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Last Night’s Movies 18.07.2017

*Hickok (2017) D: Timothy Woodward Jr S: Luke Hemsworth, Tracy Adkins, Kris Kristofferson Western (USA)

Everything about this film is Safe and it’s a the total poor relation to everything that is great about westerns. *sigh* I tried pretty hard to get into it, but it’s charmless, heartless.. pointless… Hemsworth has a lot to live up to and tried way too hard to be and not be his brother, he really needed to make his mind up there, but seeing great names like Bruce Dern and Kris K, I’d have expected the whole bar to have been raised, not just their minute scenes. Continue reading Last Night’s Movies 18.07.2017

Chronic (2015)

Director :Michel Franco Starring :Tim Roth (Mexico/France) 1h 47m

It’s not often that films like to detail the withering away of a person, it’s usually a story that doesn’t attract a large crowd, it can be depressing, sad, often conjuring up lots of emotions that an audience doesn’t want to feel, sensitive issues and awkward situations that an audience doesn’t want to feel. Chronic deals with a lot of these, in their rawness and forces us all to watch all the details. Continue reading Chronic (2015)

Choose (2010)

Director:Marcus Graves.
Starring. Katheryn Winnick, Kevin Pollak, Nicholas Tucci. USA. 1h 23m.

The preview and adverts for this made it look like a cross between Se7en (1995) and WAz, dark and broody, crazy serial killer, but this dabbles with the atmosphere it’s really there’s more daddy daughter bonding going on and detracts from the “fun”.

The young and wonderful Fiona Wagner (Winnick) is studying for her masters degree in Journalism and is struggling to deal with her mother’s suicide, bonding with her father Tom Wagner (Pollak) )is hard as he’s busy busting crooks but a new serial killer starts to bring them together, chuck in the expertise of her therapist and they morph into a crime hunting trio. Sadly Fiona does a lot of the leg work. The killer is deranged and places people in tricky situations, one is a layer who’s killed by his teenage daughter, she has the choice of killing him or being killed along with her family. Another case is when a pianist is forced to choose between losing his fingers or hearing. Continue reading Choose (2010)

LA Apocalypse / Doomed Planet (2014)

Director:Michael J Suma.
Starring.David Cade, Gine Holden, Christopher Judge USA. 1h 20m.

Somehow this film was advertised as having a score of 92% on Rotten Tomatoes, the audience score is 36% and that’s fucking generous. This tea time thriller is less thrill and more yawn. Continue reading LA Apocalypse / Doomed Planet (2014)

Bad Lieutenant (1992)

Director: Abel Ferrara.
Starring: Harvey Keitel, Brian McElroy, Frankie Acciarito, Peggy Gormley, Victor Argo, . USA. 1h 36m.

The 90’s were the golden revival era of disturbing films, and while this isn’t your average cop film, it is a brilliant cop drama but the main character is so massively flawed that you often forget that he’s supposed to be the good guy.

Harvey Keitel plays the ultimate asshole of a cop LT, who shambles about the city, taking drugs, pulling over and intimidating young girls, he’s a mess, stealing drugs from crime scenes and on the odd occasion babysitting his kids and racking up huge gambling debts. Continue reading Bad Lieutenant (1992)

April 2017 News

Trying to get the news to be all serious and schit but there isn’t much going on that I give a schit about .. wait.. yes there is…


Here are a few interesting twitters for this month…

Nick Cato, always a good source of “stuff” and check out his books, link in the pinned tweets 

Barbie Russell is a doll, check out her horror feed here  – 


Trailers That Smell – Crocodile 1979 and check the out on Twitter (link in the bio) Continue reading April 2017 News

March 2017 News


Holy cow I can’t believe it’s the end of the month and I’ve not posted a news article yet! GOOO ME.

A big month for the Irish, and I shall be attempting something a little special for St Patrick’s day, rather than another alternative Valentine’s day list. ← yeah this didn’t happen so it’s on the back burner but it will come, just be patient my lovelies Continue reading March 2017 News

may 2016 film list

Pretty eventful month…. although not that exciting it did see a range of good and bad movies. ..

Mad Max
The professionals
Undisputed 2
*Old 37 2/10
Citizen gangster
Point blank
*Citizen gangster 5/10
*Treehouse 3/10
Tower block
*Horror hotel 6/10
*The Terror 5/10
*the corpse vanished 4/10
*Fields of the dead 1/10
Mad Max 2
The amazing Mr no legs
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
Doll graveyard
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
Death machine
Day of the dead
*10 Cloverfield Lane 8/10
Escape from new York
Wristcutters (a love story)
*Crumb 9/10
The Borderlands
*Alps 5/10
Total recall
Journey to the 7th planet
The Exterminator
The drownsman
Arn the Knights templar
citizen gangster (2)
Citizen gangster
Undisputed 3
Saw 3D
The final destination
*The invitation 8/10
Dead Man’s Shoes
Ufc 198
*The Hallow 6/10
Lake placid
Cabin fever
Dead end
*Jinn 2/10
*Case39 4/10
*Nighrnare city 6/10
*The veil 1/10
*Under the skin 10/10
Jinn 2/10
*triple 9 3/10
*338 arletta way 5/10
Body bags
*Marquis 9/10
*The brain that wouldn’t die 6/10
*The Witch 8/10
*Goodnight mommy 9/10
Robocop 2
*The Exorcism of Anna ecklund 2/10
Reservoir dogs

Total 86
New 24

Best New The Witch / Under the Skin
Worst New The Veil


  • Marquis
  • Goodnight Mommy
  • Crumb
  • 10 Cloverfrield Lane
  • Horror hotel
  • Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
  • The Hallow
  • The Invitation
  • The Invitation (1)