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Rise of the Foot soldier 3 :The Pat Tate Story (2017)

Director: Zackary Adler
Starring: Craig Fairbrass, Emily Wyatt, Emma Butt, Shaun Ryder, Larry Lamb, Jamie Foreman, Daniel Stisen,Roland Manookian . UK . 1h 39

Rise of the foot solder (2007) was such a brilliant insight into the world after football hooliganism. Coming to screen around the same time as other brilliant British movies such as Cass (2008) it crested a wave and it’s brilliance among the genre really glimmered., it was brash, ambitious and savage. Often run into the ground by critics but while it’s not acclaimed it’s bloody brilliant.

After this a range of sequels and Rise of the foot soldier II (2015) saw the return of Carlton Leach, Bonded by Blood (2010+) ran alongside the Foot soldier story. Continue reading Rise of the Foot soldier 3 :The Pat Tate Story (2017)

Rise of the Footsoldier 2 (2015)

Rise of the Footsoldier 2
Well well well we have returned to the life and times of Carlton Leach, the original bad boy football ‘ooligan turned doorman, drug addict and generally a nasty busy body with an ‘art of gold and who takes care of business…

Directed by the star of the last movie and strangely bringing better acting a bit more artistic style to the genre. Even though the previous film was pretty complete in it’s story it seems something else has happened to Carlton and he wants the world to know. It also seems that Ricci Harnett has found his calling and i guess couldn’t resist reliving this character again, and as a directorial debut it’s pretty good.

While re living the killing of Tony Tucker and friends, Carlton hits a new low and gets very high, killing the family dog in a drug fuled paranoid binge, the wife and kids leave, he goes back to boxing and tries to clean himself up, he’s re united with a few characters from the past and tries to leave the game. Along the way his new crew including Johnny Palmiero as a nasty little character called Mad Jack and Luke Mabely as his best pal and master sadist Shawn (I thought they were going to make out at one point), who acted with Ricci in 28 Days Later (2002).

I must admit that I adored the first film and while this isn’t a cinematic masterpiece it’s creative and I thoroughly enjoyed it. defiantly one of the better British gangster film sequels in a long time. it’s darker and funnier than the last and visually it’s stunning.