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The Institute (2017)

Pamela Romanowsky, James Franco
Starring: James Franco, Allie Gallerani,Tim Blake Nelson,Joe Pease, Lori Singer, Eric Roberts. USA. 1h 30m.

A grief stricken Isabelle (Gallerani) checks herself into the Rosewood asylum to find a cure for her melancholy, her dedicated brother Robert (Pease) is deeply concerned about how the death of their parents have affected her and checks in on her and the history of the asylum despite being urged by the trusted Dr Torrington (Roberts) that it’s the best hospital in the country. Isobelle becomes a patient under the highly talented and slightly eccentric Dr. Carin (Franco) and his creepy surgeon sidekick Dr. Lemelle (Nelson). As Isobelle starts to become aware that there are other women at the asylum who seem second class, injured and shabby the crawl the halls, but she’s promised that she won’t have to be around them and her care is seperate but she strikes up a friendship with them. Continue reading The Institute (2017)

True Story (2015)

True story


I went into this one a little blind, I knew it featured the acting talents of James Franco (as Christian Longo) and some other guy. It starts out well the other guy, Jonah Hill ( Michael Finkel) gets caught out by his bosses for twisting the truth for an article for the Times (was it the times?) and after being released from this job, while in exile in Montana he gets implicated by a man sought by the FBI for potentially murdering his wife and children, they spark up a friendship and then, movie. Continue reading True Story (2015)