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Spotlight – George A Romero

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While writing my list of what to cover this Halloween, I noticed that I have started many lists about George A Romeo but couldn’t really narrow it down or beef it up to a decent number, so here’s my last ditch attempt to give some credit to one of the more charismatic American Horror Directors RIP.

05. Monkey Shines (An Experiment in Fear) (1988)

While this isn’t necessarily a horror and doesn’t contain any Zombies, I do find this to be one of Romero’s more powerful thrillers. An athlete; Allan, becomes quadriplegic after a tragic accident, but in his time of need, a good friend who is conducting experiments with monkeys offers Allan a well trained Capuchin named Ella, with a few modifications to his home Ells is able to aid Allen and keeps his company. Ella and Allans’ bond, initially healthy, is soon thrown into overdrive when Allan falls in love. Allan’s underlying rage and Ella’s frustrations soon turns into a rageful psycho trip for the unlikely pair.

Under the surface, Romeo plays with ideas about the connection with humans and animals in nature, gender roles and the inner rage of sudden disability. It’s all very powerful stuff and all bound up in a tiny doll like critter. If this is to your taste then there was a similar Humanize TV movie from Britain released in the same year called First Born, starring Charles Dance. Continue reading Spotlight – George A Romero

Short Movie Roundup 17 November 2019

Short Movie Roundup 17 November 2019

Don’t Fall Asleep Motherfucker

If you enjoyed Attack of the Werewolves, then I think you might enjoy some of the similar black humor in this short movie. A young man is having terrible nights with his new girlfriend who turns into a conduit for demons in her sleep. Afraid of falling asleep with her in the room the two spend a night alone in a remote cabin but after all the great advice from his best friend he just simply has to remember not to fall asleep (motherfucker) they devise a plan and the happy couple are off for their night away from the rents!!

It’s not outstanding but it’s so brilliant, the little moments where things are paranormally shifted are enhanced with a slight comedy sounds but the adventure remains really creepy, the dynamics between the odd couple are wonderful and when things kick off, The setting of the remote cabin on a rainy night are perfect for any haunted story, there really is so much to love about this comedy short from Vance Mclean Ball, with it’s hints of Evil Dead and Paranormal Activity. Continue reading Short Movie Roundup 17 November 2019

10 Horrors from 2002 worth talking about

For me 2002 was the year of shitty american remakes of wonderful Japanese/Chinese/Korean Horrors, like The Eye  (2002) and the Ring (2002) but Japan was still releasing wonderful films like Ju On  (2002) and Dark Water  (2002).

28 Days Later (2002)

A film that really raised the bar for Zombie movies by introducing the Infected! A bicycle courier is blindsided and awakes weeks later in an abandoned london, he soon discovers that a rage virus was released causing people to go batshit crazy and infect/kill each other. He hooks up with a few other people who travel to Manchester in hopes of gaining the protection of an army base who have been broadcasting but salvation might not that simple. A sterling performance from everyone involved in this cult classic Danny Boyle film, shot on unconventional cameras and on a tight budget the film has an atmosphere unlike any of its counterparts. Bold acting and a thrilling dangerous story really boosted most of the cast into unreal terms of stardom and made the film a drooling gore filled cult classic with a perfectly haunting soundtrack. 10/10 Continue reading 10 Horrors from 2002 worth talking about



Last year’s 31 days of horror started well but then suddenly fell by the wayside as I was spending more and more time trying to prep for my own celebrations, work got in the way and I believe I only made it to day 19 😦 but I’m going to give it a second try this year!! sooo.. Over the course of the next month I will try and review 31 horror movies hopefully all new reviews covering as many sub genres as possible including ..

golden oldies, new, comedy, animated, black and white, silent, surreal, disturbing, gore, whores, from all over the world, cult, ridiculous, werewolves, vampires, ghosts, witches,  Giallo,  found footage, zombies,  infected,  Anthology, independent etc etc or at least that’s the idea..I’ll be updating this main page as the reviews are published.. so watch this space!

01. Puppetmaster (1989)
02. Howling (1981)
03. Perfect Blue (1999)
04. Skinned Deep (2004)
05. Dear God No (2011)
Tell me something (1999)
07. H6 (2005)
Haxan (1922)
09. Near Dark (1987)
10. Jeepers Creepers (2001)
11. Drag me to hell (2009)
12. Opera (1987)
13. Midnight Meat Train (2008)
14. Evil Dead 2 Dead by Dawn (1987)
15. Trollhunter (2010)
16.Rosemarys Baby(1968)
17. Profondo Rosso (1975)
18.28 Days Later (2002)
19. Ringu (1998)
20.Grave Encounters (2011)
21.Sharkansas Prison Massacre (2015)
22.Cabin in the woods (2012)
23. Scanners (1981)

Creep (2004) Vs Creep (2014)


So now there are two films called Creep and neither of them contain the amazing song from Radiohead ,  but how do they compare on the level of creepy!? (Yes I know there other films called Creep but I’m leaving the 1995 one out for now).

So how to measure the creepiness of a movie… With these two films I seem to be against everything that is on the internet. So bare with me.

Creep (2)Main Character: So we have Craig and Josef. Craig is a mutant cave dwelling psycho who was subjected to lots of medical experiments and re enacts them on anyone who is unfortunate to cross his path, luckily he lives in he London underground so he usually preys on homeless folk so he goes unnoticed. On the other hand Josef is more of a sociopath who preys on people who respond to his Craigslist where is keeps them on edge by constantly scaring them, manipulates them and eventually slaughters them.

Now for me I’m more likely to meet Craig than Josef, I’m also more likely to have beaten Josef to death for freaking me out constantly. Honestly I would have bitch slapped him into a shallow grave for being creepy. Overall I think a mutant killer who doesn’t feel pain and who captures people and keeps them in cages before operating on them is much creepier than a norbet who you could take out if you used half a brain cell, after all Josef is as creepy as that dodgy uncle you have.. oh wait that could be pretty scarring… anyway.

Creep2004 1 – Creep2014 0

Creep (3)Creep Factors : Josef is a nerd and socially awkward, he does seem to keep jumping out scaring Aaron all the time and it worked the first few times but then it just gets annoying in the film, I’m sure everyone could see it coming, apart from that factor and some stalking there isn’t much else with this film. The London based Creep has a mutant psycho, rats, nasty painful operations, being crapped in watery cages, being trapped in an underground maze and some great bloody slahserific fun. Is that 5 aspects of creepy fun!? Okay!!

Creep2004 6 – Creep2014 1

Realistic? :There have been lots of reports of people trying to lure people into sex cults and what not on Craigslist, I only know of a few true life stories where killers have utilized the listings to attract prey and that’s enough proof for me. There have been tales about the horror that go on in the old unused parts of the London underground but nothing has been verified that scientific experiments went on down there, and that kinda stuff won’t make the media lol I jest, there is some storage down there but that is it. So the only scenario, which is more plausible, is the 2014 version.

Creep2004 6 – Creep2014 2

creep-craig.jpgRatings : Overall the film score about the same but on all of the top sites 2014 film gets a lot more attention and higher ratings, which I don’t understand in the slightest. For me the 2004 Creep has so much more character, superb method acting and some tense scenes, where the hipster 2014 film just gets under my skin. Because this is my blog I’m taking my own ratings here so

Creep2004 7 – Creep2014 2

Looks like the creepiest creep; goes to the detailed dark nightmare that Sean Harris performs to perfection, and kicks the shit outta Josef. I have to admit that if the two were in some kind of show down I reckon little Craig would beat the big Craigslist killer up, So what do you think? Which film freaked you out the most? Was this a justified comparison!?

Creep 2004 FINISH HIM!!!!

Creep Portenta

The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh (2012)


Day 15 of 31

tlwatorl title

The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh  (Horror, Mystery, Thriller,  2012) (12A) D: Rodrigo Gudino W: Rodrigo Gudino  C: Aaron Poole, Vanessa Redgrave, Julian Richings. 1h 22m. Canada.

Synopsis : An antiques collector inherits a house from his estranged mother only to discover that she has been living in a shrine devoted to a mysterious cult. Soon, the comes to suspect that his mother’s oppressive spirit still lingers within her home and is using items in the house to contact him with an urgent message.

TAGLINE : Faith is Fragile

In the style of a gloomy atmospheric Gothic horror shrouded in religious iconography and dogmatic beliefs, this slowly developing quiet movie has a dark sinister horror literally running through it.


The story seems heavily inspired what appear to be personal events, childhood fears of the dark and a mother’s (domineering) love, it’s hard to imagine that it’s all been fabricated from nothing, but obviously I have no proof of this. Binding together guilt and fanaticism gives the film many dual meanings, and many people have interpreted it in many ways.

A son, Leon (Aaron Poole) returns to his mother Rosalind’s (Vanessa Redgrave)  house after her death and struggles with a lifetime of emotions and oppression and heartache as he learns more about this mother after her death than when she was alive. The mansion of a house that he’s now in charge of is filled with religious icons and is in fact a shrine, but as he learns more about the  cult that his mother had joined he also becomes very aware that something else has been left behind and is stalking him in the house.  While this entity starts to become more apparent the film takes on a darker and more sister atmosphere and starts to loose its drama edge for a terrifying creature feature.

Seaping with sentimental drama, the film is set within a large home crowded with statues and curious. As Leon moves from room to room with a constant overture from Rosalind, the film comes across as being quite subdued and quiet.  It’s far from that! While you’re presented with visuals of the almost silent young man in this strange environment, with his mother’s thoughts being vocalised, there are often many shocking truths revealed.


What really sells the movie is presentation of its more shocking and terrifying scenes. As its so quiet, it could literally be silent at times, when you’re presented with a jump scare it packs a bigger punch and is never expected, so beware.

One such scene has a superb delivery, while Leon is watching a video that his mother recorded in her church/cult there is some praying and commotion, he recognises one of the statues that they group is praying to as one that’s in the house, then it opens its eyes! I know it’s not the most terrifying movie scenario but it’s freaky as hell and i hope I’ve not spoiled the effect for anyone, but it’s not the highlight and is just an example of the style of horror in this movie.

tlwatorl4From the beginning despite being filmed in the day time, the film is fairly dark and moody, this remains through the movie and it deals with lots of issues of being left in the dark. Darkness and lonely pretty much rule the atmosphere.

As the film has a teeny cast, in fact it’s pretty much just Leon, his mother’s voice is prevalent and a key feature but that’s almost all we have of her. I presume it was deliberate, after all she is deceased from before the start of the movie and all of her memories are her last will are simply vocalised rather than acting out his entire childhood, it’s all covered while he is coming to terms to his mother’s death.

Rosalind is an interesting character and it’s a shame that we don’t officially get to meet her, but the voice acting from Vanessa Redgrave is quite a powerful performance in itself. The script is extremely tentative and there a lot that can be read between her lines. The film is too quiet to discuss music but what it does impress with is the amazing cinematography, arranged by Samy Inayeh, and it really enhances the frequent scenes of bleeding statues, stalking creatures and curious visitors to the property.


Leon (Aaron Poole) the main person in the film has to go through a very deep roller coaster of mixed emotions, not only dealing with the suicide of his mother and getting to grips with who she became in his absence. He has a trunkload of childhood nightmares and attrition to come to terms with. The more he learns the harder his strife.

The Catholic upbringing of director Rodrigo Gudino  and Stanley Kubrick are both huge inspirations. The Kubrick connection can be seen in the pace,  filming locally and possibly how the film is set in two distinct halves.  The catholicism permeates heavily until near the end of the film. But it’s always fascinating when a director makes a project out of something heartfelt.tlwatorl3

Rosalind Leigh works for me,  I adore re watching this movie, it digs at the brain and tangles up the thought patterns. I’ve never had any religious guilt trips placed on me but I can identify with the characters, they are very so very real, this is why it brings the horror home to nest. The only let down, if I was pushed to find something, would be the lack of a soundtrack. Now while it’s very interesting that film doesn’t boom music at you constantly it could have enhanced some of the horror and drama scenes.


The way I see things is that the driving force behind the movie is this “Religion can drive people apart” Now I’m not saying that this applies to everyone who considers themselves religious, after all most religions aim to pull people together and to help one another, but there are always fanatics who get things messed up, how many parents drive their children away for not conforming? This just illustrates what “can” happen and how devastating it can be for both parties.

I think adapting the catholicism into this unnamed cult, is an attempt to stop viewers at pointing the finger at this known religion, instead to help them lump the blame with “religion” as a blanket term. I suppose if your uber religious then you’ll be better off avoiding this, if you have been outcast due to religious differences then this might dig up a reason to go and see your therapist. Otherwise if you’re a fan of gothic horrors, or if you just prefer something a little more mature and refined that will shock the cerebral without the use of gore then this will entertain and shock.wpid-https%3a%2f%2f36.media_.tumblr.com%2f37ce2b29a4cbe95a767917525e783baa%2ftumblr_mwlvylpt6o1qbwn9co6_1280.pngV: While the movie is not lacking in substance, it doesn’t untap all of it’s full potential but it’s still a thrilling horror movie, the atmosphere is perfect, the house itself and the setting is both claustrophobic and very unsettling. While the CG involved with the creature is a little low budget it doesn’t deter from the sheer horror it does create, and is heavily enhanced with great cinematography and very terrifying sound effects. I can’t recommend this movie enough, it’s hard to work out why it scores so low but it’s not a gore movie and I think there has been a shift to gore instead of horror lately. but it’s definitely something for true horror fans with a solid story and great acting.

Rating –  8/10
R: The Facts in the case of  Mister Hollow (2008) , The Possession (2013) , The taking of Deborah Logan (2014) .
5B : Vanessa Redgrave
L: Haunted Houses, Selected Ghost movies, Haunted houses, Angels
PD : Post Discussion to come


Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)



Day 4 of 31wpid-https%3a%2f%2f36.media_.tumblr.com%2f85c21d0db7150be026a741e89c4c1eb0%2ftumblr_ntydystgtc1tanxs0o2_1280.jpg


Nightmare on Elm Street  (Horror,  1984) (18) D: Wes Craven W: Wes Craven P:  C: Robert Englund, Heather Langenkamp, Johnny Depp,. 1h 31m. USA.

Synopsis : Several people are hunted by a cruel serial killer who kills his victims in their dream. When the survivors are trying to find the reason for the being chosen, the murderer won’t lose any chance to kill them as soon as they fall asleep.

TAGLINE : She is the only one who can stop it.. If she falls, no one survives.

Welcome to the new chapter in nightmare fuel. Nightmare on elm street is one of the golden highlights of the 1980’s horror screen in giving us not only a brand new “hero” but also giving us another reason not to sleep at night. We all have to sleep and on occasions we all have nightmares but we learn to deal with it. Until this film introduced us to Freddy Kruger out charred prince of comedy gore who stalks us in our dreams.

Starting out at a running pace Nightmare on Elm Street defines itself with freaky surreal dream sequences and a fast paced psycho with unimaginable claws. Things start to settle down as we are introduced to the teenage cast who have recently lost a friend in an unprecedented and bloody way. In fact it’s a fantastic scene, one the very best. I remember trying to explain it to my friend after watching the movie, I think I managed to describe every bloody scene in about 35 seconds in a pitch that only bats could hear.


With a story that bounces off so many dream sequences it manages not to get lost in them. Most of the “dreams” are in a slightly weird daily life scenario, at some point a fragment of Freddy will be seen, his classic green and red jumper or his crazy knives scratching on a wall or metal pipe.

An amazing creepy soundtrack accompanies this gem, but what sets it apart from a lot of horror movies, is that it has a little nursery rhyme that gets stuck in your head and you never forget it. This does help connect the movie with fans forever! Even if you can’t remember all the words I still makes Freddy seem like a real childhood urban legend.

One, two, Freddy’s coming for you.

Three, four, Better lock your door

Five, six, grab a crucifix.

Seven, eight, Gonna stay up late.

Nine, ten, Never sleep again….


It’s such a perfect scenario. If you’re afraid of clowns you have the choice to run or fight or avoid them all together, if you’re afraid of sharks just don’t go swimming in the sea, afraid of the dark?!  Turn the fucking light on. But if you’re afraid of a psychotic killer who will find you in your dreams.   What do you do?  We all have to sleep and therefore we are all open to be prey for Mr Kruger. He doesn’t even have to stalk anyone he’s victims come to him.


Robert Englund owns this movie from beginning to end. It’s hard to see him as anything else,  in every roll since 1984 it’s hard not to see a little snippet of Freddy,  they are one and the same,  although in no way am I calling him a peado, but it really was a landmark for him. Even though the rest of the cast were strong,  it’s great to see a character that’s as crazy and animated as Beetlejuice (1988) with a tendencies of Hannibal Lecter. In contrast the drunken mother, Marge (Ronee Blackly) is bland and her character meets the bare minimum,  she’s there but extremely boring and has no passion as was Johnny Depp’s debut, oh and John Saxon plays the tough cop who’s out to get his guy hellbent with a strong moral code.


It comes across as one of those films where the director and his team really had a lot of fun putting together the gruesome murders and due to the whole nightmare element they really had full reign to do whatever they could think of. Crazy attention is paid to the special effects and the invisible element to the killing scenes that adds a gripping element leaving everyone feeling vulnerable. When in doubt add blood, a lot of blood. Despite there being buckets of blood in some scenes it’s evenly weighed up other more well crafted scenes that make beds, baths, stairs and cars totally scary places to be.

I really enjoy the chalk and cheese element in dialogue,  everyone is being scared outta their minds. Being driven to drink and the brink taking everything so deadly seriously while Freddy is just fucking around, he like a stand up comedian in a room of the aged, like a freakishly annoying little brother chasing people around with poop on a stick, except Freddy is playing with knives and telling mum and dad on him has no effect.


It’s always strange when fans side with the bad guy, especially when he’s a kiddy toucher but Freddy kinda transformed horror bad guys not only was he just a janitor but he’s torturing the cool kids,  like a patron saint of outcast kids.While the film details the plight of! Nancy (Heather Langenkamp) trying to survive the onslaught of a dream stalker there are other darker themes here, with a back story of neighborhood vigilantes and pedophilia. As with a lot of Carpenters movies it’s all based on destiny and the sins of the past.


The films works so well mainly due to the Freddy, surprisingly the bad guy is actually everyone’s hero, we forget that the mild mannered knife wielding janitor raped and murdered children. Everyone wants to be him at Halloween. Robert Englund’s amazing chirpy character and Scooby Doo one liners really made the character stick and the film a success.

The only thing that doesn’t work for me apart from the slightly puzzling ending is that none of the kids knew about this peado in their neighborhood,  even with the parents trying to keep it a secret, kids usually pick up on this stuff and rumors spread.This is a minor factor though.


V: From the first time I ever saw this benchmark in horror I was hooked, I found Freddy funny and amazing, which really wasn’t the desired effect but he’s everyone’s favourite peado. It spawned the most sequels of any franchise so it goes to show how influential this was. From the concept to the killer there is something mystifying about the fairy tale that turns into literal nightmare. Freddy humor only compliments the savage brutality which I’d the kind of comedy I can stand. Wes Craven really did leave us with a king of nightmares.



Rating –  9/10

R: Halloween (1978), Friday the 13th (1980), Scream (1996), Dreamscape (1984).

31 Days of Halloween Horror 2015


The aim of the game is to list my Halloween Countdown for 2015, as it’s the first year of doing this it’s going to be classic favorites and GOAT movies but next year I suppose things might get a little harder.. but anyway here goes with the list.

I shall amend this list each day as I post new items…

Day 1 – Halloween (1978)

Day 2 – The Thing (1982)

Day 3 – The Fog (1980)

Day 4 – Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

Day 5 – Maniac Cop(1988)

Day 6 – The gate (1987)

Day 7 – Troll (1986)

Day 8 – Killer klowns from outer space (1988)

Day 9 – Jaws (1975)

Day 10 – Hellraiser (1987)

Day 11 – American Werewolf in London (1981)

Day 12 – The Lost boys (1987)

Day 13 The Beyond (1981)

Day 14 The Hills have eyes (1977)

Day 15 The last will and testament of Rosalind Leigh (2012)

Day 16 A Serbian Film (2010)

Day 17 The lodger (1927)

Day 18 L’ultimo Treno Della Note -Don’t Ride on Late Night Trains (1975)

Day 19 Banshee chapter (2013)