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Last Nights Movies 27.07.2017

I was whacked last night so back to the golden oldies, I really couldn’t feature trying to get into anything new.. So I started with

The Gift (2015)

This is actually quite a brilliant film for actor turned director, I really didn’t see something this intricate coming from Mr Edgerton, I remember it coming out around the same time as The Visit and I did pass it up as I wanted to see if M Night could pull it back but really this disturbing thriller would have been a better cinema experience. Joel co stars in his feature, playing a weak douchebag who befriends an old school buddy in order to seek revenge in strange and wonderful ways. His appearance is shushed away like the annoying kid at school even in his absence he causes cracks in the relationship and goes beyond what anyone would do for his justice. It’s dark and leads the viewer in different directions, Joel shows a lot of talent with his storytelling and his next feature Boy Erased should be equally stirring 7/10 [REVIEW] Continue reading Last Nights Movies 27.07.2017

The Gorgon (1964)

the gorgon


I‘m a sucker for Hammer horrors but this is one that I often forget about, and I don’t know why it’s actually quite brilliant. Filled with the typical richness of any hammer horror production, a great intriguing story but a much older and more sinister monster in this whodunit style mystery. Continue reading The Gorgon (1964)

A Real Hammer Horror Revival

Hammer Horror


I know Hammer are making a forced and strenuous come back in what seems to be a deep estranged horror scene. It’s been sad watching them hobble into a scene that they used to be the forerunner of, and now they are simply producing stuff.. nothing special or spectacular.

I’m sat here at the moment watching the Gorgon on the horror channel, (are you surprised?) and I’m loving every second of it (yes while I type), and what saddens me is that as I catch up with the last few horrors of the decade that I had missed, I know I’ll never seen anything else like this again. Last night i watched Dr Terror’s House of Horrors (1965) (not Hammer but Amiucs Productions and pretty much in the same genre) and it tickles me every time. Here I’m watching a lot of the cast from yet another favourite Hammer, Rasputin – The Mad Monk (1966). And yet again I’m still upset that, this era is dead, but does it have to die?

There are lot of other revival style movies out there, some modern films like Machete (2010) and Hobo with a Shotgun (2010) are made in a spoof 80’s style with VHS tracking lines, as per their fake trailers, Beyond the Black Rainbow (2010) lovingly adopted a 70’s/80’s style in it’s homage to older style sci fi video covers and trailers.

Most movies that adopt an older style are usually comedic, because no one makes movies like them anymore to therefore funny right? Disco Exorcist (2011) is a prime example tres comic horror 70’s themed movie, it makes sense though, it was the height of Disco so the movie would have to be set then. And yet Rob Zombie managed to pull of a 70’s theme in most of his movies as it’s his own personal golden age and even though I loathed Lords of Salem it was great to see the retro style running through it, even if has multiple faults.

So why not bring back Hammer Time? I would be so enthusiastic to see another monster thriller with lavish rich colours, maidens in costumes, busty serving wenches,, crazed lunatics, love, old castles and folklore, fading cut scenes and dramatic orchestral accompaniment.

I can already hear the sniggering at the back. shushhh now.

It wouldn’t sell, it would literally be a movie for the fans, the dwindling few of us left. But surely it would have a unique selling point? And who knows, it might actually sprout some decent actors again.

Do you think that a “Classic” Hammer Horror movie could ever be made, taken seriously and be sold to the masses, even as an indie project do you think it’s possible that one could ever be made?

the gorgon hammer horror