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5 Selected – David Fincher

I’m terrible when it comes to remembering a director unless they a) make a lot of movies I adore, or b) have a unique style.. a very unique style like Jean Pierre Junet or Peter Strickland. There are a lot of directors that I just can’t see the connection between their work, it’s not a good or bad thing but it just means I’m clueless sometimes as to how they jump from one thing to another, but while writing my review for Se7en I had a quick nose around at other films directed by David Fincher and I was pleasantly shocked, somehow he’s managed to make a range of movies I adore and I didn’t realise. This is why I never refer to myself as a film buff, because I really am partially retarded. So now I’m up to date and fully coherent here are my top five David Fincher movies (to date)  4 of which I didn’t realise were anything to do with him until today.. I have to admit that Fincher has made some amazing films, but I for one can’t quite tell you exactly what his style is, but well done, this man seems to have this ability to rally capture a feel, an atmosphere and keep I fresh throughout a movie, and really does what it takes to stylise a film and make the characters come alive.

Se7en01.Se7en (1995) Sarting out with one of the best! In fact; one of my personal favourite movies of all time. I have loved and cherished this movie from day one, and having watched it so many times I spend most of the movie reciting every word in character of course. A dark movie in which Fincher takes us on a tour of hell, the movie that details two very different police officers who are on the case of a mysterious serial killer with such a hard on for religion, that the nut job is on a mission from god to punish those who sin, to make the deadly sins deadly again. A creepily dark movie, swimming in deep cultured waters as a seasoned cop ready for retirement has to tutor a young volatile noob, on one of the biggest and most bizarre cases in history. 10/10. Continue reading 5 Selected – David Fincher