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Short Movie Roundup 25 October 2020

The Day After Dark

Slightly lengthy short movie about a man who’s offered a particularly interesting eternal position after a strange business date night with a vamp!

An well crafted and professional looking short, although sometimes things are a little sign posted. It displays a lot of good stuff, camera work, effects, music choices, lighting and while some of the acting is a little ridgid everything else around it works so well, luckily it ends with open possibilities so there might be more to come from Damian Morter, and hopefully he’ll use the same strip club… oh la la Continue reading Short Movie Roundup 25 October 2020

Short Movie Roundup 11 October 2020

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Erik Woolcott’s spellbinding tale follows a man who picks up where his late father left off, with an investigation into something that mankind should not know.. or even attempt to learn.

After being asked to pick up the abandoned research papers he finds himself lost in a mental void, a wilderness of mysteries, Woolcott uses a really muted pallet in two prime settings to keep everything shrouded in mystery, like everything is happening in a constant twilight.

With heavy HPLovecraft roots there is a coolness to file and how it unveils its origins, but Gilberto Nué acting is paramount to it all working so well. Continue reading Short Movie Roundup 11 October 2020