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AOFA Halloween 2022 Film List

This yeah I’ve picked 13 sub genres of horror and I’ll write a review for each one during October 2022.. Wish me luck, I never finish these lists on time!




Body Horror


Found Footage


Creature Feature






Kingdom of the Vampire (1991)

Director: J R Bookwalter
Starring: Matthew Jason Walsh, Barbara Katz-Norrod, Thomas Brown, Cherie Petry, Shannon Doyle. USA. 1h 10m

Jeff (Walsh) works in a dead end job, working the night shift in a gas station. The lonely young man doesn’t have any friends and no prospect at anything more lavish in his working life than mopping floors and stacking shelves, but his home life is worse. Each morning Jeff returns home to a domineering mother, a woman.. a vampire hell bent on making her son into a cold blooded killer like herself as she feasts on neighbourhood kids and beats him into submission.

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Hell House LLC (2015)

Director: Stephen Cognetti
Starring: Danny Bellini, Gore Abrams, Adam Schneider, Ryan Jennifer, Hared Hacker .USA. 1h 23m

Here we go again, the scariest found footage horror of all time!? Where have I heard that before?!!maybe with every new found footage release? It’s almost one of the tropes of the genres now, but it’s an intriguing selling point but after it’s got bums on seats out only opens the film up for ridicule later on. Continue reading Hell House LLC (2015)

Short Movie Roundup 8 November 2020

Did anyone miss what I missed? Last week’s round up!!! Hey ho never mind I needed a break and it was well deserved!

Hallowe’en 2020 went ok, I managed to do all 13 reviews however I did miss a few lists and other bits but no biggy I’m sure with Covid and the US Elections everyone had their own horrors to worry about.

…to check out the list you can click on this banner.

Remember kids, everyday is Hallowe’en only 357 Days to go!

The Lost Broadcast – A Doctor Gallow Halloween Special

The Doctor treated us to something rather special on the run up to Hallowe’en this year, and the least we can do to thank him is give him a thumbs up and maybe subscribe for more hey.. c’mon don’t be a loser forever.

This darling special gives a few shout outs to some key figures in the horror community including me.. even though I’m the embodiment of the possum lives out back of said community, check out the video if you can spot where I come in..

So what’s the delight about, well it’s a missing broadcast from a Manchester radio station on Halloween night in 2001. Follow and listen for clues to what might be happening on the night when the veil is thin.. if you’re a fan of Ghostwatch then this will be right up your street. Continue reading Short Movie Roundup 8 November 2020

Short Movie Roundup 18 October 2020

I‘ve got a terrible cold so this list is going to be really short.. sorry folks..


A small town is visited by Vampires on the night before Halloween, most of the families leave town for the one fateful night but a determined father is set on staying with his family, convinced that he has a perfect plan, coating his home with holy water, crosses and garlic he goes to be believing all will be safe throughout the night. until one little oversight leaves the family exposed.

Carl Dante likens his film to Salem’s Lot meets 30 Days of Night, and while there are some similarities it’s not half as violent (or at least most of its off screen) It’s an interesting vibe in this homemade horror, a limited budget but big ideas, personally I think it works, there are interesting shots and detailed camera work, an attractive soundtrack and those kids are just so adorable. Yes it has a few faults, only those common to having a limited budget but not from careless mistakes, as this seems well thought through just a tad laboured in its production, I know I couldn’t do any better! Continue reading Short Movie Roundup 18 October 2020

13 Halloween Horrors

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So I love Halloween, it’s a very special time for me, as a heathen and horror connoisseur I get my kicks in October, even though every day is halloween in my haus, I get to do that extra bit of home decor shopping and when I dress up and go out, I tend to “fit in”.. And for the love of the season here are 13 Halloween Horrors that really get me in the spooky mood. For me, my favourite ‘we’en movies have to include classic monsters and horror personalities, I like films which are set at Halloween, or have that feeling of something great happening when night comes! In a way I suppose it can be described as fun horror, not so much comedy horror.

13.Halloween (1978)

John Carpenter’s breakthrough cult classic set around and sharing a name with Halloween night, is an easy target for those looking to get in the mood for a night of thrills and chills. The slasher is just as psychological as gory but with Carpenter’s keen eye and sense for outlandish horror it has a great sense of danger. Following a teenage girl, as she’s stalked by a masked psychopath who’s totally indifferent to killing. With its iconic music, bold characters and a killer who has gathered quite a fanclub this is one horror which shouldn’t be missed for it’s we writing of the book of modern American Slashers. Continue reading 13 Halloween Horrors

Splinter (2008)

Director: Toby Wilkins:
Starring: Shea Whigham, Paulo Costanzo, Jill Wagner, Rachel Kerbs. USA. 1h 28m.

Seemingly inspired by The Thing (1982) on a heavy dose of meth, Splinter brings the horror a little closer to home, you don’t have to visit the arctic to encounter a viral creature, there could be one out back right now. Along with the threat of this insane and unforgiving monster we also have to deal with two very different couples one of them being a redneck version of Bonny and Clyde, yet surprisingly the two story lines do work.

The beginning of this is great, there is a petrol attendant attacked by what looks like a rabid animal in the toilets of a station. Then; after some creepy credits showing lots of dead and mutilated animals we’re introduced to a preppy couple who get carjacked by the redneck Bonny and Clyde,she’s missing her fix and he’s just trying to get to the border. When they stop for gas, everything changes, the characters, atmosphere and just everything. The addict goes to shoot up in the toilet and finds the attendant who’s begging for death as he’s being taken over by the virus the spiny creature has given him, she’s soon attacked and taken out and the jail bird and preppy kids are now locked in the service station trying to figure out what is attacking them and how to fight back. Continue reading Splinter (2008)

Satan’s Little Helper (2004)

Director: Jeff Lieberman
Starring: Alexander Brickel, Kateryn Winnick, Stephen Graham, Amanda Plummer, Wass Stevens, Joshua Annex. USA. 1h 40m.

I found this lesser known gem in the bargain bucket, it came as one of those double sided discs with an equally bizarre b movie, Killer X (1999), it stayed on my shelf for years until I had a particularly shitty break up and I decided to settle down with a tub of ice cream and sob into it with a terrible movie to remind myself just how shit my life was at the time but this stunning movie really uplifted my evening.

Directed by Jeff Lieberman, a meistro who lives to live life on the edge with psychedelic and wayward classics such as Blue Sunshine (1977), Just Before Dawn (1981) and Squirm (1976) under his belt, but with this modern approach to horror, he seemed to not take any aspect of this movie all that serious but it still manages to be a creepy comedy horror with some very dark undertones, totally different from this retro classics but so brilliant in it’s own quirky rights. Continue reading Satan’s Little Helper (2004)

10 Horror Films from 2007 Worth Talking About Volume 1

Borderland (2007)

This American – Mexican horror is loosely based on a true story about Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo, a leader of a religious cult and drug lord who practiced human sacrifice, his gang kidnapped and murdered many people and this movie deals with the particulars of American University students who spend the night fighting for their lives in a foreign town and against a huge gang fuled by violence and chaos It takes a while to warm up but it’s then it’s pure nightmare fuel from there on. 7/10 Continue reading 10 Horror Films from 2007 Worth Talking About Volume 1

13 Days of Hallowe’en Horror 2017

This year I’ve decided to do a shorter list of only 13 items  as we were (un)lucky enough to have Friday the 13th this October and I usually fail my 31 days of Horror for October 😦

lets see if 13 is my lucky number!?! I’ll keep updating this page over the next 13 days as I countdown a fairly random list of Halloween favourites with new reviews!!

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