns is a much older much deeper in the human psyche. The clown character develops into something way more sinister than I had expected. I especially like the infrequent not so gory scenes and the link with the dog eating the nose…I don’t want to ruin any surprises

R: Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988), Babadook (2014), Annabelle (2014), Horns (2013), Found (2012)

OST: Nothing to report here..
TIL : Never try on a clown suit
BS : I really like a small inconspicuous scene where some kids are playing a war game online together when the clown visits one of their houses and the other characters are kicking the crap out of his character while he’s being stalked by the clown.
Q: “It’s not a clown suit it’s the skin and hair of a demon”
 : Peter Stormare, Eli Roth
L: Selected Clown Movies, Folklore Horror Movies, Transformation movies
PD : Post Discussion to come.

Grizzly – The Red Machine (2014)


Grizzly – The Red Machine (Thriller, Action, Horror 2014) (PG-13) D: David Hackl: P: W: Guy Moshe, JR Reher +: C: Thomas Jane, James Marsden, Billy Bob Thornton, Scott Glenn, Bart the Bear 1h 34m. Canada.

TAGLINE : Hunt or be hunted Synopsis: Two estranged brothers reunite at their childhood home in the Alaskan Wild. They set out on a two day hike and are stalked by an unrelenting grizzly bear.

 Nature enforces it’s will over man in this soppy thriller, two estranged brothers who are tightly bound by memories of a bear attack on their father but separated by different lifestyles, begrudgingly reunite to fight a common for, a grizzly bear on the hunt for revenge. It’s not the most imaginative plot and is much like other hunt movies such as Jaws (1975) or the Edge (1997).

While Grizzly isn’t improved with such lovable characters such as Brody and Quint from Jaws, it does remain, man is pitted against the toughest unrelenting killer who cannot be bargained with. Joining the brothers is the seasoned hunter (basically the Quint of the flick) Douglas (Billy Bob Thornton) Once he arrives with his pritty horsey, and they are deep in the woods the pace starts to pick up, but don’t get too excited..

Expectedly this film revolves around beautiful long shots of the Canadian forests and is accompanied by a fitting score. While the bear attack scenes adopt a shaky rapid movement cut scene technique to the point where it’s hard to really see what’s going on but these are the stronger segments. On a personal note I admire any stunt actor who does up against a bear, even in a controlled environment. Sadly there does seem to be an irritating formula for every bear attack scene that dulls the movie a little With such a host of big named stars involved in the movie is as mediocre as the plot and the depth of the characters are just weak.

Director David Hackl, known for having a hand in the Saw franchise and directing Saw V (2008) seems out of his depths in a much larger out door arena and having to deal with real drama that can’t be enhanced by creepy traps. Everything is cobbled together in a bizarre mixture without any real tension. Something just doesn’t gel together here. Rowan (James Marsden) mistakenly picks up a hooker who gets stroppy and leaves, I’m pretty sure he could pull a straight guy, and the seasoned hunter tough guy Douglas (Billy Bob Thornton) misses with nearly every shot no matter how close up he is to the beast. I’ll also mention the example of the deaf girl who is camping and manages to escape the bear by using just the bear mace.

Grizzly is a sedated hunt movie, the frequent bear attacks could have been substituted for fewer more intense attack scenes with better cinematography and maybe some artistic flare, there aren’t many bear movies out there, but it’s about time we got creative with this theme. We know bears are intelligent creatures I’m sure they are use tools or do I dare suggest a zombie bear? Overall Grizzly doesn’t deliver on excitement, suspense, tension action or gore, it’s just very average all around.    


Rating : 5/10

R: Grizzly (1976), The Edge (1997, Grizzly Man (2005) Grizzly Park (2008) Night of the Grizzly (1966) Bear (2010) Orca (1977) Jaws (1975)

BS: The scene where billy bob gets swiped by the teddy bear and gets a cool haircut. How he survives that I just don’t know.

L: Bear Films, When animals attack

5B: Thomas Jane, Billy Bob Thornton.

DGI: Chug a bear for ever bear attack.

T: The film is part dedication to the original Grizzly man Timothy Treadwell who is believed to have been killed by a bear he nicknamed as the Red Machine.


the Thaw (2009)


TAGLINE: This spring the sacrifice begins…

Synopsis: A Research expedition to the arctic discovered that a melting polar ice cap has released deadly prehistoric parasite.

This is a psychological thriller from the budding director Mark A Lewis (Ill Fated), blending ecology, science, history and horror together is bound to leave a movie open for judgement, but sadly The Thaw manages to fall flat..

A research team headed by Dr Kruipen (Kilmer) ttranquilizea polar bear then discover the frozen remains of a Woolly Mammoth. As the polar bear thaws out it’s soon realised that it is a carrier of a prehistoric infestation of insects and the crew soon succumb, in the final scenes Kruipen is seen asking his daughter to come to the station. Cut Scene, Kripien’s estranged and intellectual science type daughter Evelyn (Macisaac – Last house on the left (2009)) heads up a team to go an visit her father with a few bright infection fodder teens and that’s when things start to go wrong and the team start to realize what dangers have been unleashed.

Despite Kilmer headlining the cast the film is held together by Macisaac and Ashmore, There were a lot of missed opportunities and very little sense of direction in the plot in this film, what is it trying to say? The older actors seemed to have had better reactions to the what was going on around them, I’d imagined a lot of this was green screened, but generally the scenes were simply strolled through like a walk in the park.

I was hoping for a few homage’s to the great ice station films from the past, especially in the horror categories but no tributes here, can anyone make a scene as eerie as finding the abandoned Norwegian station in The Thing (1982) Some of the highlights did include a fairly entertaining amputation scene (every infection movie has to have one). But it’s nothing on Dead Snow – Dod Sno (2009). The insects are OK, a good quality GCI but I can’t say they freaked me out in anyway.

Fundamentally it’s nothing to write home about, it has an underlying poignant message about global warming and over population but sadly no boobs and moderate amounts of gore. But it’s just not all that scary. My personal advice is to avoid and watch Blutgietscher (2013) instead.



Rating : 4/10.

R: Blutgietscher (Blood Glacier) (2013) Squirm (1976), Growth(2009), The Thing (1982) Cabin Fever (2002)

TIL: Despite your girlfriend being perfectly healthy, then contracting lots of insect bites and falling ill, there is no chance that you have the same infection it’s gotta be a STD.

BS: Amputation scene.. It’s not the most gory but it’s a highlight in this chiller of a film.

L: Infection Films, Type of Infections in films

DGI: Chug a beer every time someone gets taken out by the bugs..

5B: Val Kilmer

Wrecked (2010)


TAGLINE : Drama, Adventure, Mystery

A man trapped in a car wreck at the bottom of a ravine must overcome incredible odds to survive.

This was one of the last films I rented from Blockbusters before its rapid demise.

The first full length movie from director Michael Greenspan and partner in crime; writer Christopher Dodd, delivers a cold isolated thriller, in the nature of a lone man’s fight for survival after losing his memory and use of one leg following a car crash. The main protagonist, simply called Man (Brody) awakens with a broken leg, two corpses, a bag of money, amnesia, a wild dog, surreal hallucinations of Woman (Dhavernas) and is stalked by a wild cat. Through this ordeal he battles to regain his memory while traversing through the forest on the brink of starvation and fun doesn’t stop there!

It’s hard not to liken this to Essential Killing (2010), though Wrecked is far less claustrophobic and bleak, set in a lush forest utilising a broad format highlighting Brodys solitude, contrasted with gruesome extreme close shots to emphasise the detailed brutal injuries sustained from the crash.

It’s not all that bad out in the wilderness, he finds a companion, a beautiful dog who befriends him, he gets to sample the local live cuisine and takes a river ride. I’m being sarcastic, but despite the slow and quiet pace the editing keeps the story flowing. Brody has an epic screen presence which is essential in a film with such a small cast and without him the entire project would have failed.

With many trials and tribulations along the way, and a quirky twist at the end, you really feel transported along with Brody on this harrowing journey. It’s not an action film but rewards are given throughout.

Rating –  7/10


R: Essential Killing (2010)

L : One Man Movies, Lost